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Israeli-Palestinian Public Negotiating Congress - Tel Aviv, February 1

Israeli-Palestinian Public Negotiating Congress

Friday, February 1, 2019, 9AM – 4PM

The Goethe-Institut, Beit Asia, 4 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv

100 Israelis & Palestinians from different sectors will negotiate a
strategic plan to stop the violence and promote solution to the conflict at
the Goethe-institut, Tel Aviv. The event is another step towards the
establishment of a major Public Negotiating Congress with political

100 Israelis & Palestinians from different parts of the opposing populations
will discuss, debate and negotiate a strategic plan to stop the violence and
promote solution to the conflict. The delegations include people from all
walks of life, representing various political and social spectrums, such as:
settlers, ex-Palestinian prisoners, devout people from different religions,
top ex-military officials, businessmen and individuals who have lost their
loved ones in the conflict.

The negotiations are open to the public. The congress will be held in the
presence of international observers.

This short-term congress is an important step towards the establishment of a
major Israeli-Palestinian Public Negotiating Congress – a powerful
peacemaking institution that will operate over a period of time. The
congress is designed to involve the people in the peacemaking efforts and
motivate the leadership, on both sides, to conclude agreements.

The congress is organized by Minds of Peace. The organization have
successfully led around 40 Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congresses
in leading universities around the US and Canada, in conference halls in
Israel and the West Bank, and in central open public places in Jerusalem and
Tel Aviv.

Dr. Sapir Hnadelman, the founder of Minds of Peace, received the Peter
Becker Award in Peace & Conflict Research, which is the most important
academic prize in Germany, and probably in Europe, in the field.

RSVP to cover: Gillie Cooper ;

.For more information:

Minds of Peace – 972-58-5578066; ;
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