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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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After Gaza border bloodshed - protest at Likud Party HQ, Tel Aviv
After Gaza border bloodshed - protest at Likud Party HQ, Tel Aviv

Now is the time to stand together and create hope. Now is the time to
prevent the next war.

In the previous weekend, we saw how the next war, which threatens to fall
upon us every passing day, could look like: more than 15 dead and thousands
of Palestinians wounded, more pain and fear, more hatred and animosity, and
zero progress toward a life of security and peace for the people living on
both sides of the border.

This sad outcome could have been avoided. But when the government chooses to
continue the siege on Gaza and to suffocate its residents, the outcome is
growing despair. Despair that has consequences for all of us. What happened
on Friday at the border of the Gaza Strip is not just a Palestinian story.
So many people, Israelis and Palestinians, are under imminent danger of a
further war.

We have to stop such an event before everything burns and more blood is
spilled in vain. Both Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live in security,
and in order to do so, we must lift the siege on Gaza now and put an end to
the terrible distress there, and strive to end the occupation and promote
peace between two states living side by side - Israel and Palestine. This is
what we must demand from the government now - stop the fire, completely
change direction.

Come and demonstrate with us on Sunday, 1 April, at 18:00, in front of
Metzudat Ze`ev, the Likud Party`s Headquarters on 38 King George Street in
Tel Aviv, to demand that the escalation be halted and that an Israeli-
Palestinian peace solution be immediately advanced.

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