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The Freedom March - Israelis and Palestinians march together
The Freedom March - Israelis and Palestinians march together

Combatants for Peace invites you to the 10 years anniversay events this
This Friday, July 15th, 1:30pm at the Tunnels Checkpoint near Beit-Jala, we
will march together in the Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March to mark a
decade of joint activism in Combatants for Peace.

During the march we will be accompanied by Alistair Little and Jerry Foster,
a Catholic and a Protestant, respectively, who fought on opposing sides
during the conflict in Northern Ireland. Their story inspires us and marks
the future we all hope for.

Come and march with us!

For transport please sign up here:

`Disturbing The Peace` World Premiere!

We are pleased to invite you to the world premier screening of the new
documentary film Disturbing the Peace, by Filmmakers Stephen Apkon and
Andrew Young. For the past two years, filmmaker Steve Apkon accompanied us,
joined our activities and listened to personal stories. The film will be
screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival, Thursday, July 14th, 2:15pm,
Jerusalem Cinemateque, followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Steve Apkon and
members of Combatants for Peace featured in the film.

Tickets available at:

A Personal Invitation from Itamar Feigenbaum, A member of Combatants for
Peace, to `Studying for peace` with Alistair Little and Gerry Foster, the
combatants for peace of Northern Ireland

My name is Itamar Feigenbaum, a former paratrooper in the IDF and currently
a member of Combatants for Peace. In 2009 I was in Northern Ireland with
Israeli and Palestinian members of Combatants for Peace. We met with
former combatants of both sides of the Irish divide, and for the first time
I had the opportunity to look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a
different angle. Learning about the conflict in Ireland and the agreement
that ended it, I felt I was looking into one of the possible futures of

I would like to invite you for a taste of it. On Sunday, July 17th, 8pm, we
will host Alistair Little and Gerry Foster from Belfast in Tel-aviv for an
evening of `Studying for Peace`. It will take place at the Rosa Luxemburg
Foundation offices - Rothschild 11, Tel-Aviv. Alistair and Greey had both
served time in prison after fighting on opposite sides. Both now work
together to keep on building peace in Northern Ireland. Alistair Littles
story was adapted into a Hollywood film (Five Minutes to Heaven), with Liam
Neeson as Alistair.

In this evening we will try to think about our life here from a different
point of view:

Is the conflict here so different from North-Ireland?

Can these outsiders really understand us here?

Can we learn something from their experience?

I hope to see you on Sunday!

Itamar Feigenbaum
Combatants for Peace
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