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Mass Rally Against the Expulsion of Asylum Seekers
Saturday night, March 24 in Tel Avivs Rabin Square - a mass rally against
the expulsion of asylum seekers

Our struggle will not end until the cruel expulsion plan is annulled!

On Saturday night, March 24 at 20:00, a mass rally will be held at the Rabin
Square in Tel Aviv, to oppose government plans for the large-scale expulsion
of African refuges and asylum seekers. It has been shown that expelled
refugees, sent to such countries as Rwanda and Uganda, are highly unwelcome
there and would face further expulsion, a highly dangerous and unpredictable
fate and the tangible threat of death or slavery . We call for a responsible
asylum policy, the rehabilitation of the slum neighborhoods of South Tel
Aviv where the mass of Africans are presently located and the integration of
refugees and asylum seekers throughout the country.

Israelis from all over the political spectrum and from a variety of
population groups have made it clear in recent months that they oppose the
expulsion of the refugees. Tens of thousands of people attended a
demonstration in south Tel Aviv - to protest slum rehabilitation being
linked with and conditional upon expulsion of Africans, and to demand
alternate solutions - humane and fair ones.

Now is the time to stand up and be counted, to demonstrate our full strength
at the Rabin Square, to sound a loud and clear voice and prove to the
government that this expulsion cannot will not happen!

The participation of each and every one is important. Come one, come all!

A.S.F. - Refugees` Rights Association
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