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Help for the Gazan casualties at Al-Mukased hospital in East Jerusalem

This is for all our friends which are not so familiar with the `Facebook`
secrets and hence may not know about the activity of last week...

Nurit Peled-Elhanan and Yoav Pesachovitz have visited the Gazan casualties at
Al-Mukased hospital in east Jerusalem .There are burned children that have lost
all their family members, horrible human stories, sheer agony!
What they need most is cash money for everyday expenses.

We have tried to arrrange an urgent move of collecting some cash money to help
a little those families who are destitute. And on Tuesday Nurit and Yoav went
over there again with money envelops...
There are no words to describe the warm welcome at Al-Mukased hospital for them.
The funds collected until then were transferred to the hospital administration
to take care of an orderly and fair distribution according to needs of each and
every family.

Hereby moves the responsibility for collecting and distributing the money to the
hospital management and donors are asked to stop transferring money to the
private account of Nurit and Rami.
All the money collected so far will be transferred to the special fund
established for this purpose.

We are excited and grateful for the generous support and response so far. Any
donation is a blessing!

Al-Mukased hospital has set a special fund for the wounded patients from Gaza so
we can all donate directly to their bank account. We were there this afternoon
and learned it is a charity hospital which has no support from any authority.
The hospital does not charge the patients or their relatives and supports them
financially and gives them up to 10,000 Shekels when they leave back to Gaza.

It was a special experience to be received so warmly by the director Dr. Rafiq
Husseini – who works there without any salary, by Dr. Samia El-Kurd, PR director
and by the chief nurse. Their urgent need is medications for the wounded and
facilities for them and their relatives who must stay within the confines of the
hospital by Israeli orders. I have a full list of the things they need and they
promised to provide invoices with full accounts regarding anything they will buy
with our donations.

We shall transfer the money we have already received from you but now you can
transfer your donations directly to this bank account:

Makassed Islamic Charitable Society
Mercantile Discount Bank – 17
Jerusalem- Salah Eddin St. No. 638
Account number: 400335
IBAN: IL890176380000001400330

People who want to contact the hospital, visit or contribute in any way except
donation are invited to contact Dr. Samia El-Kurd:

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