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Gadi Algazi`s Youtube interview on Jewish National Fund - now a transcription is available
`Jewish National Fund`s practice of selling and leasing land exclusively to Jewish owners is met with growing opposition`

Now a transcription exists.
The transcription is from Afraid that Algazi`s arguments were too compelling IAM provided, as an exception to their habits, also counter arguments on their site[id]=174&cookie_lang=en

Gadi Algazi interviewed on Youtube: Israeli Tree Campaign `Judaizes` Expropriated Land
(Gadi Algazi`s interview starts at 04:21 into the program)

Here follows the transcription:

The story of land in Israel is fascinating. There are two laws. Again, almost none of Israels citizens, certainly none in my daughters class, she is now 17, has heard of. The first law is of course the law of 1949, regulating the possession of the Palestinian refugees.

Ben-Gurions idea, June 1949, was to circumvent any future action by simply selling, absolutely illegally, selling the land entrusted to the custodians to some third party, so that the State of Israel in case of an international debate, can safely say sorry, you know like any bicycle thief on the streets of Tel Aviv. Sorry, its not in my hand any more. So, within a few days, a million dunam was sold to the JNF. It took about eight days to realize one of the biggest business deals in the history of Israel for a price well below their value and the nice thing about it is that the JNF never even paid for most of this land!

So, all in all, the JNF has acquired from the land of the refugees, not from its owners, but from the custodian, 1,300,000 dunams. And they remain to this very day the property of the JNF and it applies to this property, which is Palestinian property, this rule that the land can not be leased to Arabs.

Number two is another piece of legislation that shapes our lives here and this is the law from 1952-1953. It simply said that whoever was not on his land or her land on the crucial date April 1953, was not cultivating it on this crucial date, the state can expropriate this land for reasons and for purpose of development, security, or settlement without even notifying the legal owners. Whereas the first law pertains to the refugees, the second pertained to Palestinian land of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Now, if you just managed to disassociate them, even temporarily, from the land, for the important and crucial phase, you could just take it and thats it.

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