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Pilgrims` Route On Foot to Jerusalem - The Pathway Circle
Pilgrims� Route On Foot to Jerusalem - The Pathway Circle��������
A community walking to renew the pilgrimage tradition to Jerusalem and the culture that evolved from it.

The 37th journey� Autumn 2011-13.10.2011-20.10.2011
The traditional pilgrimage journeys on foot, from the port of Jaffa to Jerusalem, following the tradition of pilgrimage that is common to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Walking to a Jerusalem of peace.� Peace among people, peace between the nations, and peace between people and nature.� The journeys are held three times every year, and organized by volunteers of The Pathway Circle, which is a walking community that is open to all.

All are invited to participate in the daily routine of the walking community and to live the experience of making light footprints in nature, aware consumption, and sharing.
This journey is taking place at the time of the Jewish holiday of Pesach.

The route of the journey: * There may be changes in the route; please contact us before joining.

- the Hebrew announcement is much more elaborate, including activities program, arrival instructions etc. And even more details (in Hebrew) can be found in the attachments. Or verbally from Rachel by phone: 054-4948914

Thursday.� 13.10.2011 Meeting at Shaar Hagay.
Friday.��� 14.10.2011 Walking from �Shaar Hagay to Yaar Hamichlalot, and Kabalat Shabat and rest for the weekend.
Saturday 15.10.2011Rest & Recreation + those who so desire can join a drive to Bilin for a meeting with our Palestinian friends and members of the circle who could not join us in the journey
Sunday� ������16.10.2011 Walking from Yaar Hamichlalot to Har Haruach.
Monday������ 17.10.2011 Walking to Yaar Hachamisha via Nachal Kfira. Camp at Yaar Hachamisha.
Tuesday.����� 18.10.2011 Walking from Yaar Hachamisha to Nachal Luz near Mevasseret Zion
Wednesday.� 19.10.2011 � A day walk to Jerusalem to one of the protest camps and a joint activity` going back to camp for dinner and a cosing circle
Thursday.� 20.10.2011 stay at Nachal Luza , workshops, closing circle, Fold-up and farewell
�������� We shall have the help of a truck to carry our equipment from one camp site to the next, for which each adult would pay 20 NIS a day, to cover the cost. Luggage will be loaded on the truck every morning at 9.00 a.m. Private vehicles of participants joining us will be parked at the closest locality to our camp at that time.�
� Upon registration, each participant shall give a recommended contribution of NIS 70 to cover general costs.
� To cover costs of the vegetarian kitchen, participants will contribute to the magic hat.
�������� The journey is the responsibility of all participants, not for profit, and no insurance coverage.
� Each participant is personally responsible for his/her welfare and property.
� Please bring personal non-disposable eating utensils and what you will need for walking and sleeping in nature. Also, please bring musical instruments, if you like.

For contact, details, and updates on the hours and route of the journey:
Website: not available at this point
Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=9884474487&ref=nf
Email address for questions and suggestions:,

There may be changes � Please contact us before you join the journey � have a good trip!
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