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`Lieberman will not dissuade us from continuing our interaction with the Israeli society!`
Liebermanís irresponsible decision serves neither Israelís interest nor the

No wonder Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman decided to curtail the
movement of Mohammad Madani, Chairman of the Palestinian Committee for
Interaction with the Israeli Society.

Lieberman is worried by any rapprochement between Palestinians and Israelis
the same way he is annoyed by any entente among the Israelis themselves,
Arabs and Jews.

Since it was founded on 4 December 2012 and its official inauguration in the
start of 2013, the Committee conducted direct and indirect meetings. It met
with small and large groups of people.

The list of those the Committee ran across includes over 70 Knesset members
who represent all political parties from the right, left and the center of
the Israeli political map.

Moreover, the Committee met with various Jewish groups of diverse
ethnicities; representatives of Oriental (Sephardic) Jews and Western
(Ashkenazi) Jews; lecturers, scholars, researchers, university students and
representatives of various civil society institutions. All of these meetings
have taken place in broad daylight without any attempt to hide any.

In all encounters, the Interaction Committee emphasized on one fundamental
issue: genuine, just and comprehensive peace is a strategic interest of the
first degree to both peoples, Palestinian and Israeli.

It stressed that reaching the long-aspired for peace is not possible without
ending the occupation and the creation of the State of Palestine on the 4
June 1967 lines with East Jerusalem its capital, alongside Israel, in
addition to reaching a just and agreed upon solution to the question of
refugees based on UN Resolution 194 and as stipulated in the Arab Peace

The genuine peace sought by the Palestinian leadership, under HE President
Mahmoud Abbas, is what will bring political stability to all countries in
the region, including Israel.

We have a few questions to raise. How can PM Netanyahu claim that President
Abbas practices political terror? How do we explain statements by the
defense ministry that the upcoming showdown in Gaza will be the last? What
does it mean to curtail the movements of someone who heads a Palestinian
team that indulges in civilized political, social and intellectual debate
with all Israelis without exception with the aim of removing whatever
obstacles that obstruct mutual understandings of each sideís problems,
leading up to achieving the just and comprehensive settlement that brings
the Israelis peace and security and the Palestinians freedom and

We are definitely sure that Liebermanís decision will not dissuade us from
continuing our interaction with various layers of the Israeli society. We
also hope that it wonít deter our Israeli peace partners as well. We all
have one common and mutual goal and that is to live in genuine and mutual
peace in the region, against the will of those extremists who want us to
remain victims of eternal conflict.
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