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Assist the farmers of Wadi Qana - phone Israeli officials and sign the petition
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2012 2:43 PM
Subject: Petition and Phone Numbers

Hello Amos. Thanks so much for your interest to assist the farmers of Wadi Qana!
Below is some Israeli officials you can contact, and a petition to sign. This is the call out we have sent to our volunteers and others who support the cause of Human Rights. Please feel free to circulate it widely.

Again, thanks for you interest and support.

As the current house team has informed us, Palestinian farmers in Wadi Qana have been ordered to uproot 1,400 olive trees on their land - further information at

Wadi Qana is part of Deir Istiya, our village. With this happening right in our village, we want to urge people to take action before the deadline set by the IOF: Tuesday, May 1. We expect an intense confrontation between villagers and the IOF on that day; some villagers and peace activists are planning to chain themselves to the trees.

We have few days to organize something from outside, to try to stop this order being enforced. There are a few things we can do:

1. Call and/or send e-mails the Israeli authorities directly and complain. If we are able to mobilize many people from different countries, maybe we can prevent or at least delay the uprooting of these trees.
Below is a list of Israeli Government offices that are relevant to the problem.
Prime Minister`s Office: Benjamin Netanyahu
+972(0)2-6705512, +972(0)2- 5664838
Ministry of Defense Ehud Barak (Ehud Shani)
+972(0)3-6976663, +972(0)3-6976218
Ministry of the Environment Gilad Erdan (Yossi Anbar)
+972(0)2-6553701, +972(0)2-6535958
Department for Nature Preservation and National Parks at the civil administration Asaf Goldfeld (This person is in charge of issuing the order)
+972(0)2-9977001 (Fax: +972(0)2-9977337)
Isaeli Army coordinator for Salfit Rami Barakat +972(0)9 792 2359
IDF (Israel Defence Forces) Spokesperson Roni +972(0)3 608 0202

2. Sign a petition (set up by an IWPS volunteer)
It`ll just take a minute!


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