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Also Nov. 5 - demo: stop collective punishment in East Jerusalem!
Update: also this week, Wed. Nov. 5 at at 21:00, there will be a protest at
the same location as last week - in front of Mayor Nir Barkat`s house ,(5
Hameyasdim Street, Jerusalem).

From: Uri Agnon

Original message:
Over the past weekend, the Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem have
been under siege and collective punishment. The main roads to the
neighborhoods have been blocked completely, the police has been firing gas
canisters, flashbang grenades and rubber bullets, in the streets and into
the houses. The inhabitants of East Jerusalem are undergoing a cruel
treatment by the police and the municipality, which includes a selective
enforcement of fines and debt collection, in order to harass and terrorize

All this comes on top of a long-standing tradition of oppression and willful
neglect, abstention from granting building permits, house demolitions, a
shortage of classes, disconnection from the power and water grids, and a
general attempt to make life in East Jerusalem unbearable.

At this time, as racism is running high on the streets of Jerusalem, we will
not keep silent in the face of institutional manifestation of oppression and

Today, Wed. Oct. 29 at 21:00 we will hold a protest in front of Mayor Nir
Barkat`s house ,(5 Hameyasdim Street, Jerusalem). We will demand an end to
the policy of collective punishment towards the residents of East Jerusalem.

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