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PLEASE DONATE: Breast Cancer Tests for Palestinian Women

Editor`s Note: We often get requests from people wanting to help the Palestinians. It is always difficult to know just what to suggest because there is so much need as a result of the oppressive political situation in which they live. It is true that unless Israel lifts the siege on Gaza, ends the military occupation and stops discriminating against its own Palestinian citizens, the situation for Palestinians will continue to deteriorate. But that does not mean we should do nothing to alleviate their suffering, especially those who are dying because they are prevented from accessing the proper medical treatment.
AngliCORD is running an appeal to fund clinics where women can go to test for breast cancer and receive treatment in the early stages. AngliCORD estimates that breast cancer is the greatest killer of women in Gaza, particularly because of the limited treatment possibilities. Two wonderful Australians -
Rev Dr Alan Reid and his wife Janet Reid, who sadly is no longer with us - have done much over the years to support Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, so much so that the breast screening clinic has been named after Janet.

It is something really worthy of all our support to donate to AngliCORD`s appeal so fewer and fewer women have to die waiting. PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN TODAY.

Sonja Karkar
Australians for Palestine/
Women for Palestine

In Australia, the five year survival rate for a woman with breast cancer is 80%.
In Israel, it is 71%.
In Gaza, it is 40%.

The majority of breast cancers in the Gaza Strip are not detected until it
is too late for surgery alone to be effective. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
are not available in Gaza, however, and women must navigate a lengthy and
unpredictable permits process to access treatment in the surrounding
countries. As a result, many women die waiting for treatment.

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The women in Gaza are doing wonders with the little that they have. You can
do wonders too by joining our campaign and assisting us to raise funds to
improve their access to appropriate breast cancer treatment.

By funding breast clinics through the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza, Anglicord
will help women to detect their cancers earlier so that they can access
appropriate surgical treatment. These clinics will also promote education so
that women will understand the need for self examination and early
detection, and they will know to seek immediate attention for any suspicious

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There are a number of ways you can help us to help the women of the
Gaza Strip:

# Donate today, online
or by downloading our donation form

# Hold a different kind of fundraising event in your parish/workplace/
club/friendship circle, using our downloadable resource pack
and our Women Die Waiting documentary

# Purchase our Women Do Wonders fridge magnets
for yourself, as gifts, or to sell on to others.

# Send a letter to your local member of parliament

# Forward this page to your friends and contacts via email and social

# Contact us for more information





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