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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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MachsomWatch needs your support
Dear Friends,
We MachsomWatch are writing to you to ask that you join us in our
commitment in the struggle against the Occupation and for human rights. For
17 years our role has been to focus attention on the Occupation and its
consequences for the Palestinians and Israeli society as well.

All of us work as volunteers, and our organizations budget is a modest one.
Modest as it is, we face financial challenges as we prepare our 2018 budget.
In recent years, many European governments have stopped supporting Israeli
human rights organizations. Foundations are hard strapped to provide
support. But most seriously for us, we have lost a major funder (of over 12
years) who will no longer support our work because of changing priorities.

We have embarked on a campaign to raise 120,000 NIS ($35,000 / 26,000 GBP)
towards our 2018 budget to enable us to continue our activities that
Observations at the Checkpoints, and the Military Courts
Reality tours to the West Bank and Jordan Valley
Combatting the bureaucracy of the Occupation
Lectures and tours with young people
Outreach through our website and social media
MachsomWatch members, who volunteer so much of their time and energy,
started this campaign with their own contributions and so far have raised
31,000 NIS ($8,827), but we still need 89,000 NIS ($22,173) so we can meet
our goal and continue our work!
Please help us meet our goal by contributing to this campaign. We are
asking for your financial support so that we can continue watching,
witnessing and working for an end to the Occupation.

Every donation helps and is deeply appreciated.

See our website to make a secure donation, to send a check, or a make a bank

We also invite you to take a few minutes to view these videos and meet some
of our activists and hear their stories:
Link to MachsomWatch promotional video
MachsomWatch Activists Speak 8 short videos

Thank you for your support!
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