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Issa Amro, activist from Hebron: I am headed to court
From: Issa Amro
Date: Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 11:45 PM

Tomorrow I begin trial on 18 charges in Israel military court. It is a
kangaroo court system where there is no justice at all. The charges against
me are an effort to shut down my human rights work and stop me from speaking
up for my people.

But no matter what I will not be silent. Recently, Israel moved from
segregated streets in Hebron to enclosing entire Palestinian neighborhoods.
The gate is locked at 11pm each night and families are imprisoned inside.
So, even as I prepare for the surety of my conviction, I am working to end
this new injustice.

Sign the petition to tell the Israeli Civil Administration to remove the
gate around the families and end the apartheid separation of the street!

Tomorrow the first two of the 38 witnesses against me will testify. All of
the witnesses are settlers and soldiers. The judge and prosecutor are
military officers. The conviction rate is 99.74%!

In an encouraging show of support 32 members of US congress released a
letter last week to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asking him to tell
Israel to reconsider the charges against me. Yesterday, UN human rights
experts followed suit and also called on Israel to reconsider the charges.

As I enter Ofer military court tomorrow, I know all of you will be there
with me in spirit. I appreciate your support.

In solidarity,

Issa Amro
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