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IMPORTANT: Friday Demo and Solidarity with al Walajah after explosions and arrests
In recent weeks, there have been significant legal developments concerning the al Walajeh residents’ legal efforts to challenge the route of the Wall, which, as currently planned, could effectively encircle al Walajeh and confiscate more privately-owned Palestinian land. al Walajeh, with a population of approximately 2,000 residents, is located north-west of Bethlehem and south-west of Jerusalem. It is made up of areas within the Jerusalem municipal boundaries (the ‘Jerusalem’ side) and Areas B and C (the ‘West Bank’ side). A serious concern is that what is written on paper is in fact not what is happening on the ground in and around the village. Due to this and other reasons we have been invited to join al Walajeh residents as they oppose and fight the continued development of the illegal Separation Wall.

Three weeks ago explosions took place at the mountainside in al Walajah. The residents tried to prevent the explosions with their bodies. Two Palestinians were arrested. Please come this Friday to show your support and solidarity.

This Friday the 2nd of Devember we will join the residents at 1200 at the first Mosque in the village.

Its still to be confirmed but there might be a meeting for activists and members of the village on Friday after the demo. To participate then please let me know by email by Thursday night. Thank you.

If there is rain before or on the day please wear suitable clothing. We could do with the numbers so if you can join or have any questions call:
Ruth – 0523993946

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