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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Emergency demonstration: Yes to real peace, no to the Trump-Netanyahu annexation deal! Tel Aviv, Saturday night Feb. 1
This is the time for action, the time to stand up and be counted. Saturday
night, February 1, we will meet at 19:00 at the Dizengoff Square in Tel
Aviv. From there we will embark on an emergency march through the streets of
Tel Aviv , to demand the one thing that will ensure a life of security for
us, our families, our children: negotiations to end the occupation and a
peace between two free and sovereign states, Israel and Palestine.

The Trump-Netanyahu Plan is dangerous for all of us, Israelis and
Palestinians - to the future of both peoples. A peace agreement is something
which both sides share and agree on, which will bring justice and resolution
to the conflict. The Trump-Netanyahu Plan is nothing of the kind. It is a
one-sided annexation deal that is forced upon us from afar. It gives the
Government of Israel licence to acts of infamy - annexations on the West
Bank, fulfilling the dictates of the most extreme settlers, and depriving
Israeli citizenship from hundreds of thousands of Arab citizens who live in
the Wadi Ara and Triangle regions.

This is a moment of trial, a red alert. Trump and Netanyahu have placed all
of us on the path to a future of endless violence, bloodshed and grief. In
the future that they are trying to force upon us, Palestinians and Israelis
will continue to suffer and no one will live in security. They called it a
`a peace plan` but it is a scam - it is the same harsh occupation we have
known for decades, reinforced by annexation. Our actions over the next few
days will determine whether they will succeed in their scheme. We will not
sit aside - and we need each and every one of you with us!

See you tomorrow night on the Dizengoff Square - this is the time to stand
up and be counted!
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