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Demolishing homes and confiscating tractors for army maneuver purposes
Amos Gvirtz
Don`t say we did not know #525 - weekly chronicles distributed as email
8 Nov 2016

The Israeli army continues to bully the Palestinians, inhabitants of Ras Al Ahmar in the Palestinian Jordan valley.

On Monday, October 31, 2016, Israeli soldiers confiscated 5 tractors. Three weeks before they demolished the inhabitants` homes (October 9) and evacuated them (November 1) from their village for the night for army maneuver purposes.


On Sunday, October 30, gov`t. agents arrived, escorted by police, to the Bedouin village Bir Hadaj (near Revivim) and demolished tents, put up by residents after their homes had been demolished on October 9. They demolished three water tanks as well. Ever since, the police has increased its presence and on Tuesday, November 1 arrested four people.

On Wednesday, November 2, gov`t agents, escorted by police, arrived in El `Araqib and demolished it again. This time they confiscated cars, a cart and a water tank.

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