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Wedn. 12.10.11: Join for one day Palestinian prisoners hunger strike
We want to launch a call for one day worldwide hunger strike in support to Palestinian prisoners at the same day of the declared general strike, here is my post on this, where you can find details you can use in your posts. Please right on your blogs\twitter\FB and call people to join. �

Join Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for one day
Posted by abirkopty, October 10, 2011

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails started a hunger strike on September 27th, 2011. Every day, the more and more prisoners are joining. Their health is deteriorating due to the hunger strike, and prison authorities are not providing necessary medical checks.
The Palestinian prisoners have made several key demands, some of which are listed below:

1.End the abusive use of isolation;
2.End restrictions on University education in the prisons;
3.End the denial of books and newspapers;
4.End the shackling to and from meetings with lawyers and family members;
5.End the excessive use of fines as punishment;
6.And ultimately end all forms of collective punishment, including the refusal of family visits, night searches of prisoners� cells, and the denial of basic health treatment.
For more info

General strike was declared in West Bank to take place on Wednesday October 12th, in solidarity with and support to the prisoners strike. Many sit-in tents were set up in different Palestinian cities. This week events:

�Tuesday, 11/10/2011 protest in front of Ofer prison � Rally at 12 am-meeting point �Dwar Al sa�a) Ramallah�s city center- a call for lawyers to boycott all military courts on the same day.
�Wednesday, 12/10/2011 general strike in all Palestinian cities.
�On Friday, 14/10/2011 public demos in all cities.
�Daily sit-ins at the Red Cross centers (start at 11am)
If you can�t join those actions, try to organize ones in your home country. In Addition, here is a simple action you can take to support: Hunger strike for one day. Wednesday 12.10.2011.

All freedom supporters around the world are called to join the prisoners with one day hunger strike, on Wednesday October 12th, when they will have entered their 16th day of hunger strike.

If you are joining, declare it, this will be one way that your voice and support might reach the prisoners and their families and give them moral support, write on your Facebook wall, twitter feed, blog or wherever you wish �On 12.10.11, I will be on hunger strike in support of Palestinian prisoners� hunger strike since September, 27th�

Hashtag on twitter: #HS4Palestine

Was spread 10.10.11 by Diana Alzeer
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