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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Saudis Used Israeli Spyware to Track Khashoggi Associate, Leading DissidentRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam "It’s well known the the leading spyware package bought by repressive regimes, intelligence agencies, and corporate malefactors is Pegasus, which was created by the Israeli hacking company, NSO Group. Its development has allowed NSO to thrive financially and become an attractive target for major corporate interests." ca20/10/2018
Defying US, UN gives ‘Palestine’ extra rights so it can head major bloc in 2019RAPHAEL AHREN - The Times of Israel - "A whopping 146 states voted in favor of Resolution A/73/L.5, while only three countries — the US, Israel and Australia — opposed it. Fifteen countries abstained. US ambassador Nikki Haley branded the move “a mistake.”" - id 17/10/2018
MADA: 48 Violations against Palestinian Media Freedoms during SeptemberIMEMC - "Most of the 39 Israeli attacks fall under the extremely serious types of attacks. It is worthy to mention that 25 of these attacks were mostly physical injuries inflicted upon both female and male journalists while they covered field events in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip; sixteen of these injuries were caused by live, explosive, and rubber bullets, as well as gas bombs fired directly at the bodies of the journalists." - id17/10/2018
State Prosecutor Nitzan against Regev`s Loyalty in Culture LawTova Tzimuki - Ynet - Shai Nitzan, who serves as acting attorney general, submits recommendation to the government, saying the culture minister`s proposed amendment, which seeks to deny state funds to artists who denigrate national values and symbols, `raises serious legal concerns,` and will be difficult to defend in High Court of Justice [ry] 15/10/2018
Trump’s Middle East Delusions PersistSheldon Richman - AntiWar - "Jason Greenblatt, Donald Trump’s No. 2 special envoy to the Middle East behind son-in-law Jared Kushner, assures us that his boss’s plan to settle the Palestine-Israel `conflict` once and for all is still in the works and is going to be great. (It’s a conflict in the same way that a confrontation between a car owner and a car thief is a conflict)" [ry]15/10/2018
Ramallah open mic night: An outlet for Palestinian youthStefania D`Ignoti - Al Jazeera - Young Palestinians express themselves in front of a live audience at Sard, a growing community of poets and musicians [ry]15/10/2018
Qatari fuel enters Gaza to avert `humanitarian disaster`Al Jazeera - "Fuel delivery bypassed the Palestinian Authority, which has threatened retaliatory measures if deliveries continue." - id 10/10/2018
Not just Canary Mission: SF Jewish Federation bankrolls these hate groupsMairav Zonszein - +972 - "The Federation’s tax filings reveal a litany of radical-right and anti-Muslim groups that have received its support for years. The Federation says its review process has recently been strengthened but refuses to account for its funding of notorious Islamophobic hate groups." - id10/10/2018
Birzeit students win gold in international innovation challengeRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "The idea for the project came from Sajdyeh’s own need for a relatively-inexpensive prosthetic arm after a bomb left by Israeli soldiers in Qalandiya amputated his right hand in November 2014." - id 10/10/2018
Dutch supplier of Israeli attack dogs compensates Palestinian victimAdri Nieuwhof - The Electronic Intifada - The company knew or should have known that the Israeli army regularly unleashed its dogs against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. That is why damages for Abu Hashem were demanded. In June 2016, Four Winds K9 announced that it was no longer providing Israel with “biting dogs,” but only tracking hounds. [bz]9/10/2018
Israeli Minister: If Detained U.S. Student Condemns BDS, Expresses Regret, I`ll Consider Allowing Her InNoa Landau - Haaretz - Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan slams `far-left, Meretz members,` and Hebrew University for cooperating with `campaign of lies of the boycott activist`. In her testimony to the appeals court last week, Alqasem said, “If I supported BDS, I wouldn’t be able to come to Israel as a student.” [bz]9/10/2018
`One Palestinian murders, the other saves`Meir Turgeman, Korin Elbaz Alush - Ynet - Sarah Vettori, 54, who was moderately wounded in the Alon recycling factory terror attack, said a Palestinian warehouse worker saved her life. "Basel saved my life," she repeated several times. "I was vaguely conscious and Basel, who ran into the office where I was hiding, pulled me under the table and reassured me when he said: `Habibti, habibti (My dear, my dear).` He stroked my face in an attempt to keep me conscious and tried to stop the bleeding with tissue paper until the ambulance arrived." [bz] 9/10/2018
profits of Israel’s war industryGabriel Schivone - EI - "When Roei Elkabetz, a brigadier general in the Israeli army, addressed a 2012 convention of specialists in border control technology in El Paso, Texas, he clicked onscreen a photo of the wall, built by Magal Systems, that isolates Gaza from the outside world. ‘We have learned lots from Gaza,’ he said. ‘It’s a great laboratory’” [ry]8/10/2018
Uri Avnery`s Column - There will never again be a new article added hereGush Shalom staff - Gush Shalom - "The article "So who the hell are we?" Was published here on Friday, August 4, 2018. That; as it turned out, was the last article. The next day, Uri collapsed in his apartment and never regained consciousness. No new article will ever again be published here. We will continue to maintain this column as it is, as an archive and memorial." - id 3/10/2018
Irish public broadcaster won`t sanction employees who refuse to travel to Tel Aviv EurovisionThe Journal (Ireland) - Members of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity met with representatives of the Irish public broadcaster RTÉ, presenting presented a petition with over 11,000 signatures calling for RTÉ to boycott the 2019 Eurovision contest in Tel Aviv, since "Israel is determined to put forward a pretty face to hide its ugly regime of settler colonialism, apartheid and brutal military occupation”. The RTÉ representatives stated that they “will take away all that has been said and think about it”, and promised that "there will not be any sanction against anyone from within RTÉ who doesn’t wish to travel to the event in Israel, on conscientious grounds”. [ak]2/10/2018
States can’t punish businesses for boycotting Israel, federal judge in Arizona saysIsaac Stanley-Becker - The Washington Post - U.S. District Judge Diane Humetewa issued an injunction blocking enforcement of an Arizona state law which compels any business contracting with the state to submit a written pledge that it was not involved in boycott activity targeting Israel. The appeal was lodged by Jordahl, a lawyer involved in Jewish Voice for Peace, who asserted that the law infringed his First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech. The ruling was the second this year to turn back a wave of state legislation against boycott of Israel. The first was in January, when a federal judge in Kansas ruled that forcing contractors to sign a no-boycott certification violated "expressive rights guaranteed under the First Amendment." [ak]2/10/2018
Shin Bet opens up about border interrogations, detentionsTova Tzimuki - Ynet - Shin Bet reveals numbers of foreigners detained at border-crossings, says it does not deviate from its authority or deal with phenomena such as BDS or ask about political preferences [ry]1/10/2018
Ministerial meeting on UNRWA raises $122 millionWAFA news - "The Ministerial Meeting raised a remarkable $122 million, with Kuwait, the European Union, Germany, Norway, France, Belgium and Ireland announcing additional funding commitments. This meeting represented a crucial step in the efforts to overcome the Agency’s remaining shortfall of $186 million and sustain UNRWA operations in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.The event was attended by Ministers and senior officials from a total of 34 Member States and organizations, including the League of Arab States, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation and the Islamic Development Bank. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, the President of the General Assembly, the Commissioner-General of UNRWA and two Palestine Refugee students also participated in the event." ca 29/9/2018
Escalation Looms as Netanyahu WarnsSyria’s New S-300 Defense System Will NotStop Israeli BombingWhitney Webb - Information Clearing House "OnTuesday, Vladimir Ermakov, an official atRussia’s Foreign Ministry, assured observers of the Syrian conflict that thedelivery of the S-300 would help Syria toexercise sovereignty over its airspace byclosing its “airspace where necessary,” andthat the defensive weapons would “lead tothe stabilization of the region.” Ermakov’scomments came after U.S. National SecurityAdviser John Bolton warned against Russia’sdelivery of the system to Syria, saying itwould be a “significant escalation” byMoscow." ca29/9/2018
`Criticizing the government nowadays makes you a traitor`Oren Persico - +972 - "Avi Katz, the cartoonist let go by ‘The Jerusalem Report’ over a caricature depicting Netanyahu and Likud lawmakers as characters from ‘Animal Farm,’ talks about what happened behind the scenes, why accusations of anti-Semitism are so off-base, and what the saga says about freedom of expression in Israel today." - id 27/9/2018
35 US Senators urge Trump to restore Palestinian aidRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "14 Democrats and 51 Republicans, mostly Senators who have received huge campaign donations from Israel’s lobby AIPAC, refused to sign the letter including those who have claimed to be advocates for “peaceful negotiations with Israel.” The letter was immediately applauded by Churches for Middle East Peace." - id 26/9/2018
After plane downed, Russia to give Syria advanced S-300 anti-aircraft systemStaff & Agencies - The Times of Israel - Russia had originally agreed to sell the system to Syria in 2013, but scrapped the plan at Israel’s behest. However, the Syrian military has already received training to use the system. “We are certain that the realization of these measures will cool the ‘hot heads’ and will keep them from poorly thought-out actions which threaten our servicemen,” Russia`s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said. [bz] 25/9/2018
In face of American spiteful and irresponsible blackmail, a just peace needs multilateralismDr. Hanan Ashrawi - PLO Dept. of Public Diplomacy & Policy - "Israel has willfully violated its commitments and agreements under international law. The United States administration has undermined all requirements of peace and engages in spiteful and irresponsible efforts to blackmail and inflict unilateral punitive measures on the Palestinian people. There is an urgent need to to rescue multilateralism, in order to achieve a just peace. There is a need d for responsible initiatives and positive engagement and intervention. We urge governments worldwide to increase their contributions to UNRWA and support our request for the upgrading of the status of Palestine at the UN. We acknowledge the diplomatic mobilization and defense of Khan Al-Ahmar, and call on all diplomatic representatives and their governments to prevent its demolition by Israel." [ak]25/9/2018
Netanyahu to reveal `new information` to UN General AssemblyMa’an News Agency - “According to Hebrew-language news outlets, Netanyahu’s speech on Thursday is reported to deliver ‘new information’ to the UN General Assembly and will leave ‘a strong impression on the entire world.’ Sources added that Netanyahu’s speech will be ‘great, extremely interesting, with new information that will be revealed’” [ry]24/9/2018
`Criticizing the government nowadays makes you a traitor`Oren Persico - +972 - Avi Katz, the cartoonist let go by ‘The Jerusalem Report’ over a caricature depicting Netanyahu and Likud lawmakers as characters from ‘Animal Farm,’ talks about what happened behind the scenes, why accusations of anti-Semitism are so off-base, and what the saga says about freedom of expression in Israel today [ry]24/9/2018
Torture and other Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment in Israel – Situation Report 2018PCATI Report - " June 26th marks the International Day in Support of Torture Victims. To commemorate the event, PCATI issued a situation report, reflecting difficulties, obstacles and failings in the system, as well as testimonies of victims of tortures by Israeli security forces, namely the Shin Bet.The report paints a dismal picture of reality, at the same time shedding light on a message nobody wants to hear: torture is practiced in israel, 2018, and we must not stand idly by." ca 21/9/2018
Gaza: 13,000 UNRWA Employees Protest Against CutsIMEMC - "Amir Al-Mishal, head of the UNRWA staff union, said that the staff gathered to reject all the obstacles by the administration of the agency and those behind it, stressing that the UNRWA crisis is not financial, but is rather subject to political agendas. “We are not fighting against the UN agency,” he said, “but against job insecurity. We offered mediation to resolve the crisis with the agency, and to not put our rights in prejudice. We [the staff] agreed that we were ready to make contributions to overcome the crisis by the end of December.”" - id20/9/2018
European Delegation Says Khan al-Ahmar Demolition Is A War CrimeIMEMC - "European parliamentarians from the delegation for relations with Palestine visited Khan al-Ahmar village on Wednesday, and warned that its demolition could be considered a war crime.20/9/2018
According to `Israel Hayom,` BDS has nothing to do with the occupationMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - "Do not let your worldview be shaped by an online news desk editor who deletes a crucial context paragraph just because it rubs him or her the wrong way." - id20/9/2018
Press Release: Ashrawi laments flaws in peace process, Israeli bad faithRay Hanan9a - The Arab Daily News = "Dr. Ashrawi stressed, “Israel’s violations, expansionism and total disregard for Palestinian rights and the requirements of peace have led to the entrenchment of the military occupation and the placing of the two-state solution in serious jeopardy." - id 20/9/2018
Judge: Israeli police `scandalous` for trying to deport U.S.-French activist applying military procedures.Orly Noy - +972 - According to Lasky, the decision to book her client under military law instead of into the civilian justice system was made in order to give them time to deport him before he saw a judge. The judge, upon hearing what police had done, reminded the police representative that she had scheduled a detention hearing and “[I get] the impression that you want to thwart it.” [bz]18/9/2018
US Expels Palestinian Envoy And His Family IMEMC News - "Analysts say that this appears to be another move by the US to pressure the Palestinian Authority into surrendering and accepting the so- called ‘deal of the century’ outlined by Jared Kushner and Trump" [ry]17/9/2018
Israel Project’s secret Facebook campaignAli Abunimah and Asa Winstanley - EI - "The Israel Project, a major advocacy group based in Washington, is running a secret influence campaign on Facebook. This is revealed in The Lobby – USA, an undercover Al Jazeera documentary that has never been broadcast due to censorship by Qatar following pressure from pro-Israel organizations" [ry]17/9/2018
Israel: Never Met a Genocidaire It Wouldn’t Do Business WithRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "In effect, just as Israel destabilizes the Middle East with its constant invasions, assassinations, air assaults and repeated military operations outside its own borders, so it offers its customers the same capability to inflict damage on their own rivals and enemies. Israel is a major force for destabilization among the nations of the world." - id12/9/2018
European countries warn against demolishing West Bank villageAP - Ynet - As part of interim peace deals in the 1990s, the West Bank was carved up into autonomous and semi-autonomous Palestinian areas, known as Areas A and B, and Area C, which is home to some 400,000 Israeli settlers. The Palestinians say that Area C, home to an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 Palestinians, is crucial to the economic development of their future state. Israel says the structures that make up the Khan al-Ahmar encampment, which include an Italian-funded school, pose a threat to residents because of their proximity to a highway. But critics have dismissed this claim as a ploy to remove the village`s 180 or so residents to clear the way for new Jewish settlements. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights` office has called on Israel to abandon its plans and said the destruction of private property by an occupying power violates international law. [bz]11/9/2018
Palestinian envoy says Washington mission given a month to pack upThe Times of Israel - Stating "The PLO has not taken steps to advance the start of direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel… To the contrary, PLO leadership has condemned a US peace plan they have not yet seen", the Trump administration gave Palestinian Delegation staffers a month to pack up. Palestinian Envoy Husam Zomlot responded: "We lost the US administration but we gained our national rights. The delegation closure would not deter Palestinians from seeking a state with East Jerusalem as the capital" and in Ramallah President Abbas`s Spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudeineh stated that "core issues of the conflict, including the status of Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees, are more important than the relationship with the United States.” In practice, the Palestinian Delegation in Washington will likely revert to being a private institution staffed by American Palestinians and with no official diplomatic status - as it was before the US recognized the PLO. [ak] 11/9/2018
ICC responds to US sanctions threatsMa`an - On Monday, Bolton had threatened ICC judges with imposing sanctions if they proceed with a probe into reported war crimes by the US in Afghanistan. Bolton`s threats said that if such an investigation was launched, the US administration would consider banning ICC judges and prosecutors from entering the United States, in addition to sanctioning funds they have there and prosecuting them in U.S. courts. The court said in a statement that it is an independent and impartial institution with the backing of 123 countries. The statement added that "the ICC, as a court of law, will continue to do its work undeterred, in accordance with those principles and the overarching idea of the rule of law." [bz]11/9/2018
Palestinians reject Trump bid to force talks through aid cutAFP and The Times of Israel - Saeb Erekat says the US is acting in ‘bad faith’ and its policies are weakening moderates and encouraging radicals across the Middle East [ry]10/9/2018
US cuts $25m aid for Jerusalem hospitals serving PalestiniansAl Jazeera - Donald Trump orders redirection of $25m earmarked for Palestinians in East Jerusalem hospitals [ry]10/9/2018
Museum to showcase bewildering history of Palestinian money Entsar Abu Jahal - Al-Monitor "The museum will be created through cooperation between the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and the Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA), the Ramallah-based central bank that is responsible for formulating and implementing the country`s monetary and banking policies.PMA Governor Azzam al-Shawa told Al-Monitor that the museum will tell the story of the Palestinian economy through the ages — from the time of bartering to modern economic concepts. The museum, to be located at the PMA headquarters, will also support research and publication in monetary and financial history with its research and resource center." ca 7/9/2018
Do Israeli politicians care about Israel?Nahum Barnea - Ynet - "Recent events that have taken place in Israel, such as the attack on 3 Arabs in Haifa, which was met with almost complete silence from Israeli officials, and Katz’s halting of Ayalon Highway bridge construction, makes one wonder whether our leaders care about us." - id 5/9/2018
The truths that won’t be heardAlain Gresh - Le Monde diplomatique - A never-shown Al Jazeera documentary on the pro-Israel lobby in the United States reveals possibly illegal Israeli spying on American citizens, and the lobby’s fear of a changing political mood [ry]4/9/2018
UNRWA chief defends refugee criteria for millions of PalestiniansJeffrey Heller - Reuters - "Millions of Palestinian refugees `cannot simply be wished away`, the head of a U.N. support agency said on Monday, hitting back at a U.S. aid cutoff and allegations its work only perpetuates their plight" [ry] 4/9/2018
Israel Signals They Could Attack Iraq Over Alleged Iran MissilesJason Ditz - AntiWar- Lieberman: Israel won`t limit attacks just to Syria [ry]4/9/2018
Duterte thanks Netanyahu for help in ending Marawi siegeAl Jazeera - Israeli leader welcomes first Philippine president to the country as critics slam Duterte`s human rights record [ry]4/9/2018
Abbas: no `confederation` with Jordan, only tripartite ‘confederation’ with both Israel and JordanRaphael Ahren - Times of Israel - Meeting with a delegation of Peace Now activists, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that said senior US administration officials Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt had asked about his opinion of a “confederation with Jordan” to which Abbas had replied that he would only agree to a three-way confederation with both Jordan and Israel.’ That must have taken place before the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, after which Abbas refused to have anything more to do with Trump`s emissaries. Abbas recounted that Russia, Japan, Belgium, and the Netherlands all offered to host Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, but such offers were rejected by Netanyahu. The Israeli PM holds out for an exclusive US mediation, which the Palestinians consider Trump as blatantly biased in Israel`s favor and thus not an acceptable mediator. Sunday’s meeting with Abbas was attended by Peace Now executive director Shaqued Morag, Meretz MK Mossi Raz (a former Peace Now director), and Zionist Union MK Ksenia Svetlova. According to the PA’s official Wafa news agency, unnamed “peace activists” from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party attended the meeting as well. “I have a problem with Netanyahu, not with Likud,” Peace Now quoted Abbas as saying.[ak] 3/9/2018
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