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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Write to Congress: IHRA is the wrong way to fignt antisemitism!

Right now, the self-appointed leaders of the American Jewish community are
lobbying members of Congress behind closed doors in a campaign to
permanently codify the controversial IHRA working definition of antisemitism
ó which does more to shield the Israeli government from accountability than
make American Jews safe.

We need to act now and make our voices heard to make sure this doesnít

Click here to send a letter to your congressperson, asking them to reject
the IHRA working definition

The past four years have been a stark reminder of the danger we face when
our government alternately ignores and encourages white nationalism. From
the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh to the attack in El Paso, we
understand this deadly violence threatens Jews and our neighbors. We cannot
continue to unjustly target Palestinians, college students, and the human
rights advocates fighting for justice alongside us instead of focusing the
resources of our federal government on going after white nationalists who
put our lives in danger.

Unfortunately, instead of addressing the threat of white supremacy, the
self-appointed leaders of the American Jewish community are pushing for an
ineffective approach: asking the federal and state governments to adopt the
IHRA working definition of antisemitism. Organizations like the ADL, the
American Jewish Committee, the Conference of Presidents, and even the Jewish
Federations have made legal codification of IHRA one of their top
legislative priorities in 2021.

It is a new era, and we must say no to IHRA.

The IHRA working definition is a tool to shield the Israeli government from
accountability. Itís part of the long-term strategy by the political
establishment and self-appointed American Jewish leaders to shut down
criticism of Israeli policy, target organizers of color, and support
Israelís ongoing violation of Palestiniansí basic human rights.

The IHRA definition is vague and intentionally blurs the lines between
legitimate criticism of Israeli policy and antisemitism. Already, the IHRA
definition been abused to silence students and Palestinian rights activists
in places like Canada and the UK. And when Trump signed an executive order
in 2019 to codify IHRA in the Department of Education, it was used against
students on campuses like Columbia and New York University, infringing on
their First Amendment rights. Even some members of the Israeli Knesset
could, hypothetically, be considered antisemites under the IHRAís working

Holding the Israeli government accountable is not antisemitic. Itís a moral
imperative that we, as Jews, take seriously.

Our elected officials should be fighting for the safety of all communities.
Adopting the IHRA definition into law permanently would do the opposite: it
will not fight antisemitism, it will put all of us in danger, and itís part
of a strategy used to weaken multiracial progressive movements and set
marginalized communities against each other.

We all need to write to our representatives to make sure that they do not
codify the IHRA definition of antisemitism into law.

Take two minutes to write your representative today.

In this together,

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