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Occupation, not a road! rally of solidarity with Qalqilya
Occupation, not a road

This Friday (April 8th) a rally will be held for solidarity with the
Qalqilya () area residents in their struggle against land expropriation.

CfP members from the Qalqilya subdistrict, the Olive Harvest Coalition,
MachsomWatch, the Qalqilya municipality and Nebi Elias ( ) and
Izbat Al- Tabib ( ) Regional Councils invite you to a support rally
for the area`s residents and against the planned bypass road planned at Nebi

This December an expropriation warrant was issued for 30 landlords in the
area as well as demolition warrants for the businesses located on the
bypass` suggested route.

According to reports work on the road will begin in April. More information
about the expected damage from this road is available here.
Join us to support a non-violent resistance to the occupation and land
expropriation - which is very important in these days of surging violence,
human-rights organization hunt and field trials.

12:00PM Olive tree planting
12:30PM Rally In Izbat Al-Tabib
13:30PM Demonstration along road 55
16:00PM Estimated return to Tel Aviv

11:00am Tel Aviv - Rakevet Arlozorov (Savidor Center), in front of Shlomo
11:30am Kfar Saba Central Bus Station (Eged Kfar Saba), at the corner of
Weitzman and Tel Hai - based on registration

Registration from here. Those arriving independently are also obliged to
Please bring with you: Water, ID and food (if necessary)
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