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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Tel Aviv protest march, Sat. Dec. 19
Sat. Dec. 19 - Tel Aviv march to protest government incitement against Human
Rights activists. Starting at Likud Party headquarters (38 King George, Tel
Aviv) to Rabin Monument.

The extreme right-wing government is inciting, because it has nothing to
offer. They incite because they are the ones guilty of the insecurity and
the social distress. Because it is their policy that has led to dramatic
increases in poverty, because they have no solutions that will ensure a life
of personal security for all citizens. And from this failure, we all suffer:
men and women, young and old, Arabs and Jews, religious, Mizrahi, Russian
speakers and those who live in peripheral areas. The Politics of `forever
live by the sword` will result in turning the sword against the people.

The instigators who led to Rabin`s murder incite today against Arabs,
against the human rights organizations, against the peace movement. The
incitement extends to anyone who dares to express a different opinion, up to
the Israeli President himself.

We, Arabs and Jews, stand together against the attempts of silencing and
intimidation of the extreme right-wing forces in the government and outside
it. We stand together against racism and hatred and for equality and
coexistence. We stand together to put an end to war and the occupation
through just peace and independence for both people.

In the face of a government that chooses to incite instead of offering
solutions – we will not be silent, we stand together.

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