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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Protest Vigil against the Occupation and Escalation
Protest Vigil against the Occupation and Escalation – Tel Aviv, Friday,
October 9

Tomorrow, Friday, October 9, at 13:00 there will be held at the corner of
Ben-Zion Boulevard and King George Street in Tel Aviv a Protest Vigil
against the Occupation and Escalation.

Military operations and settlement construction are not the solution - they
are the problem. Only a peace agreement can end the violence.

In between wars and military operations, right-wing governments construct
more settlements. In between one round of futile negotiations and the next
one, the government creating facts on the ground which prevent the
attainment of peace and security and which lay the ground for the next war.
In between one peak of escalation and the next, the government repeatedly
turns a blind eye to the violence of the nationalist settler gangs which
rampage, burn and kill throughout the Territories. And in between one round
of violence and the next, Netanyahu is convinced he has found the magic
formula which will allow him to manage the conflict and to maintain the
occupation forever.

Reality is now exploding in our faces. Moment by moment, the occupation
becomes ever more violent and dangerous. This right-wing government is a
grave danger to all who live here. We all, on both sides, pay the price –
and it becomes ever higher, with every passing day.

The right-wingers assert that the answer to the escalation and the wave of
violence is ever more use of brute force: more detentions, more killing,
more shooting at minors and more construction of settlements. That is
totally false. There is only one way to end the escalation and break the
cycle of violence and death: a political agreement: ending the occupation
and establishing an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East
Jerusalem, side by side with the State of Israel in its internationally
recognized 1967 borders.

Demo: Friday, October 9, at 13:00 – corner of Ben-Zion and King George, Tel

Facebook event - Https://

Contact: Noa Levy +972-(0)52-3872231
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