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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Emergency Action: Artists Against the War - rally at Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, Tue. July 22,2014
Artists Against the War
July 22, 2014

War is bad. We didn’t come into this world to kill one another.
We believe that civic and political equality should reign from the Mediterranean
to the Jordan river. We believe in the shared and beautiful life of jews and
arabs, Israelis and Palestinians, we believe that there is a peaceful solution
to the terrible war being waged right now, and we disparagingly kick at the
nationalist militaristic propaganda being touted at the Israeli public.
We are against missiles, tanks, cannons, and rockets from Israel and Gaza, and
against violence from any direction aimed at any religion, gender, race, or
There is an opposition in Israel. The occupation of the Palestinian people must
end. Peace talks must start. The State of Israel must change immediately!

We will meet on Tuesday, July 22nd, at 8:00pm at Rabin Square, Tel-Aviv

And we will stand together against the blinding hatred, the murderous mood, the
joy of war, the despised racism, the oppression of democratic dissent, and the
general atmosphere of obeying the government.
We will stand together facing the silence of the sane majority and invite them
to join us in calling `Stop the War!” `Long Live Peace!`
The program includes a lineup of artists presenting statements and artworks:
performance, music, image, text, theatre, dance, politics.

The public is welcome!

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