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JVP: Stopping Friedman (and Netanyahu!) is our responsibility
Ari Wohfeiler, Jewish Voice for Peace


I wanted to share a quick update on David Friedman`s appointment as
Ambassador to Israel.

First, good news: the Senate will be holding hearings on Friedman - a
procedural win. No date yet, but we`ll keep you posted.

Second, Netanyahu touches down in the US on February 15th to meet with the

It`s our time to shine a spotlight on the mirror dangers of Trump and
Netanyahu. Together with allies, and a growing interfaith network we`re
putting together actions across the country.

In the streets and in the media, we`re going to make it known that we don`t
accept Netanyahu`s silence on Trump`s Muslim Ban, his egging on of the wall
on the US/Mexico border, his encouragement to move the US Embassy, or the
thousands of new settlement homes he just approved.

Friedman is the pivot point of all of this: it would be his job to maintain
a US/Israeli relationship focused on accomplishing all of these destructive
policy goals, and more.

So please sign this petition against Friedman right now. 15,000 people have
already signed,and while Trump might be a policy wildcard, Friedman is clear

consistent: no rights, no land, no political power, and no respect for
Palestinians - let alone American Jews and allies who speak out against that
platform of hate.

More soon - it`s an honor to keep pushing forward with you.


(below is the original call-out for this campaign with more background for


We need to stop the confirmation of David Friedman as US Ambassador to

. .

I spent Wednesday evening at a glitter-filled queer dance party outside Mike
Pences rental home.

On Friday I blew the shofar while Trump was being sworn in, to express grief
and pain but also as a wake up call, even a battle cry.

And then I marched with JVP leaders alongside organized labor, leaders from
Standing Rock, and Black Lives Matter.

Yesterday I was glued to Facebook in awe of the millions of people taking to
the streets.

And now its time to get to work.

We need to stop the confirmation of David Friedman as US Ambassador to

Are you ready to join me? Because JVP specifically, even uniquely, needs to
take him on.

David Friedman has zero diplomatic experience - hes actually Trumps
bankruptcy lawyer. But he shares with Jared Kushner and other members of
Trumps inner circle

shockingly extreme views on Israel/Palestine.

Friedman has denied the existence of Palestinian refugees, who are
recognized under international law, called liberal Jews kapos for taking
even measured efforts to

change Israeli policies, advocated annexation of the West Bank and East
Jerusalem, and endorsed discriminatory screening of Muslim immigrants to the
United States.

And hes not just a supporter of illegal, Jewish-only settlements in the
West Bank - hes the board chair of American Friends of Beit El, one of the
oldest and most

violent settlements in the West Bank.

David Friedman is a passionate activist for permanent apartheid and

And his appointment would bring all of these policy disasters closer:
Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem - in fact, hes already declared his
decision to live in Jerusalem personally.
Annexing Maale Adumim or even all of the West Bank. Yesterday even the
NYTimes described Friedman as in closer political step with Mr. Netanyahus

rivals. (yes, it is more than possible to out-flank Netanyahu to his right)
Deepening mutual aid between US and the Israeli governments on surveillance
projects (think registries) and border militarization (think walls).
There isnt a single statement of his that weve been able to find that
shows even a modicum of respect for Palestinians or Palestinian human
David, can you sign our open letter now calling on not only the Senate with
its direct decision-making power, but Members of Congress, the media, and
all the allies

well need to stop his appointment?

I experienced so much power, love, kindness, and creativity this weekend -
and saw infinitely more reflected in the pictures and stories of people from
around the

world. And the only way I can imagine to feel that way again is to win
concrete change.

Stopping Friedman in defense of the basic equality of all people is the most
specific thing we can do today, as JVP members. Click here and help us get
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