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15 Israelis and one Vietnamese Zen teacher meet with Palestinians
From: Yehuda Stolov
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019, 14:24
Interfaith Encounter Association جمعية اللقاء بين الديانات אגודת המפגש הבין דתי Awareness
Day- Bearing witness day

About 15 Israelis from all over Israel and one Vietnamese Zen teacher
gathered to come and hear from the people living on the other side of the
fence, in the occupied territories.

We met two young men who lived in a small, quiet village in the heart of the
mountains and heard about their lives, how much they loved life, cared about
the earth and about humanity. Despite difficulties in their lives, their
hearts are not bitter and full of hatred. They just want to continue living
well. In another village, we had lunch and heard the life story of an older
man. He experienced in his life few demolitions. As a child he suffered
greatly from repeated uprooting and episodes of violence in all its forms.
The hardships he described led many of us to tears and feelings of

We then went to another village in the heart of the mountains and sat in a
welcoming home. Two young family members opened their hearts to us and to
life. They spoke of their desire to live in peace with their neighbors and
to get know them.

These experiences shook up some of our group, but there was also something
balanced about the possibility of containing both sides of the equation
without deciding which side was right.

In the evening, one of the young men called me and told me how excited he
was that members of our group listened to him. That was very meaningful to

They all received flower plants gift, and after a week, I visited the flower
and the people who blossomed in their hearts.

A few days later, a friend who joined me, summed up his experience with
these words:

`Yesterday I submitted myself to the kind leadership and hosting of a
friend, and had a wonderful day in many ways. Two moments out of thousands:
1:30pm - making funny faces with 3 children in a tiny village and then
discussing comic books with their older brother.1pm - playing domino with 5
children in a tiny village and then playing hand games with their little
sister. All children were huge and gorgeous souls with beautiful windows of
eyes. Some are defined by some adults as Palestinians, some as Jews, some as
settlers, some as Muslims, some as Israelis, some as illegal, some as
traitors...But I saw neighbors, huge and gorgeous souls with beautiful
windows of eyes, souls and eyes so powerful I had to look away after a few
seconds. Thank you my friend, thank you kids.`

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