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Israeli academia and security officials to Netanyahu: adopt the Arab Peace Initiative
Yaser Okbi
Ma`ariv, Sept. 8, 2014
English summary by News Nosh (Americans for Peace Now`s daily news review from Israel, Sept. 9

In a letter, a copy of which Maariv received, Israeli academia and security officials called on Netanyahu `to see the current crisis an opportunity to escape the cycle of violence against Hamas in Gaza and the impasse in the negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians.` The letter states: `The Arab Peace Initiative was presented by the Saudi Crown Prince at the Arab League summit in Beirut in 2002, and was been adopted by all 22 of the Arab League states, which have since then ratified it quite a few times. Its principles are agreed upon by the majority of Israelis (and Palestinians), foremost, the end of the conflict with the Arab world in exchange for recognition of a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem and borders based on the `67 lines with agreed swaps, an agreed upon solution to the refugee issue, and security arrangements that ensure the safety of Israel. However, to date, this initiative has not received an official response from the governments of Israel.` Signatories include: former Mossad official Yossi Alpher, Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli, Maj. Gen. (retired) Shlomo Gazit - the former head of military intelligence, Gershon Baskin, Galia Golan, Eli Podeh, Eti Livni, Ilan Baruch, Tzahi Gabai, Gabi Zohar, Shifra Sagi, Yoram Peri.

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