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Geneva Initiative: the Two State Coalition project goes on
Dear friends,

In April 2018, the Geneva Initiative launched the Two State Coalition
project a program aimed at institutionalizing and consolidating the
efforts of the Israeli and Palestinian peace organizations. The coalition
works to encourage and support the Israeli and Palestinian peace camps by
establishing a strong, inclusive and action-oriented coalition of civil
society organizations acting in support of the Two-State Solution.

In the months since the projects start, we worked to recruit organizations
to the coalition, conduct initial introductory meetings and draw strategic
work plans for the first year of the program. In October, representatives of
the member organizations of both the Palestinian and Israeli coalitions met
for an intensive two-day workshop, aimed at analyzing and understanding the
current political landscape and identifying possible messages and strategies
that can influence the situation.

We believe that civil society in both Palestine and Israel has the potential
to be an invaluable force in promoting a negotiated settlement for the
conflict. Dozens of Palestinian and Israeli organizations operate today in
the areas of peace-building, non-violence and coexistence, working with
local constituencies, leaderships and international stakeholders in an
effort to promote a negotiated settlement.

Yet, despite having a shared cause and facing similar challenges, each
organization acts as if it were alone in the battle for peace. As a result
of being fragmented

and lacking coordination, the local peace camp is far from reaching its full
potential. Collaborative and consolidated efforts are more effective; the
whole can be

greater and stronger than the sum of its parts.

Our objective is to use the coalition as a platform to introduce peace
activists and staff of peace organizations to new approaches and thinking
around conflict

resolution, conflict transformation and the crucial role of civil society in
spearheading change. We aim to do so by providing information and analysis
on the concept

of reconciliation, why the two-state solution remains the only viable option
and how other alternatives are unrealistic or impractical. Additionally,
through these

activities and generating renewed vigor amongst activists, we hope to keep
the two-state solution on the agenda and in public consciousness, primarily
among those who

are committed to championing and promoting it.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our activities and progress and we
welcome your support.

Kind regards,

Noam Rabinovich
Director of Foreign Relations, Geneva Initiative
Tel: +972 (3) 6938780 |

Two State Index went up by 0.4% in September

Incoherent American statements and actions caused a turbulent month in the
Israeli-Palestinian landscape. Leaders` declarations drew the attention of

constituencies to the two-state solution, while mixed developments on the
ground contributed their part to the turmoil. Such contradictory trends
ultimately raised the

Two-State Index by 0.4%. Here`s why.

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