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Calling upon Netanyahu and Abbas to come to an agreement based on the 1967 borders
Press release, March 17, 2014

Towards today`s crucial meeting between President Obama and President Mahmud Abbas (Abu-Mazen), regarding the proposed American `framework agreement`, hundreds of Israeli public figures - academics, writers, artists, former senior military officers, business CEO`s, Laureates of the Israel Prize and many others - are making a public proposal of principles on which such an agreement could and should be based.

This initiative is intended to support and facilitate the ongoing diplomatic process, let it move forward towards peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and prevent a collapse which might prove highly disastrous to both peoples and to the entire region.

`We appreciate the tireless efforts of Secretary of State Kerry, but we cannot stand aside passively and wait for outsiders to decide issues which are crucial for out future in this country. A voice must be heard, loud and clear, from the very heart of Israeli society, pointing the way forward` says campaign organizer Naftali Raz..

Contact: Naftali Raz, +972-(0)54-5494172,


Following is the text of the petition, published March 17, 2014 in the Hebrew and English editions of Israel`s Haaretz newspaper.

We, the undersigned, call upon Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Mahmud Abbas (Abu-Mazen) to accept an Israeli-Palestinian `framework agreement` consisting of the following principles:

The establishment of a sovereign State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel, based on the 1967 borders with agreed-upon border changes

The Palestinian state will be demilitarized, in line with Israeli security requirements

Jerusalem will be the capital of the two States, according to the Clinton parameters: Jewish neighborhoods to Israel, Palestinian neighborhoods to Palestine

Special arrangements will be agreed upon regarding the management of Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif)

Full civil rights will be guaranteed to citizens belonging to national minorities in both States

Peace and co-operation will be established between the two states

Signing the agreement will signify the complete and absolute end of any mutual claims

Both States will request the blessing and backing for the agreement of all the countries in the region, signatories of the `Arab League Peace Initiative`

- Because among both Israeli and Palestinian peoples, the majority has decided for peace


Achinoam Nini (Noa) - Singer and Musician, Shfayim

Ali El Assad - Dr., Lawyer, Lagiya

Aliza Zissman - Alternative Medicine, Herzliya

Alla Shainskaya - Dr. of life-sciences, Tel-Aviv

Alon Liel - Dr., former CEO of Foreign Office, Mevasseret Zion

Amiram Goldblum - Prof. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Jerusalem

Amos Davidovich - Tour Guide, Lieutaenant-Colonel (Res.), Gezer

Amos Gvirtz - Human Rights Activist, Shfayim

Amos Korczyn - Prof. of Medicine, Tel Aviv

Amos Mokady - Author and Cinematographer, Tel Aviv

Amos Oz - Author, Tel Aviv

Anat Zanger - Prof. of Cinema and Television, Givatayim

Aner Preminger - Prof. of Cinema and Filmmaker, Jerusalem

Arie Nadler - Prof. of Social Psychology, Tel_aviv

Avi Glazerman - CEO, Hi-tech firm, Tel-Aviv

Avner Ben-Amos - Prof. of History of Education, Omer

Avraham Ronen - Prof. of Archaeology, Haifa

Avrasha Burstin - Colonel (Res.), Reut

Ayelet Hashachar Seidoff - business woman, Petachya

Baruch Vlamen - Pensioner, Hanaton

Ben-Ami Gov - Brigadier-General (Ret.), Israel Security Prize Laureate, Tel-Aviv

Beth Shamgar - Dr., Musicology, Rehovot

Binyamin Neuberger - Prof. of Political Science, Ra`anana

Celia Fassberg - Prof. of Law, Jerusalem

Chaim Cohen - Social Activist, Modi`in

Dalia Amit - Translator, Jerusalem

Dalia Golomb - retired teacher, Tel-aviv

Dan Jacobson - Prof. of Organizational Behavior, Hezliya

Dani Rosin - Medical dr., Surgeon, Tel-Aviv

David Har`el - Prof., Israel Prize Laureate - Computer Science, Bet-Zayit

David Shamgar - Economist, Rehovot

David Shamla - Secretary of JCALL (European Peace promoting Jewry

Doris Arkin - Sculptor, Kfar Shmaryahu

Doron Lieber - Agriculturist, Kibbutz Metzer

Doubi Shwartz - Chair of Bereaved Families for Peace, Hod Hasharon

Duby Barak - Educator, Jerusalem

Eli Meshulam - Lawyer, Raanana

Eli Safran - Tourism, Sasa

Elihu Katz - Prof., Israel Prize Laureate in Communication, Jerusalem

Emanuel Shaked - Brigadier-General (Ret.), Herzliya

Erel Shalit - Dr., Psychoanalyst, Ra`anana

Ester Kalinsky - Pensioner, Holon

Eytan Kalinsky - Poet, Holon

Fuaz Chsein - Author & Head of Education Department, Hurfeish

Gabi Salomon - Prof., Israel Prize Laureate in Education, Kiryat Tiv`on

Galit Raz-Dror - Project manager, Jerusalem

Gershon Ben-Shachar - Prof. of Psychology, Jerusalem

Gideon Shichman - Dr. of Science, Tel Aviv

Hanoch Gutfreund - Prof. of Physics, Jerusalem

Hasida Shafran - Human Rights Activist, Haifa

Hillel Shenker - journalist, Tel Aviv

Huda Abu Chmeid - Sociologist and Social Activist, Haifa

Idit Zartal - Prof. of History, Tel Aviv

Ilan lachish - CEO, Jerusalem

Inbal Harpaz - Hydro-therapist, Hod Hasharon

Iris Dotan-Katz - psychologist, Ramat Hasharon

Iris Pinchober - Social activist, Haifa

Iris Yotvat - Artist and Mentor, Caesaria

Ivri Verbin - Lieutenant-Colonel (Res.), CEO, Former Consultant to the Foreign Minister - Tel Aviv

Liora Eylon - Education, Kfar-Aza, `Gaza Hugging`

Micha Ben-Hilel - Education, Nir-Am, `Gaza Hugging`

Micah Leshem - Prof. of Psychology, Haifa

Micha Weiss - Clinical Psychologist, Givatayim

Michael Cohen - Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.), Haifa

Michael Shemer - Vice CEO, Kfar Vradim

Michael Shiloh - Former Ambassador, Jerusalem

Michal Preminger - Psychologist, Jerusalem

Micky Gur - Economic Consultant, Neve Monuson

Miron Nomis - Educator and Tour Guide, Ben-Gurion College, Sde-Boker

Mohammad Walid Diab - Dr. of Social Work, Tamra

Mordechay Rokney - Prof. of Physics, Mevasseret Zion

Mory Arkin - Buisness Man, Kfar Shmaryahu

Mossi Raz - Former Knesset Member, Shoham

Naftali Raz - Educator and Tour Guide, Mevasseret Zion

Naomi Chazan - Former Knesset Member, Prof. of Political Science, Jerusalem

Naomi (Nomika) Zion - Head of Center for Social Justice and Democracy, Shderot, `Gaza hugging`

Naomi Raz - Psychologist, Mevasseret Zion

Netanel Katz - Management consultant, Ramat Hasharon

Nurit Gretz - Prof. of Literature and Cinema, Tel Aviv

Oded Hon Honigwax - Lawyer, and Social Activist, Tel Aviv

Ora Nelken Rotem - pianist, Jerusalem

Rami Ronen - Entrepreneur, Shoeva

Ran Shorer - Author, Talmey Yehiel

Reuven Choshen - Economic Consultant, Tel Aviv

Reuven Gerber - Author & Dr. of Judaism, Mevasseret zion

Ruby Peled - Colonel (Res.), Tel Aviv

Ruth Handzel - Dr. of Information Management, Tel Aviv

Ruth Katz - Prof., Israel Prize Laureate in Musicology, Jerusalem

Samir Chualed - Grocery, Sha`ab

Sari Sela - Head of Women`s Movement, Rosh Ha`ayin

Shaul Givoli - Police Major-General & IDF Brigadier-General (Ret.), Ramat Hasharon

Shifra Sagy - Prof., Head of Conflict Management program, Beer Sheva

Shimon Redlich - Lieutenant-Colonel (Res.), CEO, Tel Aviv

Shimon Zandbank - Prof., Israel Prize Laureate for Translation, Jerusalem

Shmulik Merzel - Educator, Tel Aviv

Sidra Ezrahi - Prof. of Hebrew Literature, Jerusalem

Steve Fassberg - Prof. of Hebrew Language, Jerusalem

Taha Abu Amin - Sheich, Muchtar of Sawa`ed Chumeira

Tamar Ronen - Pensioner, Haifa

Tawfik Hussry - Bookkeeper, Shfar`am

Udi Mori - CEO, Ramat Gan

Uri Croch - Dr. of social work, Kamon

Uri Or - CEO, Kiryat Tivon

Ya`acov Raz - Prof. of East Asian Sudies, Tel Aviv

Yael Admi - Computer Engineering, Ganey Yehuda

Yael Alfasi - Computer Programmer, Rosh Ha`ayin

Yael Ben Yehuda Rokny - Human Rights Activist, Mevasseret Zion

Yael Dayan - Former Knesset Member, Tel Aviv

Yael Gur - Educational Projects Manager, Neve Monusson

Yair Zaban - Former Minister in the Rabin Cabinet, Ramat gan

Yehoshuah Rosin - Economist, Rehovot

Yehoyada Amir - Rabbi, Prof. of Judaic Studies, Jerusalem

Yehuda Golan Ashenfeld - Brigadier-General (Res.), Kiryat Ono

Yehuda Pinchover - Social activist, Haifa

Yeshayahu Tadmor - Colonel (Res.), Prof. of Education, Haifa

Yishay Polachek - Social Activist, Tel Aviv

Yisrael Shafran - Human Rights Activist, Haifa

Yoav Has - Human Rights Activist, Jerusalem

Yoav Rodan - Lieutaenant-Colonel (Res.), CEO, Lavon

Yoela Har Shefi - Lawyer, Tel Aviv

Yoram Agmon - Brigadier-General (Res.), Karmei Yosef

Yoram Avnimelech - Prof. of Environmental Engineering, Haifa

Yosef Neuman - Prof. of Biology and Philosophy, Tel Aviv

Ze`ev Charles Greenbaum - Prof. of Psychology, Jerusalem

Ze`ev Zachor - Prof. of History, Sapir, Shderot, `Gaza Hugging`

Zehava Gov - Teacher, Tel-Aviv

Zohar Avitan - Education, Sderot, `Gaza Hugging`


The `Leading the Leaders to Pease` group will hold an ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN WALK FOR PEACE

on Friday March 28, starting at 11:00 am from the Tel-Aviv Harbor (Reading parking lot), wearing white shirts
Contact: , 972- (0)54-5661922

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