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What made International herbalist experts change their mind about a conference in Israel? `The BDS Conspiracy`?
BDS targets int`l herbalist event in Israel in apparent conspiracy
Ancient Roots Israel, set to be held near Tiberias next month, looks to be
in jeopardy after the American Herbal Guild cancelled its participation
following a campaign organized by a BDS activist which some claim works for
the guild
Itamar Eichner|
Published: 01.20.20 , 21:11

Itamar Eichner

The first international herbalist conference to ever be held in Israel looks
to be in jeopardy after the event`s main draw, the American Herbalist Guild
has urged its members to cancel their participation in the prestigious event
following a campaign organized by a group that seeks to promote all forms of
boycott against Israel. A pro-Israeli NGO, however, claims the activist is
the AHG employee, making their decision a part of a wider conspiracy.
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ive herbal specialist form Israel as well as abroad, and is set to be held
סימה ואקנין בראיון באולפן ynet על הקשר בין ה-BDS לארגוני הטרור
BDS protest calling for a boycott of Israel (Photo: Hagai Dekel)

I am someone who absolutely stands behind the BDS movement, not because I
hate the Israelis, but because of the love I have for the Palestinians.`

שבינה לפלאור גאנג`י
Shabina Lafleur-Gangji
Rivka Asulin, one of the Ancient Roots organizers, voiced her disappointment
over the cancellation. `I was shocked, the BDS` attack on us was highly
aggressive,` she said. `They must think Tiberias is an illegal settlement
for them to call on a boycott of our conference.`
`We were shocked a political organization would take a none political
conference on herbs, and use it for their own political gains, it was to be
a non-political gathering of herbal experts from around the world, all
volunteers,` added Asulin. `We won`t let the BDS win ... this project stems
from my love for Israel and my wish for the world to witness Israel`s
ingenuity in the field of herbal medicine.`
In the meantime, - claims that Gangji is actually the AHG`s magazine editor-
in chief, and that her efforts to boycott the conference was part of a wider
conspiracy within the guild.
If the claims turn out to be accurate, it means the AHG broke its own
ethical conduct, which states that the guild will not discriminate against a
person or a country over political views.
`It`s an impressive feat by the BDS,` said the head of the Reservists on
Duty, `we have no doubt The American people need to condemn such a shameful
boycott of a U.S.-based organization.`
First published: 21:11 , 01.20.20
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