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Demonstration to support imprisoned CO`s Udi Segal and Uriel Ferera
Demonstration to support imprisoned CO`s Udi Segal and Uriel Ferera

Friday September 5, 2014, 12:30
The parking lot near Military Prison 6, Atlit


Jerusalem: Binyanei Hauma - 10:00
Tel Aviv: Arlozorov-Namir intersection - 11:00

Conscientious objector Uriel Ferrera, 19 years old from Be’er Sheva, reported
half a year ago to Tel Hashomer military induction base and declared his refusal
to join the army for reasons of conscience, due to his opposition to the
occupation of the Palestinians. Since then he has been going into Military
Prison 6 and out and in again, now for the seventh time - again and again
ordered to enlist, again and again refusing, again and again being sent to yet
another month behind bars.

A month ago Ferrera was joined behind bars by fellow CO Udi Segal, also 19 years
old, from kibbutz Yuval. Segal had declared to the inducting officers his
opposition to the occupation of the Palestinian territories in general, and
specifically his refusal to have any part in the deadly attack on Gaza Strip,
ongoing at the time of his call-up.

Contact: Yishai Menuchin +972-54-3355373

The international petition in support of the imprisoned refusers
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