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Message from the military jail
Hello again, this is Hallel Rabin

I`m writing you this message from inside the military prison Last week I
was tried again by the Israeli military for refusing to draft and serve
occupation and war. I was sentenced for another 10 days in jail - my fourth
incarceration term! My appeal for the military conscience committee was
heard on Wednesday, and I hope to receive my exemption afterwards. But if
that wont happen, Im willing to stay in jail for as long as it takes until
justice is done.

I`m held at Military Jail No. 6 with other female inmates. My connection to
the outside world is through phone calls with my parents and meetings with
my lawyer. I was moved and excited by the enormous wave of international
solidarity I received - If I could, I would thank each one of you
personally. But the Israeli military forbids any direct contact with media,
diplomats or other supporters, trying to isolate me. They even won`t allow
any picture of me with prison uniform to be shared. But I know that as long
as you, and many more, share my message, I`m never truly alone.

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The above message was delivered through Hallel`s lawyer. Before her
imprisonment, with our help, Hallel was able to record a video explaining
the reasons behind her refusal. Please watch and share her message of peace,
and if you want to help us produce even more content click here to support
our movement.

Watch Hallel speaks about her refusal with English Subtitles

While Hallel is held in prison, our movement of refusers is gaining strength
and support. We keep participating at the anti-Netanyahu protest in
Jerusalem with the unique message against the occupation of Palestine and
militarization of Israeli society. Thanks to your donation and support, we
were able to organize two support demonstration for Hallel next to military

First, we accompanied Hallel to the enlistment office base before her
imprisonment. We came with banners and slogans to show the army officials
that we support her courageous act. Then, on her first Saturday (or Sabbath
in Hebrew) in prison, we gathered next to the remote prison camp she`s held
at! We shouted and chanted support messages that were heard from inside the
jail itself! The military prison`s administration were so afraid of this
protest they dubbed it `a security threat` and threatened to move Hallel to
a different compound for no apparent reason. But we didn`t back down, and
through media and legal pressure we were able to hold our ground and protest
her incarceration yards away from the prison itself.

We ask you to support Hallel in prison, by contributing to Mesarvot, the
Israeli network which supports her and other refusers. Please consider
making your donation monthly recurring to help us prepare for long lasting
campaigns and imprisonment terms

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