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Today in Palestine for July 29, 2016Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn31/7/2016
Gaza: Waiting to rebuildText: Belal Aldabbour--Two years after the 2014 war, thousands of families are still in limbo, waiting for funds to rebuild their homes. dn 31/7/2016
PCHR 21-27 jULYPCHR--Jerusalem: Israeli Forces Demolish Number of Palestinian Houses in Qalandia Village • Israeli forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt - A Palestinian civilian was killed in Hebron and the house where he was holed up. - 10 Palestinian civilians were wounded, including a child and a young woman, in the West Bank. 31/7/2016
First step in reducing racism, abuse against EthiopiansDanny Adeno Abebe--An inter-ministerial committee has finalized its report, including recommendations, to deal with widespread societal and institutional discrimination against those of Ethiopian descent; many of the findings apply to the police. dn31/7/2016
American Attitudes towards the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictMargaret Lowry--The Arab American Institute (AAI) released a new Zogby Research Services poll tracking American Attitudes toward the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Wednesday, July 27, 2016. DOWNLOAD THE POLL Key Findings Overall, nearly half (49%) of Americans view Israelis favorably, and nearly half (49%) view Palestinians unfavorably. Despite this, American voters believe...dn31/7/2016
Recent DevelopmentsOCHA--• On 12 July, a 22-year-old Palestinian man was killed and two others (both 20 years old) were injured by Israeli soldiers during a search and arrest operation in Ar Ram town (Jerusalem). According to Israeli media, Israeli forces opened fire, believing themselves to be in danger. According to local Palestinian sources, the casualties were travelling at high speed and were unaware of the presence of Israeli soldiers who fired at them. One of the injured was arrested by Israeli soldiers. dn30/7/2016
B’Tselem: 740 Civilians, Including Minors, Left Homeless by Israeli StateIMEMC News & Agencies - "B’Tselem’s figures show that this six-month period alone saw more demolitions than any individual year over the past decade (with the exception of 2013, when occupation authorities demolished 175 homes)...According to the same source, demolitions are carried out only in what has been designated as Area C, which comprises about 60 percent of the occupied West Bank, and which Israel views as primarily meant to serve its own needs, and in annexed East Jerusalem." ca29/7/2016
Israeli expulsion law `violates all rules of democracy`Jonathan Cook - Aljazeera - "This law violates all rules of democracy and the principle that minorities should be represented," Mohammed Zeidan, director of the Human Rights Association in Nazareth, told Al Jazeera. "It sends a message to the public that it is possible, even desirable, to have a Jewish-only Knesset."-rh27/7/2016
Palestinians concerned about new Israeli NGO lawDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - Palestinians working and volunteering with organizations such as B’Tselem have at times been worried about the futility of their efforts. Painstakingly documenting human rights abuses is not always pleasant and is often frowned upon by Palestinians who fear that some of the information could be harmful to the community if it gets into the hands of the Israeli army and is used in military courts. But the more the Israeli government and the Knesset put pressure on some of these human rights organization, the more people such as Jaber, Jaabari, Jubran and others are confident that they are doing the right job for the ultimate benefit of the Palestinian people.-rh 27/7/2016
UNILATERAL, SUDDEN SUSPENSION OF DIALOGUE BETWEEN SUSYA AND STATE LEADS TO NEW FEARS OF DEMOLITIONSRabbis for Human Rights - Press Release - Talks with the Israeli authorities were held over the last three months with the objective of looking into the option of legalizing the village from a planning perspective. However, two weeks ago, this dialogue was abruptly halted and residents were informed that any agreement to continue them was now the responsibility of the new minister of defence. Discussions with senior members of the administration gave rise to suspicions that the village was under the increasing threat of immediate demolitions. These indications, in addition to the demolition of structures in the general area of Susya over the Ramadan holiday — a rare move made by the army — set a dangerous precedent and raise concerns that political considerations have been introduced to the professional planning process. All of this is to the detriment of the local Palestinian population, already suffering under a discriminatory planning system. Urgent actions is now needed in order to save Susya.-rh 27/7/2016
`Not an Inside Affair of Israel`Ilana Hammerman in "Haaretz" translated by Tal Haran - This discourse must be upended: about 2.5 million non-Israelis cannot continue to live all their lives as hostages of the Israeli voter and society, no matter how democratic that society might be. Consequently – and because not a single Israeli government since 1967 has given up its civilian, not military hold and expansion in the West Bank – the fate of the territories occupied at the time are a matter for the international community. It is an urgent matter, even, now that the takeover of the West Bank has in fact become the open ideology of the Israeli regime.-rh 27/7/2016
Do Israeli police take a soft stance on far-right incitement?Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - On July 22, Ahmed Dawabsha, 6, the only survivor of a hate crime perpetrated by radical right-wing Jewish terrorists in the West Bank village of Douma a year before, was discharged from Shiba Hospital. His father, mother and little brother were burnt alive after their house was set on fire. Suffering from serious burns, Ahmed fought for his life in a hospital. He underwent a yearlong rehabilitation with his grandfather never leaving his bedside. The hospital staff threw him a sixth birthday party, and when he was discharged the villagers gave him a warm welcome. Right-wing circles, by contrast, chose to mark the joyous occasion differently. Hateful comments, curses and death wishes to the Douma child were posted on right-leaning websites as well as on leading Israeli news outlets, mainly on Walla!, whose editors did not filter out any of the nauseating comments.-rh 27/7/2016
B`Tselem: Israel demolished more Palestinian homes in past 6 months than in all of 2015Ma`an News Agency - Israeli authorities have demolished more Palestinian homes in the West Bank in the first six months of 2016 as they did in all of 2015, Israeli human rights group B’Tselem revealed in a report released on Wednesday, in a worrying confirmation of Israel’s ongoing crackdown on Palestinian communities in Area C of the West Bank.rh27/7/2016
Israel Army Rabbi Calls Gays ‘Perverts’ — Says No Need To Prevent Civilian DeathsJTA - Forward - rabbi who heads a religious Zionist pre-military yeshiva in the West Bank has come under criticism for calling homosexuals “perverts” and claiming the Israeli army is promoting a socially liberal agenda. Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, who runs the Bnei David academy in the Eli settlement, also said last week at a conference — a video of the speech surfaced Sunday — that the Reform movement isn’t Jewish and in fact is an offshoot of Christianity.-rh 20/7/2016
Benjamin Netanyahu investigated for money laundering by Israeli authoritiesJess Staufenberg - Independent - Benjamin Netanyahu is under investigation by Israel`s attorney general after reports he was gifted a large amount of money from an unknown source. The Israel Prime Minister has dismissed the allegations of corruption, which are the most recent in a series leveled against himself and his wife, as "baseless". But a formal examination was announced by the attorney general late on Sunday, and could prove to be embarrassing for the leader known as "Bibi" if found to be true.-rh 20/7/2016
Israeli parliament passes controversial legislation allowing MP expulsion Peter Beaumont - The Guardian - Israel’s parliament has passed a controversial law allowing MPs to expel colleagues for incitement, racism or support for armed struggle against the state that critics say is aimed mainly at Arab legislators.The law was passed in the early hours of Wednesday in a stormy and noisy session of the Knesset. Opposition Israeli-Arab MPs said immediately they would appeal against the legislation at the country’s supreme court.-rh 20/7/2016
Israel `narrowing the space for freedom of expression`Nigel Wilson - Aljazeera - A number of recent laws passed by the Israeli Knesset - including one that criminalises those who encourage soldiers to desert - are infringing on freedom of expression for minority groups, human rights organisations say.-rh20/7/2016
New Israeli law seeks to expel ‘misbehaved’ Arab parliamentariansMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - According to the new law, 70 (out of 120 members of Knesset, including 10 from the opposition) may ask a parliamentary committee to determine whether a specific member of parliament has incited to racism, or supported an armed struggle, terrorist organization or enemy against the State of Israel. The law does not define what “support” means. After the committee makes its decision, 90 MKs can then vote to expel the offending member.-rh 20/7/2016
50 Days: More than 500 Children: Facts and figures on fatalities in Gaza, Summer 2014B`Tselem Press release - 1394, or 63%, of the 2,202 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in Operation "Protective Edge" did not take part in the hostilities. Of these, 526 – a quarter of all Palestinians killed in the operation – were children under eighteen years of age. These are some of the figures published today by Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem to mark two years since the operation, which took place in July-August 2014. Additionally, 17 children were killed while participating in the hostilities, and for an additional 3, B`Tselem was unable to ascertain whether they had taken part in the hostilities .Of the 72 Israelis killed in the operation, six were civilians (one of them a Thai national), including a four-year-old child, and 62 were soldiers killed by Palestinians. Three soldiers were killed by other soldiers, and one in an operational accident.-rh20/7/2016
Today in Palestine for July 15, 2016Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn17/7/2016
Senior rabbi condemns IDF for accommodating LGBT `perverts`Kobi Nachshoni--Religious-Zionist Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, head of a distinguished IDF preparatory yeshiva, accused, via homophobic rhetoric, the army of seeking to silence one `worldview` and promote another. dn17/7/2016
Israel`s Great DivideAl Jazeera--Are Jews of Middle Eastern, North African and Spanish descent discriminated against in Israel? dn17/7/2016
Dr. Ashrawi Delivers Closing Speech at 5th Annual Palestinian Diaspora ConferenceIMEMC--PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi delivered a closing keynote address entitled, “Framing Current Issues in Palestine,” at the 5th Annual Palestinian Diaspora Conference, yesterday, which was sponsored by the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) and the Know Thy Heritage (KTH) program; the Conference was held on July 12 and 13, at the Grand Park Hotel, in Ramallah. dn17/7/2016
PCHR Weekly Report (jULY 16-22) on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the oPtPCHR--Jerusalem – Israeli Forces Demolish Number of Palestinian Houses in al-Mukaber Mount Israeli forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) DN 17/7/2016
Army Destroys Water Wells, Damages Property, In HebronIMEMC--As the extensive Israeli military invasion into the southern West Bank district of Hebron continues to escalate, the soldiers destroyed, on Thursday morning, water wells, and the entrances of several Palestinian homes. Media sources in Hebron said the soldiers destroyed several Palestinian water wells, detonated the entrances of eight apartments, in Hebron city, violently searched many residences and kidnapped at least one Palestinian. dn 17/7/2016
Israeli demolitions displace dozens of PalestiniansPatrick Strickland--Seven Palestinian families comprised of 43 people, including 25 children, were displaced by the demolitions, Gunness said. They also included a 48-year-old father with Parkinson`s disease, a 48-year-old man who is unable to walk, an 84-year-old woman and another woman who is seven months pregnant. dn 16/7/2016
Israel Undermines Gaza`s Economic Recovery as It Clamps Down on Travel, Imports Amira Hass--At the initiative of the Shin Bet security services, restrictions have been tightened on Palestinians seeking to depart the Gaza Strip and on imports permitted into the territory. These restrictions cut into the Strip’s already limited economic activity. Those directly harmed by the change are the merchants and importers, including the veterans who employ hundreds of people; senior officials in charge of infrastructure and rehabilitation; doctors and academics who take in-service training courses and exams in the West Bank; the ill; those with families abroad and in the West Bank; and workers for international humanitarian groups and diplomatic missions. dn 16/7/2016
Using stolen water to irrigate stolen landDror Etkes--Settlers are trying to spin water shortages as a problem that affects both Palestinians and Jews in the same manner. That couldn’t be further from the truth. dn16/7/2016
Israel Widens Scope to Deny Entry to Relatives of Terror Suspects Amira Hass - Haaretz - There’s nothing new about refusing entry permits to Palestinians whose relatives have been involved in terror attacks or shot dead by the Israeli army without having been involved in an attack. For years these decisions have been the province of the Shin Bet security service, and these individuals fell into the category of “refused entry for security reasons.”-rh13/7/2016
Why Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet Leaders Are Morphing Into ‘Leftists’J.J. Goldberg - ForwaRD It’s the conflict between the security chiefs’ overwhelming support for two states and the seeming immobility of a rightist-led political system that’s driving the growing clash between the groups. Generals complain that time is running out for a two-state solution because settlement growth will make separation impossible. Politicians dismiss the complaints as self-serving bellyaching by isolated individuals. The result is a growing mood of despair among security chiefs, leading to explosions of the sort that took place near Tel Aviv June 28.-rh 13/7/2016
How education reform could curb Palestinian unemploymentAhmad Melhem - Al Monitor - There are more students in Palestine pursuing academic tracks at universities than the job market can handle. While university graduates can`t find jobs in their majors, technical and vocational jobs go unfilled.-rh 13/7/2016
Israeli scholar refuses to shut up despite university punishment for saying settlers exhibit ‘psychosis’ Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Last week, in the wake of the murder of a settler girl by a Palestinian, Uri Weiss, a business instructor at an Israeli university, faulted settlers for risking their children’s lives in a “collective psychosis.” Students sought his termination by the university, which ultimately punished him by exempting students from his examination.-rh 13/7/2016
How Israel Shoots Itself in the Foot With Left-Bashing NGO LawJ.J. Goldberg - Forward - In fact, NGOs were already required under existing law to make all funding sources public. The new law merely adds the requirement that organizations funded by foreign governments call attention to that fact every time they appear in public. In effect, the goal is to encourage popular hostility toward organizations advocating minority rights by creating the impression that they’re foreign agents.-rh 13/7/2016
Press releases : Statement on the Passage of the NGO BillNew Israel Fund - The Knesset should never have seriously considered — much less passed — the NGO “transparency” bill which passed today. The bill undermines Israel’s democratic heritage and risks creating a damaging chilling effect on the freedom of expression.-rh 13/7/2016
Israel approves millions for West Bank settlementsAlJazeera - Israeli right-wing government pledges nearly $13m for Jewish-only settlements [ry] 11/7/2016
Amputees in the Gaza Strip - for them the war is not over Physicians for Human Rights - During the summer 2014 offensive on the Gaza Strip medical teams were often forced to work in field conditions. Chaos also reigned in the hospitals due to the heavy workload and the shortage in resources to provide care. And with wounded individuals prematurely discharged from hospital in order to clear beds for hospitalization, their treatment remained partial and faulty. For all these reasons, many individuals who were injured in the limbs underwent improper limb amputation, which prevents the fitting of an artificial limb without surgery to correct the stump. [ak]10/7/2016
Use of firearmsB`Tselem - Video - "B’Tselem’s investigation of the incident and video footage captured by a Palestinian passerby belie the police claim that the lethal shooting was “precise and targeted”. In fact, the combined material indicates that the Border Police officers could almost certainly have stopped Hajuj with non-lethal means, thereby rendering the shooting unjustified." ca for id6/7/2016
Group: Israeli police reveal new regulations on use of live fire against PalestiniansMa`an News Agency - "Israeli police have unveiled new regulations which permit Israeli officers to open fire with live ammunition on Palestinian demonstrators before a non-lethal option is used, a statement released by Israeli rights group Adalah on Tuesday revealed." ca for id6/7/2016
Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Arab Peace InitiativeHenry Siegman - The National Interest - Whatever incitement the Palestinian Authority may be guilty of, it pales into insignificance when compared to the incitement that is Israel’s half-century long occupation.-rh 7/7/2016
Today in Palestine for July 22, 2016Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn24/7/2016
Doctors for Human Rights Demands that IPS Remove Chains on Hunger Striker, Bilal Kayed Palestine Chronicle--The General Israeli Radio has announced that Doctors for Human Rights in Israel has filed a suit before the Central Court of Ber Alsaba demanding that it order the Israeli Prison Service to remove chains tied to Palestinian hunger striker Bilal Kayed, who has been on hunger strike for 39 days.dn24/7/2016
Atlanta mayor rejects demand to end Israel police trainingAmal Jubran--Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed rejected a demand from groups affiliated with the movement for Black lives to halt Israel’s training relationship with local police departments. dn24/7/2016
EU: Israeli "NGO Law" undermines democratic values EU External Action - The new legislation, specifically targeting non-profit organisations, imposes reporting requirements which go beyond the legitimate need for transparency and seem aimed at constraining the activities of civil society organisations. This new legislation risks undermining such democratic values as the freedom of speech and a diverse civil society. We call upon Israel to continue to promote its active NGO sector and to refrain from actions which may curtail freedom of expression and association. [ak] 12/7/2016
The Month in Pictures: June 2016EI - "Five Israelis and four Palestinians were slain during the month of June, and another Palestinian died of injuries sustained a month earlier" [ry] 4/7/2016
Today in Palestine for July 1, 2016Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn3/7/2016
No Way to Treat A ChildDefense for Children International - Palestine--EACH YEAR THE ISRAELI MILITARY ARRESTS AND PROSECUTES AROUND 700 PALESTINIAN CHILDREN dn3/7/2016
Why are the Dutch funding settlers in Palestine?Hanine Hassan--Dutch ministers don`t seem to mind bending the laws to incorporate territory to Israel that does not belong to it. dn3/7/2016
Quartet Releases Report on Impasse in Israeli-Palestinian Peace: `Two-state Solution in Danger` ***4. Israel should cease the policy of settlement construction and expansion, designating land for exclusive Israeli use, and denying Palestinian development. ***5. Israel should implement positive and significant policy shifts, including transfer-ring powers and responsibilities in Area C, consistent with the transition to greater Palestinian civil authority contemplated by prior agreements. Progress in the areas of housing, water, energy, communications, agriculture, and natural re-sources, along with significantly easing Palestinian movement restrictions, can be made while respecting Israel`s legitimate security needs. ***6. The Palestinian leadership should continue their efforts to strengthen institutions, improve governance, and develop a sustainable economy. Israel should take all necessary steps to enable this process, in line with the Ad Hoc Liaison Commit-tee recommendations. ***7. All sides must continue to respect the ceasefire in Gaza, and the illicit arms buildup and militant activities must be terminated.[bz]2/7/2016
Israeli Leaders, Extremists Vows Complete Annexation of the West BankPalestine Chronicle--Two Palestinians and an Israeli settler have been killed in the occupied West Bank, as Israeli leaders threaten to build more Jewish-only settlements in the territory.dn2/7/2016
Israeli confiscation of land shows 440% increase in 2016PNN/ Bethlehem - "Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ) revealed in a report issued Tuesday that Israeli authorities confiscated since the beginning of the year 7,773 acres of Palestinian-owned lands, recording an increase by 439% in comparison with last year where 1,442 acres were seized." ca1/7/2016
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