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Israeli-Palestinian Congress of Female Students
Israeli-Palestinian Congress of Female Students

60Israeli & Palestinian Female Students Negotiating Peace in Tel Aviv

The Arab-Hebrew Theater, Mifrats Shlomo Promenade 10, Tel Aviv, Israel

Thursday, April 14, 2019, 9AM 4PM

Can young Israeli & Palestinian female students make history? Can they reach
an agreement on solutions to one of the most difficult conflicts in the
history of the world?

60 Israeli & Palestinian female students will negotiate trust building
measures, suspension of the violent struggle, and solutions to the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict at the Arab-Hebrew Theater, Jaffa-Tel-Aviv. The
negotiations are open to all and the public is welcome to join the
negotiations as active observers. The congress will be held in the presence
of international observers.

The Congress of the Female Students is an important step towards the
establishment of a major Israeli-Palestinian Public Negotiating Congress a
powerful peacemaking institution that will operate over a period of time.
This peacemaking institution is designed to involve the people in the
peacemaking efforts and motivate the leaderships, on the opposing sides, to
conclude agreements.

Dr. Sapir Handelman - an Israeli who received the Peter Becker Award in
Peace & Conflict Research - leads the initiative. Dr. Handelman and his
colleagues have successfully led around 40 Israeli-Palestinian public
negotiating congresses named the Minds of Peace Experiment - in leading
universities around the US and Canada, in conference halls in Israel and the
West Bank, and in central public places in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

This time female students are going to sit around the negotiating table.
This is an unusual and powerful event in the Middle East. Female students
initiated the Congress of the Female Students and they will lead it.

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For more information:

Michal Kandel Minds of Peace - 058-5578066
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