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Protest at UAE Embassy in Pretoria

Africa4Palestine via

Protest at UAE Embassy in Pretoria

15 September 2020

Later today (15 September) USA President Donald Trump will be hosting
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Bahrainís Foreign Minister
Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani at the White House in Washington, for the
signing of an agreement dubbed the ďAbraham AccordĒ.

The move by the UAE and Bahrain to sign this agreement is rightly being
called a Ďstab in the back of the oppressed Palestiniansí as it effectively
allows Israel to continue with its unlawful occupation of Palestinian lands
while maintaining relations and facing no consequences for its illegal

The human rights organization #Africa4Palestine joins the Palestinian
government, Palestinian political parties (including the PLO, Fateh, Hamas,
PFLP, DFLP and others) as well as all peace loving people in Palestine and
the world over in condemning the ďAbraham AccordĒ as an insult to the
oppressed Palestinians and an utter disregard for human rights and
international law - indeed a shameful betrayal of the Palestinian people in
their quest for freedom, justice and peace.

We join the South African government in not approving this agreement. We
call for stringent global action to be taken against Israel and its enablers
for Israel violations of international law. The UAE should be on the right
side of history with those countries who are holding Israel accountable for
its human rights abuses instead of rewarding the Israeli regime.

We will be holding a lawful protest at the UAE Embassy in Pretoria (992
Arcadia Street) tomorrow (Wednesday 16 September 2020) starting at 14h00.


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