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A war to keep Netanyahu on his throne
Raluca Ganea - Zazim
(email release, translated by Adam Keller)
21 November 2019

Hundreds of thousands of us woke up this morning to the air raid alarms, but
yet we are expected to shut up. Outside, missiles fly, and we`re told it`s
not the time for politics, because there`s a war. But this war is political.
And those who pay the price are us - the ordinary people. Women, children
and men on both sides of the border and everywhere.

The results of this war may be a `Government of National Unity` or yet
another general elections, but one thing is certain: it will not achieve
peace and security for the people of Souhthen Israel nor solve the
humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It`s time to cry out `Enough!` Netanyahu and
his transitional government have no mandate to drag us into war. We say no
to a war whose main aim is to keep him on the throne. WWe say no to killing,
suffering and fear!

It is hard not to see the political interests behind the timing of the
assassination of the Islamic Jihad senior, which led to the current missile
attack. And, in fact, the political gain was quich to come: President Rivlin
and most party leaders are now backing the government, and the media is
quick to reprimand the few who dare to voice their criticim.

By the time everyone wakes up, it might be too late. This is the moment,
citizens, to make our voice heard, loud and clear.

When a war is waged for political aims, those who are forgotten are those
who suffer all year long, already for many years - the residents of the
South who live in ongoing fear and the residents of Gaza, who suffer a
humanitarian crisis which is only getting worse. This round of fighting,
like its predecessors, will not help them either - the situation in the
south can only be resolved by an agreement and the lifting of the blockade
imposed on Gaza. Every voice against this unnecessary war is a voice for the
people on both sides of the Gaza border and for a better future for all of
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