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Peace Organizations Roundtable
Peace Organizations Roundtable

On Sunday, June 23, Israeli peace groups will embark on a large scale
Peace Roundtable campaign, setting up more than 70 discussion tables at public
places throughout the country. The aim is to foster public support for a peace
initiative, against the backdrop of the efforts made by US Secretary of State
Kerry and by moderate forces inside the Israeli Cabinet and in the Knesset.

At 6:00 pm on June 23, we will gather at twelve locations across the country.
The main event will be held in the Tel Aviv Museum Plaza (Beit Ariella) in Tel
Aviv. Additional events will be held at Kiryat-Shmona, Shefa-`Amr, Umm al-Qutuf,
Sderot, Be’er-Sheba, Haifa, Ramle, Jerusalem, Karmiel, and Jaffa.

Participating in these events and guiding the discussions will be dozens of
Knesset Members, former military officers and diplomats, cultural figures and
prominent peace activists. The general public is invited to attend and express

The main event will take place at the the Tel Aviv Museum Plaza (Beit Ariela) in
Tel Aviv
*Gathering: 6:00 pm
* Opening remarks by A.B. Yehoshua: 6:30 pm
* Start of roundtable discussions: 6:45 pm

Discussion tables in Tel Aviv will be led by:

* Knesset Members Omer Bar-Lev, Chilik Bar, Ilan Gil’on, Zahava Gal’on, Itzchak
Herzog, Tamar Zandberg, Dov Hanin, Israel Hasson, Shaul Mofaz, Moshe Mizrahi,
Amram Mitzna, Er’el Margalit, Nachman Shai, Meir Sheetrit, Itzik Shmolly, Michal
Biran and Stav Shafir.

* Former Knesset Members Uri Avnery, Doron Avital, Nino Abesadze, Daniel Ben
Simon, Eti Livni, Orit Zuaretz, Ophir Paz-Pines and Mossi Raz.

Former Ambassador Ilan Baruch, and the retired officers Udi Dekel (Brigadier
Gen.) , Nati Sharoni (Major Gen.), Gadi Zohar (Brigadier Gen.), Shaul Arieli

* Prof. David Harel, Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, Ehud Ben-Shach (business executive) ,
Rabbi Gilead Kariv, Adv. Talia Sasson, Dr. Ron Pundak, Akiva Eldar, and the
heads of Peace Now, Geneva Initiative, Ir Amim ,
J-Street and other peace groups.

For transportation to and/or more information about the Tel Aviv event call or 03-5168005 (Adva)

Other Locations:

Kiryat-Shmona Roundtables at Tzahal Square, City Hall Plaza
* In cooperation with activists of Havruta (Fellowship)
* Discussion led by writers Yehuda Atlas, Michal Snunit and Nava Semel; Lonnie
Nathanzon - Coordinator of the Mahapach Sharir group in Kiryat Shmona; and
Naftali Raz of Massad (Social Democratic Camp) * Moderators: Gaby Weinroth,
Dorit Elmaliach, Yael Silver, Yuri Kendall, Boaz Amitai.
* Coordinator: Eli Safran, North Region Massad, 050-5511868,

Shafa`amr Roundtables at Town Hall Plaza
* In cooperation with the `House of Hope - Center for Peace”
* Discussion led by Knesset Member Muhammad Barake (Hadash), Elias Jabbour,
former mayor and manager of the “House of Hope`, Sheikh Taha Abu -Amin.
* Moderators: Tawfiq Hosri, David Lisbona and Yoni Ariel
* Coordinator: Tawfiq Hosri, member of the Massad secretariat

Umm al – Qutuf (Wadi Ara) Roundtables at Youth Club Plaza
* In cooperation with `Givat Haviva”
* Discussion led by Knesset Members Stav Shafir and Michal Rozin, Israel Prize
Laureate Prof. Chaim Adler, Prof. Mustafa Kabha and Prof. Dan Jacobson
* Moderators: Najib Abu-Rakia, Shuli Dichter, Yaniv Sagi, David Amitai and
Doron Lieber
* Coordinator: Doron Lieber , Sharon Region Massad, 054-7740772,

Ramla Roundtables at the park near the market on Herzl Street
* In cooperation with `The Open House` and Neve Shalom
* Discussion led by Knesset Member Issawi Freij, Brigadier Gen.(ret.) Shaul
Givoli , former MK Anat Maor and Prof. Ilai Alon
* Moderators: Vivian Ravi’ah, Amos Davidovitch, Dafna Schwartz and Naomi Raz
* Coordinator: Ayelet Hashahar , Central Region Massad, 054-5688014, ayelet@ask-

Sderot Roundtables at Cinematheque Plaza
* In cooperation with “The Other Voice in the Gaza Border Area”
* Discussion led by Dr. Julia Chaitin, Naomika Zion, Zohar Avitan, Ronnie Kedar,
Dr. Avner Dinur
* Coordinator: Meron Nomis, South Region Massad, 050-5838163

Be’er - Sheeba Roundtables at HaMerkaz LeMorim/Teachers’ Center
* In cooperation with `Ajeec Negev Institute ` and the ”Negev Coexistence Forum
for Civil Equality”
* Discussion led by Prof. Shifra Sagy, Att. Dr. Ali al-Assad, Dr. Ella
Shinskayah, Chairperson of `Morashtenu/Our Heritage`, Dr. Khalil Abu Rabi’a
* Moderators: Meron Nomis, Abigail Hatzor-Sivan and others
* Coordinators: Meron Nomis, Southern Region Massad, 050-5838163 and Ali al-
Assad, Arab Sector Massad, 050-2202058,

Haifa Roundtables at Cinematheque Plaza
* Discussion led by Dr. Mohammad Darawshe, Prof. Yitzhak Weissman, Prof. Benny
Miller, Shira Sagy, Rabbi Col. Shai Blossky
*Coordinator: Tam Bar-Gal, One Voice

Jerusalem Roundtables at the Yad BeYad/Hand in Hand Bilingual School, 10 Leo
Baham St.
* Discussion led by former MK Naomi Chazan, Reuven Abarjeel, Jamil Kassis, Prof.
Oren Barak, Dr. Amiram Oren
* Moderator: Baruch Shalev
* Coordinator: Dov Bernstein, Social Workers for Peace, 050-8190506

Carmiel Roundtables at Pedestrian Mall, Roquefort Restaurant Plaza in the New
Shopping Center
* There will be performances by the Kung Fu class managed by Yossi Fisher, by
the Galilee School and by the Be’reseet LeShalom Association
* Coordinators: Yoav Rodan, Ahrayut LePitarion/Responsibility for a Solution,
050-2482244; Barry Hudra, Ahrayut LePitarion, 054-7827171

Jaffa Roundtables in cooperation with Bustan Bney Avraham
* Contact: Ihab Balha 054-2103137

Peace groups taking part in this initiative: the One Voice Movement, the Geneva
Initiative, Peace Now, Ir Amim, Massad, , the Council for Peace and Security,
Yisrael Yozement/Israeli Initiative, Ahrayut LePitarion/Responsibility for a
Solution, Be’reseet LeShalom, Bustan Bney Avraham, Peace NGO’s Forum, Bereaved
Families’ Forum, Negev Institute, MEPEACE, Social Workers for Peace,
Morastenu/Our Heritage, IPCRI, WTALK, ISD, J-Street, Gush Shalom, and others.

To get more information on the initiative and/or join it, contact
* Shaul Arieli 052-4625148
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