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Boycott Israeli Wines campaign targets Vancouver Liquor Store
The Boycott Israeli Wines campaign in Vancouver, Canada held another flash
action and picket on Dec. 17, despite the unusually cold temperatures in the
city. The activists initially went into the government liquor store, and
showed real `holiday spirit` with their chants and singing. The manager of
the store was made aware that the three brands of Israeli wines that are
stocked there are all from stolen Arab and Palestinian land, thus rendering
the British Columbia government complicit in human rights violations. One
brand in particular, the Teperberg Vision Malbec, even openly brags on its
website that the vineyard that contributes grapes for this wine is in the
illegal Israeli settlement of Mevo Horon. This settler enclave is in the
Latrun area of the occupied Palestinian West Bank and is also close to the
infamous `Canada Park` built by the Jewish National Fund with Canadian tax-
deductible monies.
The picket then moved outside of the store, where leaflets were handed out
to many passersby. Palestinian flags flew high as more chants and singing
happened on the busy street corner in one of Vancouver`s densest shopping

Activists succeeded in getting their message out, both inside and outside
the store, and their chant of Boycott Israeli Wine, Free Free Palestine was
heard loud and clear!

Background information on this campaign can be found in this Palestine
Chronicle article.

Video of Dec. 17 In-Store Flash Action
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