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Combatants for Peace: Join us this Friday in Non-Violent Resistance activity at the villages of Anata and Izbet Tabib
Israeli- Palestinian protest event at the village of Izbat Tabib

Friday I 18.1.13 I 13:00

The Tel Aviv- Tul Karem group of Combatants for Peace consistently participates in the residents` struggle against the destruction of the village.
We invite you to join for non-violent protest against the IDF`s standing demolitions orders for the village`s primary school and for many private residences.

This coming Friday, as always, our non violent resistance against the occupation will include theatrical techniques derived from Theater of the Oppressed.

We depart from Tel Aviv on Friday, 18.01.2013, at 13.00.
We meet at 12.45 at the Central Train Station (Arlozorov), next to Shlomo Sixt car rental.
(Transportation from Jerusalem pending demand)

Please bring your own snacks and drinks. We are likely to return Tel Aviv by, approximately, 17.00
Register as soon as possible through this
online form (

After the storm we are ready for another activity in Anata

Painting on the Wall of the Faidat family
Friday, 18.1.13, 13:00

The story of the Faidat* family represents the high price that the people of Anta, North East Jerusalem, have to pay:

The lands that family live on have been taken, the people live in poor conditions with no decent access to infrastructure.
The Jerusalem El Kuds group of Combatants for Peace have been working with the family for the past two years.

This coming Friday, the 18th of January 2013 we will hold another joint activity in which adults and children will paint on the walls of the tunnel that the kids walk through daily to school.

A month ago we held a day in which we placed a water pipe which is now supplying water in a proper way for the first time in 40 years. You can see pictures in the
following link. (

We will meet at 13.00, at the Dominos Pizza located on 1 Ha-etzel st. French Hill

Please confirm your participation by filling up this online form (
For futher details: Leeatt Segal 0544-856901,

* Background: The faidat family, bearing 70 members, is a precise example of the ongoing struggle and the ugly reality of the occupation. Anatot, an Israeli army base that was built in the 1970`s took big parts of the family`s lands. The fences of the base reach up to several meters from the family`s frond door, and block complety the area from its Eastern side.
In the western portion of the family`s land, a high wall was erected by the Israeli Infrastructure Deparment. In the need of keeping the land the family started growing agricultural crops on the land that was left. You can learn some more about the struggle the family deals with through the following film put together by the Jerusalem El Kuds group.


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