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Your help is needed for the legal part of our weekly joint struggle - a call for donations by AATW
From: Kobi Snitz
[including in the end `Register for March 30 - March 31 Weekly Demos`]

Dear friend,

We are writing on behalf of Anarchists Against The Wall to ask for your support for our legal defense fund. It has been another intense year of constant struggle against the construction of Israel`s wall. We have also worked on struggles against Israeli settlements and for freedom of movement for Palestinians. We have managed to reach every village in the West Bank that invited us to join their struggle. We have continued to march in villages such as Bilin, whose struggle we joined seven years ago when its demonstrations began; and we have recently joined villages such as Kafr Qadum, which has been demonstrating for seven months.

Throughout hopeful times and times of mourning, we have continued to demonstrate every single week following the example of our Palestinian partners. This year another demonstrator was killed in the struggle for his freedom. Mustafa Tamimi of Nabi Saleh was shot by the army at close range and died from his injuries the following day. Like a lot of the people in his village Mustafa had formed close ties with many of the Israeli supporters, and his killing was a shock to many of us.

The knowledge that our struggle is supported by people throughout the world helps sustain our work but we are also in need of donations to be able to keep activists out of jails and in the struggle. Please donate what you can and consider making recurring monthly donations.

We have no office, no paid staff, and no fund raiser. Our objective is to reach $2,500 per month to cover the legal fees and thus to ensure that all our activists receive good representation when they need it. Donations (which are tax deductible in the US) can be made through our website

Please consider lending a hand.

All the best,


Register for Transportation to March 30 - March 31 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall and the Settlements

Al Ma`asara Friday March 30

Contact Dany at or 054-6966253 (no SMS)

An Nabi Saleh Friday March 30

Contact Naomi at or 050-7354544 (preferably by SMS)

Bil`in Friday March 30

Contact Phone Against Wall 052-6306787 (no SMS). Only if you must send e-mail with mobile phone number to but reply in time is not guaranteed

Please register as early as you can (not later than Thursday afternoon) to ensure a place in the organized transportation and ease the organizing process

Ni`lin Friday March 30

Contact Shai at or 052-3727602

Beit Ummar Saturday March 31

Contact Kobi at 054-2191547


New! For those wishing to come from Jerusalem please contact Ruth at 052-3993946

Please let us know as soon as possible if you can bring a car and take into consideration cultural differences in the choice of clothing

Passengers, you don`t have to participate in the transportation expenses, but if you can afford it, please don`t wait to be asked to pay - sugget it yourselves.

Drivers, you don`t have to pay for the fuel. Please ask the passengers to participate if and as much as they can. You can get a refund through the transportation coordinator.

Newcomers and those requiring more information are invited to contact Renen at 054-3241622

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