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Hunger strike solidarity - Haifa & Paris
From Yoav Haifawi

The hunger strike of the Palestinian prisoners for freedom and dignity
reached its 22nd day, and the strikers reached the stage of grave danger to
their lives. They also face frequent incursions, isolation, torture and
threats by the occupation government and its repressive apparatus to break
the strike using forced feeding.
We are obliged to answer the prisoners call for solidarity we will not
leave alone those who daily sacrifice their freedom and their lives for the
sake of our freedom.

We will meet on Tuesday 9/5 at 8 pm

On Martyr Bassel Al Aaraj junction, the intersection of Alenby and the
German Colony, Haifa


From: Olivia Zmor

Dear friends,

We have been on hunger strike since Monday midnight, expressing our support
for the Palestinian political prisoners who have been fasting for three
weeks in Israeli

jails and whose state of health is worrying.

At the moment, three women and three men among us have started this hunger
strike so as to bring to light the scandalous prison conditions endured by
the Palestinians

at the hands of the Occupier, and the basic character of their demands, as
it is a matter of enforcing the fundamental rights recognised by every

abolition of the so-called administrative detention, i.e. without charge or
trial and for an indefinite period
abolition of torture and of the inhuman treatment they undergo
abolition of child detention
family visits twice a month, instead of one at present
appropriate healthcare when they are ill
right to study when in prison
We thus join English, Scottish and Italian campaigners who launched this
hunger strike action in Europe and we hope that our show of solidarity will
inspire many

others in the rest of the country.

This is an emergency, not just because the Palestinian prisoners health is
worsening and there are already many seriously wounded Palestinians, as the
Occupation Army

shoots all those who show solidarity with the prisoners, but also because
Israel threatens to use the same methods as in Guantanamo and to force feed
the hunger


We are at La Fontaine des Innocents, near Le Forum des Halles in Paris
(Mtro-RER, Chtelet-les-Halles).

Do come and see us to participate in this hunger strike or encourage us.

Best wishes,

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