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Israeli attacks on Gaza families must be investigated as war crimes, say human rights groupsRobert Tait - The Telegraph - Entire Gaza family wiped out by airstrikes one of cases being recorded by human rights groups as possible war crimes by Israel [ry]18/8/2014
UN releases Gaza Crisis Atlas documenting damage to StripItay Blumenthal - Ynet - 108-page report with high-resolution satellite photos captures extent of destruction in Gaza, to be used by UN committee on Operation Protective Edge [ry]18/8/2014
Today in Palestine for August 15, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn17/8/2014
Israel Police`s war against Arab protestersNir Hasson and Yaniv Kubovich--On a Friday afternoon, about a month ago, Aya Salame arrived in Haifa with her husband and three kids to break the Ramadan fast at one of the city`s restaurants. They arrived early and Salame, 38, a biology teacher in a Kalansua high school and a student of Chinese medicine, decided to spend the time remaining before the meal touring the German Colony and the Bahá`í Gardens. Drawn by curiosity, she approached a crowd of anti-war protesters, but quickly made her way to leave – only to be blocked by police officers. dn17/8/2014
10,000 protest in Tel Aviv for a just peace, end to occupation972_Moriel Rothman-Zecher and Haggai Matar contributed to this report--Under a coalition of Israeli left-wing political parties and organizations, thousands gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square in the largest anti-war demonstration since the outbreak of violence in Gaza. dn17/8/2014
Dutchman returns Holocaust medal after family deaths in GazaBBC--A Dutchman honoured by Israel for hiding a Jewish child during World War Two has handed back his medal after six of his relatives were killed in an Israeli air strike on Gaza. dn17/8/2014
Today in Palestine Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn16/8/2014
Obama`s message to Netanyahu: Weapons with strings attachedBarak Ravid--The battle that took place in Rafah exactly two weeks ago this Friday, an hour and a half after a cease-fire had supposedly come into force, was one of the most significant moments of the month-long war in the Gaza Strip as far as the White House was concerned. On that day, senior American officials were unpleasantly surprised twice over. dn16/8/2014
Today in Palestine for August 8, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on recent events in the OPT. dn10/8/2014
Hamas threatens major escalation in rocket strikes on IsraelJason Burke in Gaza City--Hamas officials in Gaza have threatened a "major escalation" of rocket strikes against Israel, raising fears of a return to the intense violence of recent weeks. dn10/8/2014
IDF reservist sentenced to prison for refusing draftDahlia Scheindlin--An IDF reservist was arrested Wednesday and sentenced to 21 days in military prison for refusing to serve in Operation Protective Edge (photo:
Thousands march through London in protest at Israeli military action in GazaNadia Khomani--Cries of `Free Palestine` and `Shame on you, Barack Obama` as 20,000 people protest in London. Demonstrations in Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin too. dn10/8/2014
Israelis dream of EuropeYuval Avivi--“I reached the conclusion that if I don’t do it now, it will never happen,” says Sharon, a man in his 40s who lives in the center of Israel. “I don’t see hope for this country. I never felt that I belonged and now it’s more than ever. I have had it with this place.” dn10/8/2014
Foreign press: Hamas didn`t censor us in Gaza, they were nowhere to be foundAnshel Pfeffer--Reporters who covered Operation Protective Edge in Gaza dismiss Israeli accusations of giving Hamas an easy ride. dn10/8/2014
PCHR August 9, 2014 updatePCHR--Palestinian Centre for Human Rights update on statistics and recent events in Gaza. dn9/8/2014
Europe offers to establish Gaza-Cyprus sea routeElior Levy--To prevent future rehabilitation of conflict-torn Strip`s military capabilities, European sources say continent willing to negotiate lifting naval blockade with use of European observers. dn9/8/2014
Gaza`s health and humanitarian crisisKristin Solberg - The Lancet - The deadliest attack on a health facility was the shelling of al Aqsa hospital in Deir al Balah in central Gaza on July 21. The hospital came under direct tank fire several times, and the surgical ward, the intensive care unit, and pieces of life-saving equipment were severely damaged. Four people died instantly and six died later from injuries, according to WHO.-rh 7/8/2014
Eight Days in Gaza: A Wartime DiaryAtef Abu Saif - New York Times - Sunday, July 27 For the last two hours we’ve heard nothing but sonic booms and the sound of rockets and mortars. Shells have fallen on our street a few hundred yards from my father-in-law’s house, where my wife and I, and our five kids, are staying, and on the street behind us.-rh7/8/2014
Gazans return to their neighborhoods — and find them decimatedSwati Sharma - The Washington Post - Another cease-fire took effect between Israeli forces and Hamas in Gaza, allowing many residents to venture back to their homes. Many found their houses in ruins and tried to salvage any belongings that might have survived the fighting. Others took the time to search for any victims buried in the piles of rubble. Intense airstrikes and ground attacks have taken a huge toll on many towns in the region. Here is a look at Gaza almost a month after Israel began Operation Protective Edge.-rh6/8/2014
Statistics on the Israeli offensive against Gaza AIC - "Some 1743 Palestinians have been killed, including 396 children and 230 women, while 9100 have been injured, including 2767 children and 1814 women, since Israel began its current aggression against Gaza on July 8, said the Palestinian information ministry on Sunday [3.8.14]" [ry]4/8/2014
Ten Killed, Dozens Injured, In First Hours Of MondaySaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "Palestinian medical sources have reported that at least ten Palestinians have been killed, on Monday at dawn, after the Israeli army and air force fired missiles into homes, and civilian areas, in different parts of the Gaza Strip. Dozens have been injured" [ry]4/8/2014
Hamas’s ChancesNathan Thrall--The current war in Gaza was not one Israel or Hamas sought. But both had no doubt that a new confrontation would come. The 21 November 2012 ceasefire that ended an eight-day-long exchange of Gazan rocket fire and Israeli aerial bombardment was never implemented. It stipulated that all Palestinian factions in Gaza would stop hostilities against Israel, that Israel would end attacks against Gaza by land, sea and air – including the ‘targeting of individuals’ (assassinations, typically by drone-fired missile) – and that the closure of Gaza would essentially end as a result of Israel’s ‘opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and transfer of goods, and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas’. An additional clause noted that ‘other matters as may be requested shall be addressed,’ a reference to private commitments by Egypt and the US to help thwart weapons smuggling into Gaza, though Hamas has denied this interpretation of the clause. dn3/8/2014
Dispatch from Gaza: The bloody devolution of a `ceasefire`Samer Badawi--GAZA CITY – After a night of relentless shelling from tanks and naval warships, a ceasefire meant to take hold in Gaza at 8 a.m. this morning quickly devolved into fierce fighting on two fronts along the Strip’s eastern and southern borders. As of this writing, Israeli shelling in Rafah had killed 40 Palestinians, and heavy bombardment was visible east of Gaza City, near the already battered towns of Shejaiya and Khuza’a. dn3/8/2014
Hamas never agreed that Israeli troops could remain in Gaza during CeasefireYnetnews--The head of Hamas` political bureau Khaled Mashal, spoke in an interview with CNN Saturday saying that Hamas had rejected an US drafted ceasefire that was presented last weekend. Mashal said that Hamas never agreed to allow IDF troops to remain in the Gaza Strip during a ceasefire. dn 3/8/2014
Thousands of people protested on Saturday in TamraYnetnews--Thousands of people protested on Saturday in Tamra, just north-east of Haifa, against the continuation of Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip. dn3/8/2014
U.S. Anti-Israel Protests Continue In Week 3 Of Gaza WarProtests against Israel’s operations in Gaza continued this week, with at least two dozen protests taking place since Sunday and several dozen more scheduled over the week­end. A total of 206 demon­stra­tions have taken place since Israel’s military cam­paign began on July 8. See below for a roundup of what hap­pened in select cities this week: dn 3/8/2014
Today in Palestine for Agust 31, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events occurring in the OPT (including Gaza) for July 31, 2014. dn2/8/2014
PCHR update Saturday, August 2, 2014PCHR--From July 8 till August 2, 2014 1492 Gaza Palestinians killed of which 360 are children; 6686 injured, of whom 1846 are children. dn2/8/2014
Stop the violence and end the blockade of GazaReligious Social Democrats of Sweden--The Religious Social Democrats of Sweden welcomes the UN decision to investigate war crimes committed during the Israeli military offensive "Protective edge" in Gaza. We ask for an increased presence of the United Nations and the support of its Security Council in order to protect civilians. dn2/8/2014
26 Palestinians Killed in Wednesday Afternoon Airstrikes; Including 17 Killed in Crowded MarketMohammad Nabil - IMEMC News - Today’s latest casualties bring the total number of Palestinians killed in the offensive which began on July 8th to 1359, with 7677 wounded, according to the Ministry of Health.-rh 30/7/2014
Detention Bulletin - Issue 53 - May/June 2014DCI Palestine - In the first six months of 2014, Palestinian children continued to be subject to widespread and systematic ill-treatment and torture in the Israeli military detention system. Below are selected statistics compiled from 59 affidavits from children arrested by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank between January and June.-rh30/7/2014
More than 100 killed in Gaza in last 14 hoursMa`an - More than 100 Palestinians have been killed in today`s Israeli bombardment alone, bringing the total past 1,200 as hundreds of thousands fled their homes across the Strip. -- The Ministry of Health also said that as of Monday night nearly 5,000 homes had been completely destroyed, while tens of thousands more had been partially destroyed. The United Nations, meanwhile, estimated that more than 215,000 Gazans had fled their home, or more than 10 percent of the besieged coastal enclave`s total population. [bz]29/7/2014
The British Telegraph publishes list of Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces in Gaza Andrew Marszal - Telegraph (UK) - More children than Palestinian fighters are being killed in Israel`s offensive on Gaza, according to the UN. Shown here are the name, age, and sex of 132 of those children, recorded by the Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights. (Note: after the Telegraph published the list, there were more children killed). ak 29/7/2014
Satellite footage documents Gaza destructionElior Levy - Ynet - Three weeks of Operation Protective Edge decimate parts of Sajaiyeh neighborhood; Palestinians note damage worse than any previous IDF operation [ry]28/7/2014
Protests Against Israel`s action in GazaLondon--Paris--NY--Israel 27/7/2014
PCHR Update for day 19, Saturday, July 26, 2014PCHR--27/7/2014
Kerry`s cease-fire draft revealed: U.S. ignored most of Israel`s security demandsBarak Ravid--Haaretz obtains U.S. proposal for weeklong cease-fire which Israel`s cabinet rejected; Kerry did not recognize Israel`s demand to continue working against the tunnels and presented Hamas as equal to Israel. dn27/7/2014
Israel facing new divestment support in US Zeina Azzam --The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to pressure Israel to comply with international law and end its military occupation of Palestinian territories, has garnered significant institutional and governmental support in recent years. dn27/7/2014
Gaza conflict: Death toll passes 1,000Chris Morris--About 5,870 Palestinians have also been wounded in the 19 days of fighting, health officials say. dn27/7/2014
Humanize PalestineHumanize Palestine --Humanize Palestine was launched as a response to the brutal murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir on July 2, 2014. After three Israeli youth went missing, a group of Israeli teenagers stopped Mohammad Abu Khdeir and pretended to ask him for directions. They kidnapped him, forced him into a car and burned him to death. This incident took place in the Beit Hanina/Shuafat neighborhood of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). After this story was released, images of Mohammad Abu Khdeir’s body at his funeral circulated. Why is it that when an Israeli goes missing or is killed, the media presents images of them from a happier time? They are usually smiling in these images or posing next to their family and friends. This helps create empathy in our hearts and connect with the person in the image on a deeper, more personal level. But when a Palestinian child is killed, images of their burned and mutilated bodies is circulated, and we immediately connect brown and Palestinian bodies with death and disposability. That person is stripped away from an identity, a family and loved ones, and a story. Humanize Palestine attempts to honor the deceased as martyrs by bringing them back to life through their pictures, stories, art, and poetry. Humanize Palestine reminds us, that contrary to Western bias, a Palestinian life is no less valuable than the life of another, by giving the life the respect and dignity that it deserves.dn 27/7/2014
Today in Palestine for July 25, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events occurring in the OPT. dn26/7/2014
PCHR July 26, 2014 --18th dayPCHR--From the Palestine Centre for Human Rights, statistics and other news about the results of Israel`s current military campaign for day 18. dn26/7/2014
Kerry: Netanyahu agreed to 12-hour pause in fighting Haaretz--Intensive efforts underway to bring about cease-fire œ IDF confirms death of Sgt. previously declared missing œ Palestinian officials file complaint against Israel to International Criminal Court œ Six Palestinians killed in West Bank.dn26/7/2014
Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza’a--July 24, 2014Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz--Yesterday we published a brief account of an apparent massacre in the Palestinian village Khuza’a, a village east of Khan Younis and close to the Israeli border in Gaza. That had been sent to Felice Gelman over Facebook and today, Yamen Radwan sent Gelman another brief message: “#Massacre_Khuza’a: stilling going on until now executions of civilians and wounded by Israeli forces in the streets of Khuza’a.” dn26/7/2014
Gallup shows split in backing for Israel in Gaza war, with younger Americans unsupportiveJTA - 65 percent of Republicans calling Israel’s actions justified and just 31 percent of Democrats and 36 percent of Independents saying they were justified; 50 percent of whites said Israel was justified, while just 25 percent of non-whites agreed with that characterization; 51 percent of men agreed and 33 percent of women. [bz]26/7/2014
25 members of an extended family killed when their homes all in one four-story building were bombed because of a wanted visitorB`Tselem - On 20 July Israeli forces bombed the four-story building that was home to the extended Jame` family: the matriarch, Fatmeh Abu Jame`, her four sons, and their wives and children. B’Tselem’s initial findings indicate that the likely target of the attack was Ahmad Suliman Sahmoud, a member of Hamas’ military wing, who was visiting a member of the family. Everyone who was in the house at the time was hurt: 25 members of the Abu Jame` family were killed, as well as Hamas operative Sahmoud. The rest were injured. Information B’Tselem has at this stage indicates that no warning was issued. [bz] 22/7/2014
Report - Gaza Under Fire - Updated July 20 2014 Negotiations Affairs Department - PLO - Names of 410 Palestinians killed and numbers of injured, demolished houses, damaged schools, damaged hospitals. For more information contact: Ashraf B Khatib. | iphone +972 (0) 546 363 377 Xavier Abu Eid . | iphone +970 (0) 598 950 300 Twitter: @nadplo [bz]22/7/2014
Ten Israeli Human Rights Organizations: serious violations of International Humanitarian Law Steven Beck - ACRI - More than 400 people have been killed and thousands injured, the vast majority of which are Palestinians. More than 80 of the dead Palestinians are children, and civilian casualties constitute 70% of the deaths. In Shujaya the dead include at least 17 children and 14 women. Serious concern is raised concerning the legality of the operation - in particular the potential violation of the principle of distinguishing between combatants and civilians. ak 22/7/2014
List of the 484 Palestinians Killed Between 7/8 and 7/21Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "These are the names that have been confirmed by medical sources in Gaza. Over 3100 have been injured, including 657 children and 408 women, with some losing limbs and others disabled for life. The majority of the wounded are children, according to the Ministry of Health" [ry] 21/7/2014
Press Releases On the 12th Day of the Israeli Offensive: Israeli Forces Continue Ground Operation in the Gaza StripPCHR--1) Warns of deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip in light of this continuous Israeli military escalation, threats to expand military operations, and the continued tightened closure of the Gaza Strip; 2) Calls upon the international community to act immediately to stop these crimes, and renews the call to the High Contracting Parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligation under Article 1 of the Convention to ensure that it is respected at all times, and their responsibilities under Article 146 to pursue perpetrators of serious violations of the Convention, which are determined in Article 147, which lists violations of the Convention amounting to war crimes; and 3) Calls for establishing a UN fact-finding mission to investigate suspected war crimes committed by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, and take necessary steps to prosecute responsible for them. dn 20/7/2014
Pro-Palestinian protesters rally across EUYnetnews--Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched in French cities on Saturday to condemn violence in Gaza, defying a ban imposed after demonstrators marched on two synagogues in Paris last weekend and clashed with riot police. dn20/7/2014
France Becomes First Country To Ban Pro-Palestine Demonstrations Despite Tensions RisingVera--On Friday, France’s socialist government became the world’s first country to ban protests against Israeli action in Palestine. Socialist Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve advised that the mass demonstrations scheduled to happen over the weekend should be halted, claiming there was a “threat to public order.” Thousands of people had prepared to march against the slaughter currently taking place in Gaza. Although civilians – many of which were children – have been killed, Cazeneuve is afraid the fights between ultra-Jewish vigilantes and pro-Palestinians that happened after a demonstration last Sunday will happen again. dn19/7/2014
Live Updates July 19, 2014Haaretz--Israeli civilian killed, 4 wounded by Gaza rocket near Dimona dn19/7/2014
Today in Palestine for July 18, 2014Today in Palestine--a compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT including Gaza for Friday, July 18, 2014.dn19/7/2014
PCHRPCHR--Statistics of killed and injured in Gaza through Friday, July 18, 2014, 7PM Gaza time. dn19/7/2014
On the 9th Day of the Offensive on the Gaza Strip, Israeli Warplanes Escalate Attacks on Houses, Especially Those of Political LeadersPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Since the Beginning of the Offensive: 195 Palestinians Killed, 158 of Whom Are Civilians, Including 36 Children and 29 Women, and 1,339 Others Wounded, Mostly Civilians, Including 401 Children and 273 Women; Hundreds of Houses Targeted and Destroyed.-rh16/7/2014
Interactive: Gaza Under AttackMohammed Haddad and Ismaeel Naar - AlJazeera - Israel`s Operation Protective Edge is the third major offensive on the Gaza Strip in six years [ry]14/7/2014
List of the 181 Palestinians, Including Whole Families, Killed Since TuesdaySaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "The following is a list of the 181 Palestinians killed by Israeli air bombardment since Tuesday, July 8th. This list is being updated regularly" [ry]14/7/2014
Gaza civilians waiting `for the slaughterhouse`Amira Hass--T., a Palestinian woman from Gaza, tells her children to stay in one room before the Israeli strikes - that way, if a missile comes, they will all die together, and none will stay alone.dn13/7/2014
Today in Palestine for July 11, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in Gaza and the OPT.dn13/7/2014
Not just escalation: A frightening new era of Jewish-Arab relations in IsraelRon Gerlitz--Attacks by Jewish hooligans on Arabs, unprecedented incitement by right-wing politicians and clashes between Israeli Police and Arab youth. We’ve been here before, but never like this.dn13/7/2014
Protests worldwide condemn Israeli action in Gaza 124News--Slogans are heard in London, Paris, Tunis, and elsewhere for an end to the `siege` and `freedom for Palestine`dn13/7/2014
International community steps up pressure to reach cease-fireBarak Ravid--International pressure to reach a cease-fire in Gaza is increasing: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will meet on Sunday with the foreign ministers of the U.K., France and Germany, on the sidelines of the nuclear talks with Iran in Vienna, and discuss the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Senior officials in Jerusalem said on Saturday that though the diplomatic efforts are speeding up, at this point no concrete cease-fire offer has been presented to Israel. dn13/7/2014
`We stay together, or we leave this world together` Samer Badawi--From the rehabilitation hospital he heads, Dr. Basman Alashi can see where Gaza ends and Israel begins. If he needed a reminder of just how close the border is, it came early Friday morning, when Israel fired two “warning” rockets at the El Wafa Hospital, stoking fears that its 14 remaining patients – all elderly and all dependent on round-the-clock professional care to survive – would become the next victims of a bombing campaign that has so-far killed more than 120 people.dn13/7/2014
Israel-Gaza crisis: Benjamin Netanyahu rules out ceasefire despite growing death toll from air strikes Ben Lynfield--About four hundred people have been injured in Israeli attacks, including 123 children, according to al-Mezan [the number of injured and killed continues to mount if not hourly at least daily. dn]12/7/2014
Eyewitness Account from Middle East Children’s Alliance’s Director of Gaza Projects, Dr. Mona Dl-FarraDr. Mona Di-Farra--Friday, July 11, 2014--Where shall I start? How shall I start? Shall I start with the numbers which keep increasing and changing? 90 killed, mainly civilians. 600 injured. 140 demolished homes. Or should I start by mentioning all the different areas of the Gaza Strip that have been constantly hit, day and night. Nonstop. If it is only about numbers, then let me tell you all about thousands of Palestinian children who are terrified night after night, day after day by the sounds of the Israeli shelling. The children have deep feelings of insecurity when it is dark. And no shelters. dn 12/7/2014
Thousands protest Gaza strikes in London, ParisAssociated Press--Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators turned out on the streets of London and Paris on Friday to call for an end to Israeli military strikes on Gaza. dn12/7/2014
Today in Palestine for July 4, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries of events recently occurring in the OPT. dn6/7/2014
US teen freed on bail by Israeli court Al Jazeera--Jerusalem - A Palestinian-American teenager who activists say was subjected to a brutal beating by Israeli police has been freed on bail by a Jerusalem court pending an investigation. [This would be good news, except for the horrid bail, of which, see below dn] 6/7/2014
Report: Autopsy finds murdered Palestinian teen was burned alive REUTERS--The autopsy, which was carried out by Israeli doctors in Tel Aviv, finds that Muhammad Abu Khdeir`s burns covered 90 percent of his body, and that he inhaled fire dust material; Israeli-Pale... dn6/7/2014
Calls to end Palestinian security cooperation with IsraelThe Media Line--Abbas faced with increasing pressure to cut security ties with Israel after Arab teen killed, threatening one of the few cornerstones of Israel-PA coexistence. dn5/7/2014
Tense quiet in Jerusalem and Israel`s north after Friday riotingNir Hasson and Jack Khoury--Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman wrote on his Facebook page that rioters "do not belong in the state of Israel – and until that is resolved, their place is in jail." "It`s good the police arrested the Arabs who rioted yesterday [in Israel`s north]. We now expect the justice system to also do its part decisively and, through harsh punishment, deliver a clear message to those who enjoy Israeli citizenship and act as terrorists," he wrote. dn 5/7/2014
VIDEO: Israeli soldiers and settlers attack Palestinians and ISM volunteers in HebronInternational Solidarity Movement - "Two ISMers, and an activist from Christian Peacemaker Teams were physically hit by settlers who tried to steal their cameras. One activist turned his back to a solider and began walking away as instructed by him and was kicked forcefully from behind in the testicles by the soldier. Soldiers then positioned themselves to prevent Palestinians from returning to their homes." ca 4/7/2014
Updated: Israeli mass arrest campaign since 12th June 2014UFree - 639 Palestinians including 11 MPs and dozens of ex-detainees were detained so far since Israel started its arbitrary mass arrest campaign throughout occupied West Bank on Thursday evening 12th June 2014.-rh2/7/2014
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