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POSTPONED: This Friday, October 14th, 2:00 PM � We will demonstrate again in Anatot
Postponed because of police objection

Original message:
Anatot�s settlers trying now to portray themselves as a peaceful community, a �quality of life� settlement. Only that their settlement and the lands they expropriated are surrounded by a fence which its route was illegally obtained. Real estate interests are mixed with the aspiration to execute a peaceful transfer to the local inhabitants. Trying to create a new reality from which there will be no option to turn back.

Over the years Anatot became a fortress terrorizing its surrounding. The people of Anatot fear nothing more then the story of how they plunder the lands, upon which they built their �quality of life� settlement, will come to light. This is the reason why the mere act of a Palestinian farmer trying to work his land, alongside a group of activists who documented the event, were perceived by the settlers as a real threat, that might put the reality they were trying to built under danger of collapsing.

However, it is not only the case of Anatot. The story of Anatot is to a great extent the story of the State of Israel. A state where every attempt to revoke or challenge ethic privileges is seen as an existential threat. On the Eve of Rosh Ha�Shana, we witnessed an uncontrolled outburst of violence by hundreds of the settlers of Anatot. Since we see the link between the way the settlers of Anatot reacted and the mentality of existential threat that characterizes Israel, we believe that the events of the 30/9 were not a sporadic, one time event, but rather a preview of what the near future might look like.

In the past two years, since �Solidarity� started its activity, we exposed more then once the cooperation between state�s institutions and the settlers. Yet what have occurred in Anatot was extreme even to those of us who �seen it all�. The state representatives, police officers and soldiers, have forgone their monopoly over the use of violence and gave it to the settlers. The settlers from Anatot, were those who attacked us on our way to the plot owned by a Palestinian. The policemen, some in civilian cloths, stood by, or otherwise actively participated in the lynch.

If in the past, the violence that we have encountered was inflicted upon us by the police, this time it was a mob, civilians, encouraged by the police. For this reason in Anatot a line was crossed, which marks a point of no return in the relationships between the left and the state.

When a political stance is delegitimized, when inflamed mob lynches civilians, when the police turn a blind eye, and when the attackers do not even cover their faces � knowing that they are executing the state�s wishes and will receive its protection � is the point when it become too late to stop fascism.

For all those reasons this Friday we are going back to Anatot. We will be there to expose the lie behind the term �quality of life settlement� and to insist that there are no legal or �light� settlements. We will be there because we cannot allow violence to break basic solidarity between people. And we will be back because we have no where to withdraw too: either we will put a stop to fascism in Anatot or it will soon be knocking on each of our doorsteps.

This Friday, 14th of October, at 2:00 PM,
we will be demonstrating near Anatot.

For transportation please register online.
Facebook event
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