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Rabbis standing up together for Palestinian children
Rabbi Alissa Wise - Jewish Voice for Peace
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We in Jewish Voice for Peace have been troublemakers from way back.

For more than a decade, JVP has agitated Jewish establishment organizations
and leadership to honor a commitment to democratic values and apply them to
whatís happening on the ground to Palestinians.

And now as we face the naked truth of Trumpís greenlighting to illegal
Israeli settlements and complete disregard for international law, we are in
a new territory, but not a surprising one.

For decades ďunconditionalĒ U.S. support for Israel has been code for
funding Israelís human rights abuses of Palestinians Ė Trump is simply
taking that to its logical next step.

But as more and more Jews, especially young Jews, commit to working for
justice and equality for all in Israel/Palestine, establishment Jewish
organizations are bending into a pretzel denying Israelís blatant human
rights abuses and anti-democratic policies.

They want to pretend Israel is a democracy. We know this is far from the
truth. The passage of the Nation State Law Ė the equivalent of a
constitutional change to Israelís foundational law, which proclaimed the
state as one for the Jewish people and downgraded Arabic as well as the
status of millions of Palestinians Ė signaled a death knell for any
semblance of democracy.

There is so much work to do, but weíve already come a long way. I had a lump
in my throat when I read about the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
endorsing H.R. 2407, Representative Betty McCollomís bill to cut funding to
Israelís military abuse and incarceration of Palestinian children. Rabbis
standing up together for Palestinian children is something Iíve longed for
and worked towards and know we played a huge role in seeing happen.

When Reform Movement leadership turned down sponsorship from the Jewish
National Fund (KKL) because of its Palestinian land acquisition, a public
refusal Iíd never seen in my life, I felt a shift in Jewish communal

And now as we hear calls for conditional aid by Democratic candidates and
leadership in an election cycle, I know that you and I have done a
tremendous amount to get us to this point.

Standing up to Trump is just part of the work Ė standing up to anti-
Palestinian Christian Zionists and to the Jewish establishment is also our
work. One day we will not be such a lonely Jewish voice calling for an end
to funding Israelís injustices.
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