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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Women`s Journey to Peace
Women`s Journey to Peace

Women Wage peace! “In the world in which we are living, peace will be

possible only when women with integrity and hope will stand up for

their right to be concerned about the future of their children”.

(Leymah Gbowee, a Liberian leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate)
In September and October 2017, tens of thousands of women from Women

Wage Peace embraked on a journey of hope and peace in order to voice

their uncompromising demand for the resolution of the Israeli-

Palestinian conflict through a political agreement and the inclusion

of women in the negotiation process.

The Journey to Peace begun at the end of Rosh Hashana and reached its

high point during the week of Sukkot in the Tent of Sarah and Hagar –

a huge tent of discussions, hope and peace, art and music happenings,

encounters and talking with the decision makers. We, Jewish and

Palestinian women, the daughters of Sarah and Hagar, sit together in

the tent and we demand an end to the long running dispute. We call on

the leaders of both peoples to come to the tent and to begin

continual negotiations there until an agreement is signed. From the

tent, we ontinue to Jerusalem, where we will today (Sun, Oct. 8)

launch the largest women’s congress in a mass event.

We, Women Wage Peace, who fasted for 50 days in front of the Prime

Minister’s residence, who marched 200 kilometers from Rosh Hanikra in

our March of Hope, who rode by train from Nahariya to Sderot, who

stood at 140 intersections throughout the country – we are beginning

a journey that will echo in Israel and around the world: Peace is

possible. This is an opportunity to change the reality in the Middle


Join us for the Journey to Peace. Come with us, together we will make

Click for additional details .

For more details please contact us.

Journey to Peace – Q& A
All information regarding ‘Journey to Peace’ is on the movement’s

website, including plans, dates and hours
(The website holds information about daily routes, time and place,

sleeping arrangements, links to purchasing transportation tickets


Q: is this a long march or do you have various events?
A: It is a journey which includes, walking, travelling, meetings,

events, ceremonies… each day brings something new. Full details of

the daily tracks are on the website.
The main event (8.10) is a full day, starting early in the morning

near the Dead Sea and continues with a march and a mass closing rally

in Jerusalem.

Q: Are we supposed to participate in all events?
A: Each according to her ability and inclination. You can join us for

two hours or two weeks 😊. Information is given for each day: where we

meet, when the event starts and approximately when it ends. This way

each one can develop her/his own timetable.
If you can join us only for one event – we recommend the rally in

Jerusalem on the 8.10 in the afternoon.
If you wish to join us on the morning of the main day (8.10): you can

put your name down for the transportation for the whole day – from

Kfar Shalom to the march and to the rally in Jerusalem and back to

the starting point.
There are two transportation options on the 8.10 –
From the morning to the evening
From the afternoon to the evening

Q: Will there be any transport?
A: There will be transport from the train station and back again, for

anyone arriving on the day.
For the bigger events, there will be paid transportations. You can

find more information on our website. Please put your name down for

the big events (Dimona, Nazareth, Tel-Aviv and the main event day).

Q: Do I need to put my name down? Where do I do that?
A: you need to put your name down only if you wish for transportation

to the main events.
As for the other events – it will help us very much with our

preparation, such as how much water is needed, how many buses are

required etc, if you put your name down. This you can do, for any of

the days of the Journey, on our website.
For your information, for the main events (Dimona on 26.9; Nazareth

on 3.10; Jaffa on 6.10 and the main day event on 8.10) there will be

paid transportation from all over the country. For these, tickets

need to be purchased, via the website.

Q: What are the sleeping arrangements during the Journey?
A: Sleeping arrangements are the responsibility of each individual.

You will need to find your own sleeping accommodation and how to get

You can find information about paid sleeping accommodations on the

Journey’s website (special deals were procured), as well as

information about hosting homes.
Everyone is welcomed to approach any of them in order to organise her

sleeping arrangements.

Q: Are you looking to be hosted in a home during the Journey?
A: Individuals interested in finding a sleeping arrangement through

‘hosting at home’, is invited to use the following link -– and get in

touch with the host. If you need any help contact Haya on 0507516439
All contacts should be done directly with the host.
Note that the host will collect you from the finishing point of the

Journey, in the evening, and will bring you to the starting point on

the morning of the next day.

Q: Who takes care of food during the Journey?
A: Each person is responsible for herself. On some of the days there

will be an opportunity to purchase food during the march. It is

advisable to bring food and drink with you.

Q: Who takes care of the equipment for those marching for a few days?
A: There will be an accompanying bus throughout the march.

Q: In what language will the events be conducted?
A: All events will be in Hebrew.

Q: What will happen if I am late to a meeting point?
A: As we are not travelling in private cars, there will be no

solution for those late to events which require transport.

Q: Will the marching be for long periods of time?
A: On most days we are taking short walks – up to 3km. Please check

the programme for each day in order to know what to expect.

Q: Are there certain walks on certain days?
A: Most of the events have walking sections, most of them are short.

Q: Is there disabled access to all events?
A: All main events (the launch evening in Tzeelim, Dimona, Nazareth,

Tel Aviv and the rally in Jerusalem) have access.
Local events in Gush - Etzion and Tiberias (apart from the short

walk) have access too.

For any other questions, you are invited to send an e-mail to

You can also phone direct the following numbers –
Revital Yogev 054438677 (from 16.00 – 21.00)
Yael Steinberg 0544437766 (from 18.00 onwards)
Sarit Bloom 0542497673 (call via watsap)
Anat Hass 0524642766
Leah Sela 054-3336909
Osnat Avigdori 0542233333
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