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Sun. Jan. 31 - accompany CO`s Tair and Tanya to the prison gates

On Sunday (Jan. 31), at 12:00 noon, Tair Kaminer returns to the IDF
Induction Center to reaffirm to officers there her intention to refuse
service in the IDF. This is after spending 20 days in the military prison.
This time she is joined by Tanya Golan, 19 from Beit Shean, who after
following the campaign for Tair has decided to make her own refusal to
enlist public. Both of them are expected to undergo the army`s `disciplinary
proceedings` (an `instant trial` by an officer, with no lawyers or
witnesses, which usually lasts no more than five to ten minutes) after which
they would be sent to the military prison. Dozens of demonstrators will be
present to accompany the two young women to the gates of the gates of the
Induction Center, at Tel Hashomer (east of Tel Aviv) and will call for their
release and for the end of the occupation. i

Three weeks ago Tair Kaminer, past volunteer of the Israeli Girl Scouts, 19
yrs old from Tel Aviv, spent 20 days in the military prison for her refusal
to serve in an occupying army which is the IDF. Her refusal went viral on
social media and initiated posts that were viewed by hundreds of thousands
in Israel and around the world. Her incarceration was .ireported by
international media and was even debated in the British Parliament, when MP
Caroline Lucas called for her immediate release.
Tair: We are being talked into believing that there is no other way other
than the violent militaristic way, but i believe that this is the most
destructive method, and there do exist alternatives. I wish to remind all
of us all that there are other choices: negotiations, peace, optimism, a
real desire to live as equals with freedom and in safety`. i

Tanya: There are those who are benefiting by the continuation of the
Israel- Palestine Conflict and will never willingly give up on the economic
control of the Occupied Territories. I refuse to be part of an organisation
that executes racist, fascist, discriminatory and oppressive policies`.
The demonstration is organised by Mesarvot- a new political refusal group
which connects all of the letters, enterprises and refuseniks from recent
years in order to work together. Joining us in this demonstration are other
groups such as the Refusers Letter of 2014 and the political organisation
Unity`. i

For more information:
Mandy- 0526672026,
Noa- 0523872231
see media reports:

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