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Meet Iliya Fox - Israeli Refuser & more
Date sent: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 17:08:41 +0200
Subject: Meet Iliya Fox - Israeli Refuser & more
From: `Ruth L. Hiller`
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Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds all well with you.
As I mentioned yesterday there is a small but growing group of young refusers who are openly refusing to conscript and become part of an occupation army. This is considered a political refusal and it is very likely that these brave individuals will be sentenced to military prison for unknown lengtsh of time.
Just to clarify, and as I have already mentioned to some of you, refusal is ongoing. New Profile`s refuser counseling network receives many requests for assistance and guidance every month. But since the last Shministim Letter in 2010[*], it has been, for the most part, a kind of refusal that is not visible to the public eye. [*]

In New Profile we suspect that the reason may be because of the intense pressure put on young people, making it difficult for them not to conscript, and that anyone who would like to refuse does so quietly without political statements. No political and anti occupation statements almost always guarantees a release and no jail time. From our point of view refusal, is refusal, is refusal (and not a duck) when it is a conscience choice, and should be supported in every way possible.

I personally don`t expect 16, 17, or 18 year olds to have strong ideologies or to be able to discuss political issues, and rightly so. Their focus should be on school and their family and social life. But on the other hand this is exactly what makes this new group of refusers so special. Their ability to stand steadfast in their beliefs, in light of a political climate that encourages war and the wants us to believe that there is an ever present threat to our existence, is amazing. As a mother of 4 refusers, these young and committed activists are a shining light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
I am pasting below a partial statement from Iliya Fox and additional links to interviews with Noam Gur. Please share these with your wider lists. I will continue to keep you updated.

All the best,

Iliya Fox:

As I see it, wearing a uniform is representing a system, a system that does not represent my values and I can not represent its values. Wearing a uniform is a symbol of belonging to a system whos declared goal is to act violently, and agreeing to be a part of an organization whos actions I do not agree with and even act to end them.

in wearing a uniform there is an act of surrendering my identity, surrendering my values, surrendering my conscience and my entire self-definition is under a foreign power - this is a complete submission.

i believe that if i will not become part of the army my contribution to my society will grow as i will be able to truly contribute where ever I can, and the service will not heart me. If i were to enlist it would be declaring that i agree with the army and its actions and so it would continue seeing itself as legitimate, as well as sending this message of its legitimacy to the entire society, but if i will not enlist, this will be my declaration that I do not agree with the military and through this i hope to undermine the common assumption.


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