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Help us give the Palestinians back their stolen water!
Yakov Manor
July 2016

Dear activists,

Following the diminishing water supply to Palestinians in the West Bank and the severe water shortage in the Gaza Strip, the Water Coalition renews its activity and reactivates its struggle for equality in water supply

Water is a crucial life resource for every human being, and the right to the equal supply of water is fundamental according both the law of nature and to international humanitarian law.
This year numerous Palestinians throughout the West Bank experience whole days without water as the authorities disconnect them intermittently from the water supply and decrease the quotas. We have therefore decided to open an extensive campaign on the ground, in protest, and in advocacy and lobbying worldwide, disseminating petitions and perhaps even legal suits, calling, demanding to


Give the Palestinians back their stolen water! Their source of life!

We cannot raise this campaign without your aid, and participation in the various activities as well as raising the funds necessary, posting the various activities on the social networks, on Facebook, conducting protest activities, sending water convoys, transportation etc.

A special Facebook page has been opened under the title of The Water Coalition

Address for donations:
Checks: Two Flags One Future, POB 2542, Holon, 58125 Israel
Bank transfers:`Mate Hakoalitzia`, account no. 119442, Bank Hapoalim Branch no. 679
Please inform about donations to

The Israeli occupation authorities have taken over most of the water sources present throughout the West Bank. The amount of potable water from the Hill Aquifer, both west and east, averages 499 million cubic meters a year. Through the Oslo accords, Israel forced on the Palestinians an unequal division of water: 80% to Israel and 20% to the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian negotiators agreed to this discriminating condition, assuming that the permanent agreements would change conditions and the division would become equal. Following over-pumping from the aquifer, the salinization over time of local water wells and loss of water due to faulty pipes and theft, the above data have deteriorated so that today the relative water division between Israel and the PA stands at 86/14 respectively. Needless to emphasize that this rate includes the needs of occupation and settlement. Potable water domestic consumption in Israel and the settlements averages 180 liters a day per person, while in the Palestinian Authority it amounts to a mere 66 liters: 34 liters less than the minimum, stipulated by UN World Health Organization as needed per person a day.

Certain communities, especially in the Palestinian Jordan Valley and the South Hebron Hills consume between 20 and 40 liters a day per person. Specifically: for example a shepherd in the Palestinian Jordan Valley with 11 persons and 300 sheep and goats consume about 35 liters per person and 8 liter per sheep/goat a day and we are not even at the height of summer yet. Note that many communities are not connected to the water grid and are forced to transport water from far away by tankers, at prices that amount to 30-50 NIS per liter. Another interesting datum: 2000 communities in Areas C, officially under Israels administrative and security responsibility, are not connected to the water grid.

For further information: Reem Amer 050-3321591
Hedva Isachar 052-3329292
Ya`acov Manor 050-5733276

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