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Appeal for Ibrahim from Susiya
From: The Villages Group
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 6:23 PM
Subject: Appeal for Ibrahim From Susiya

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Dear friends and supporters,

Below is an appeal for help regarding the special case of the studies of Ibrahim Nawaja from Susiya. For the past four years, the on-going aid of US-Omen (

As the case of Ibraim`s studies is different and exceptional both in terms of the location of the academic institute and the overall cost, we found ourselves this time in need to bring it to your attention in a separate appeal (written by our Villages Group activist and Ibrahim`s close friend David):

One of the important aspects of the work of the villages group is to strengthen the communities by enabling individuals to develop and realize their abilities for themselves and their communities. This is one of the Villages Group ways of defeating the occupation - by encouraging inner strength.

Hi friends

I am happy to tell you that Ibrahim Nawaja, who has run the Susiya creative and learning center, with great success, for almost a year, has been accepted to Dar Al Kalima college to study Documentary Film Making (

We are trying to raise funds for Ibrahim`s tuition and part of his living expenses since he will have to move to Bethlehem. The overall cost is 3000 euros for a year. We are trying to raise 2000 Euros and Ibrahim and his family will try and raise the other 1000 euros. As you read this mail people have pledged 800 Euros in the last few days, which will permit Ibrahim to register and be enrolled for 6 months.

If you want to help you can:

foward this mail to other people who you think want to help Ibrahim.

Give a donation -

You make a check to the `Villages Group` and send it to:

The Villages Group

po box 6023

Tel-Aviv 61060


Or make a bank transfer to the following account

The following are our our full bank details:

Bank Name Bank Leumi

Bank Identification Code LUMIILITXXX

Routing Code IL010985

Account Name Villages Group

Account Number 98508670082

IBAN Number IL 67010985-000000-8670082

Bank Address Kiryat Malachi, Ben-Gurion St. Rashi Corner 83036 Israel

For further information please contact David or Ehud

The Villages Group email -

or you can contact David by phone +972-54-6597551

On behalf of the Villages Group

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