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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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New Video Raises Questions About Alleged Car-ramming Attack by Bedouin Almog Ben Zikri - Haaretz - A video released on Wednesday may shed new light on the events that ended in the death of an Israeli police officer and an Israeli Bedouin who police claim ran over the officer during clashes in the southern Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran.-rh19/1/2017
Will Arab Knesset member be impeached?Mazal Mualem - Al-Monitor - According to all estimations, there is only a slim chance that the Knesset will obtain the 90-member majority needed to expel Ghattas, largely because of the divided opinions among the members of the Zionist Camp. On the other hand, it is obvious to those who support implementing the law — i.e., the parties on the right and Lapid — will win points among large swaths of the Israeli public for it. The sequence of events needed to implement the Expulsion Law for the first time since it was enacted begins with Netanyahu and his need to project a populist approach. This will not be the first time Netanyahu dragged the opposition behind him, even though they are supposed to present an alternative to his government’s policies.-rh 18/1/2017
Arab Israeli Lawmaker Shot and Wounded in Bedouin Clashes With PoliceMarcy Oster - Forward - Arab-Israeli lawmaker Ayman Odeh, head of the Arab Joint List, was injured in clashes between Israeli police and Bedouins after Israel demolished several homes. Odeh was hit in the head and back by sponge-tipped bullets fired by Israeli forces during the clashes on Wednesday morning. “This has been a terrible morning,” Odeh said in a statement after he left a hospital. “It was possible to prevent the spilling of blood.”-rh 18/1/2017
J-Street: Some positive news from Capitol HillJeremy Ben-Ami - J Street - Something significant took place in the House of Representatives. It is not surprising that a resolution criticizing the Obama administration`s abstention at the UN Security Council did pass. What is new is that many principled Members of Congress protested and refused to support it - no less than 80 Members voted against. In the past, one-sided, inaccurate and unhelpful resolutions like this one would have passed with near unanimous support.We still have a long way to go - but this is a beginning. [ak] 17/1/2017
Netanyahu Finally Admits to Being a Corrupt LeaderUri Misgav - Haaretz - It looks patently insane to put the country through the whirlwind of an early election only two years after the previous election because of a preliminary vote on a bill that relates to some free newspaper. Holding an early election and replacing the Knesset and the government carries a huge price tag of around 2 billion shekels. But in his post on Sunday, Netanyahu made it clear: “After the law passed by a large majority, I dissolved the government and went to elections.” [bz]17/1/2017
Conservative anger grows at Israel’s UK plotAsa Winstanley - EI - An influential parliamentary committee will investigate an Israeli embassy plot to “take down” a UK government minister. The chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee said on Sunday that disgraced Israeli embassy senior political officer Shai Masot’s discussion of a “hit list” of MPs was “interference in British politics of the murkiest kind.” Crispin Blunt, a lawmaker from Prime Minister Theresa May’s ruling Conservative Party, told the Mail on Sunday that “I hope to include this matter in the committee’s wider inquiry into the Middle East peace process.” After undercover footage revealed the plot, Masot was swiftly thrown under the bus. He was sent back to Israel and fired from his government position. [the article includes a link to the Al Jazeerah investigative report-bz]17/1/2017
Two-thirds of Israelis Still Back Two-state Solution, J Street Poll Finds Judy Maltz - Haaretz - The results show that an overwhelming majority of those who voted for parties associated with the political center and even the center-right favor the creation of a Palestinian state. Eighty-three percent of those who voted for the Kulanu party, which is part of the ruling coalition, favor a two-state solution. So do 81 percent of those who voted for Yesh Atid, which currently sits in opposition. [bz]17/1/2017
Israeli officials cheer ‘weakened’ Paris peace summit declarationRaphael Ahren - The Times of Israel - Jerusalem takes credit for softened statement by 70 nations, which omits the ‘problematic passages’ of December’s UN anti- settlements resolution [ry]16/1/2017
Two months on, still no evidence of a `fire intifada` in IsraelHaggai Matar - +972 - The Israeli media and politicians’ narrative of a Palestinian ‘arson intifada’ remains in place, despite there not being even a shred of evidence to support their story [ry]16/1/2017
Jewish settler group `invited to Donald Trump`s inauguration` amid concerns over President-elect`s stance on IsraelLizzie Dearden - Independent - Yesha Council says it has received invite to ceremony after UN condemns illegal settlements [ry]16/1/2017
Amnesty International: Israel engaged in `illegal conduct` during demolitions in QalansaweMa`an - Mayor of Qalansawe, Abd al-Basit Mansour, immediately resigned from his post in reaction to the demolition campaign, underscoring that the city had been fruitlessly waiting for the approval of a master plan for the area for 20 years. The day following the demolitions, Palestinian citizens declared a general strike across Israel, which included protests in dozens of Palestinian-majority towns and at least half a million Palestinians participating in the strike. [bz]14/1/2017
The Lobby: Young Friends of Israel VIDEO - Al Jazeera - Information Clearing House "Al Jazeera goes undercover inside the Israel Lobby in Britain. We expose a campaign to infiltrate and influence youth groups." ca13/1/2017
10 Palestinian homes demolished in Israeli city, prompting mayor to resignMa`an - Israeli authorities demolished 10 homes belonging to Palestinian citizens of Israel in the city of Qalansawe in central Israel on Tuesday morning, prompting a defeated mayor to resign after Israeli authorities refused for decades to approve the city’s master plan. Local sources told Ma’an the devastating demolition campaign sparked clashes between Israeli police and residents. Mayor Abd al-Basit Mansour visited the area along with members of the municipal council and announced he would resign from his post, as Israeli bulldozers razed the homes to ground. Mansour told reporters that, "We have been waiting for approval of a master plan for twenty years, but our request fell on deaf ears.”-rh12/1/2017
Israel`s anti-UN steps could lead to `isolation`Ben White - Al-Jazeera - "Israel is threatening to undertake punitive measures against the UN after it passed a resolution condemning settlements." - id 11/1/2017
Obama warns against support for Israeli settlementsAP & Reuters - Ynet - "Speaking to the Israeli TV program `Uvda,` the outgoing US president warned that `unfettered support` for Israeli construction in the West Bank will result in a `worsening situation` between Israelis and Palestinians." - id 11/1/2017
Portland halts investment in Caterpillar, IDF bulldozer supplier Nora Barrows-Friedman - The Electronic Intifada - In a unanimous vote, city council of Portland, Oregon decided to halt investment in the corporate securities of "Caterpillar", notorious for supplying the D-9 bulldozers which the IDF regularly uses in destroying Palestinian homes. The Portland city council rejected charges of "antisemitism" - pointing out that many of the activists urging this act are Jewish themselves, and that similar acts were taken towards companies involved in other forms of Human Rights violations - for example, "Wells Fargo" which is involved in running private prisons in the US itself. [ak] 10/1/2017
`Israel must build and build in Judea and Samaria after Trump takes office` says Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Jeremy Sharon - Jerusalem Post - Two senior figures in the coalition, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and senior Likud MK Tzachi Hanegbi objected however saying that unilateral steps without coordination with the Trump administration could be diplomatically dangerous. Liberman also referred to the Settlements Arrangements Law. Its approval in its first Knesset reading had been “one of the straws that broke the back of the US president [Barack Obama].” - “Because of this law we were attacked in the UN Security Council." [bz]10/1/2017
The real impact of UN Resolution 2334 has yet to comeShemuel Meir - +972 - There is no factual foundation for a U.S. policy that allows Israel to annex “settlement blocs” that would stay under Israeli control in a final status agreement. And there is no such promise in the Bush-Sharon letter. Presidents Obama and Bush held nearly identical positions on the territorial issues. It’s difficult to assume that President Trump will turn that stance on its head — it is a position that Washington has held consistently since Resolution 242 and the 1969 Rogers Plan that included minor territorial adjustments. [bz]10/1/2017
Benjamin Netanyahu accused of offering newspaper owner commercial favours in return for positive coverageBen Kentish - Independent - Israeli Prime Minister already being investigated for accepting gifts of champagne and cigars but denies any wrongdoing [ry]9/1/2017
What were the top 10 BDS victories of 2016?Nora Barrows-Friedman - Electronic Intifada "Israel resorted to threatening and bullying individuals, adopting policies to expel suspected boycott activists and to bar others from entering...Amnesty International condemned the threats, which included a call by intelligence minister Yisrael Katz for “targeted civil eliminations” of BDS leaders with the help of Israeli intelligence." ca6/1/2017
Palestinian resistance archbishop dies in VaticanAmira Howeidy - Al-Ahram Weekly "Jerusalem’s Archbishop Hilarion Capucci was a household name across the Arab world in the mid-1970s. At a time when Palestinian armed struggle was popular, even endorsed by Arab regimes, the unlikely figure of the Catholic archbishop gained celebrity status as a symbol of resistance against the Israeli occupation. Iconic images of the then 52-year-old Capucci in his all-black Melkite Catholic vestment appeared on stamps in Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Kuwait, Iraq and Syria, among others...twice boarded ships attempting to break the siege of Gaza. The last attempt was on the Turkish humanitarian aid flotilla Mavi Marmara, which was seized and attacked by the Israeli navy 31 May 2010. Nine activists were killed." ca6/1/2017
Funeral Held for Palestinian Victim of New Year’s Nightclub Attack in IstanbulIMEMC - "The funeral was held at the Omar Ibn al-Khattab mosque, and her body was laid to rest at the Islamic cemetery of Tira.A number of Palestinian members of the Knesset (Parliament) attended the funeral of the young woman, including Ahmad Tibi, Jamal Zahalqa and Ayman Odeh. In addition, the mayor of the town of Tira, Maamun Abd al- Hayy, and his deputy Walid Nasser, were in attendance.Former Knesset members also attended, including Mohammad Baraka and Talab al- Sanaa." ca 6/1/2017
Will `earth shaking` revelation bring down Netanyahu?Ben Caspit - Al Monitor "Netanyahu, even before the investigation against him began, adopted tactics to make it clear that he has no intention of caving. To the contrary, in fact, Netanyahu intends to leverage his popularity and recruit his supporters, mainly the growing right-wing Israeli public, to constantly repeat one message: that he is being subjected to a political investigation and political persecution...Netanyahu has now declared war against the police, the state attorney, parts of the independent media and senior members of the political establishment. He is convinced that he will win, but everyone else is not so sure." ca 6/1/2017
Meet the Palestinian woman director bringing her generation to the screenHaggai Matar - +972 "“Judging by the responses from Palestinian girls who have seen the film, at premieres and festivals, I don’t feel I have anything to worry about. It obviously exposes something, but I think that the trick of the movie, for the families and for the older generation is that after the initial shock of seeing [the girls’] lives at the beginning, the film starts to slowly reveal their own lives to them as well, which undoes the antagonism." ca6/1/2017
The challenges of being a Palestinian doctor in the ‘Jewish state’ Hatim Kanaaneh - Mondoweiss - The great majority of our physicians, like other professionals in the Palestinian minority in Israel, with the exception of teachers and nurses, received their higher education abroad. Two factors played a central role in this exceptional achievement: Initially the Communist Party, the majority of whose membership in Israel has always been Palestinian, awarded its diligent youth cadre with full scholarships to universities in the Soviet Union. This was conditional on their return upon completion of their studies to serve their communities and to swell the number of educated party members. The first physician who led this process was my good colleague and cofounder of the Galilee Society for Health Research and Services, Dr. Anwar Awad from the neighboring village of Rama in Galilee. -rh5/1/2017
The Moral Failure of Assad`s SupportersOne just needs to see, and listen to, Assad`s supporters. Reports by human rights NGOs, the footage, the aerial bombardment, the prisoners` testimonies and the babies` photos - all these will not help to change their position since in their minds they regard Assad`s survival as their own survival. As part of the minor flirtation of Egypt and the Palestinian Authority with the democratic processes, those who support Assad now had witnessed the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, i.e. the rise of new political Arab elites. Instead of handling the latter`s arguments and continuing the democratic process, the aforementioned regimes preferred military repression at any cost.4/1/2017
Will `earth shaking` revelation bring down Netanyahu?Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor - "Netanyahu has now declared war against the police, the state attorney, parts of the independent media and senior members of the political establishment. He is convinced that he will win, but everyone else is not so sure." - id 4/1/2017
Report ignored by state could grant Darfur refugees legal status in Israel Yehuda Shohat - Ynet - "it holds that any Darfur refugee who does not belong to the Arab tribes is automatically entitled to political asylum in Israel. This likely applies to several thousands in Israel—about 6,000 people." - id according to one estimate. ...4/1/2017
Netanyahu’s holy war, and the coming Jewish schismYakov Hirsch - Mondoweiss - For many years Jeffrey Goldberg played a major role in the Hasbara world where Israel is the utter Good and everyone designated by Israel`s PM as "Anti-Semite/Anti-Israel" is Evil Incarnate. But now Jeffrey Goldberg, recently crowned Editor- in-Chief of "The Atlantic", plans to put his magazine at the forefront of militant opposition to the Trump Presidency. And with Netanyahu preparing for a love feast with Trump, Goldberg has no choice but to take a distance from Netanyhau - a choice which many other Liberal American Jews are bound to make in the near future. [ak] 3/1/2017
Person of the Year: The women standing up to sexual harassmentDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - The women who spoke out in 2016 executed an unplanned pincer move. As accusations snowballed, women inspired one another to speak up. First and foremost, what 2016 should mean for Israel’s social institutions is that there are limits on power. Whether or not men acknowledge what they did as wrong, title or talent must not protect them [ry]2/1/2017
Israeli doctors refusing to force feed Palestinian hunger strikersBettina Birmans - +972 "According to research by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, hospital staffs across the country have stood up to the security establishment’s pressure to break the hunger strikes and punish the strikers. Since the law passed, there has been only one case in which the state has threatened to use the law." ca30/12/2016
‘Escalation in Israeli violations against media freedom during November’PNN - Palestine News Network - "The most prominent of all Israeli Violations during this month was raiding 4 printing houses and media outlet, searching and confiscating its equipment, which hinders them from resuming their work, and makes it hard and costly." - id 28/12/2016
‘We don’t support Satanic Jews’: Trump’s neo-Nazi fans freak after he posts a ‘Happy Hanukkah’ tweet 27/12/2016
Lieberman slams French peace summit: `A modern day Dreyfus trial`Moran Azulay - Ynet - Five days before Obama leaves office and with France heading for elections, defense minister says the timing of the conference—January 15—serves only one purpose: `to undermine the State of Israel`s security and tarnish its good name.` [Azulay adds to the description of the Defence Minister`s panicky reaction that during the June initial conference, Saudi Arabia called for the adoption of the Arab peace initiative from 2002, which would lead to the normalization of ties between Israel and Arab nations...-bz]27/12/2016
Israeli Education Minister Promotes Bill That Would Ban Anti-occupation Group From Schools Jonathan Lis and Yarden Skop - Haaretz - The bill would authorize the education minister to ban groups and individuals from schools if "there is concern that their activity could lead to Israeli soldiers` persecution in international forums and foreign countries for actions carried out as part of their military duty.” Breaking the Silence, a left-wing organization of Israel Defense Forces veterans, collects witness accounts from former Israeli soldiers who served in the Palestinian territories. The bill will be jointly promoted by Bennett and Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid of the opposition... [bz]27/12/2016
Israel Cuts Civilian Ties With Palestinians Over UN VoteJason Ditz - AntiWar - Palestinian Officials Say They Haven`t Noticed a Difference [ry]26/12/2016
UN Security Council urges end to Israeli settlementsAl Jazeera - The passage of the resolution changes nothing on the ground between Israel and the Palestinians, and likely will be all but ignored by the incoming Trump administration. But it was more than merely symbolic. The resolution formally enshrined the international community`s disapproval of Israeli settlement building and could spur further Palestinian moves against Israel in international forums. [bz]24/12/2016
The global Foundation renews its commitment to young people in Gaza by awarding 265 new scholarshipsPNN - Palestine News Network - "These scholarships represent an unprecedented investment in higher education in Gaza. It is the largest ever intake for Al Fakhoora’s scholarship programme, Dynamic Futures, which is operated through an implementation partnership with the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Assistance to the Palestinian People programme in Gaza." - id 21/12/2016
PLO will revoke Israel recognition if US moves embassy, top official warnsTimes of Israel - Saeb Erekat said he would immediately resign as the chief Palestinian negotiator, and that “the PLO will revoke its recognition of Israel” as well as all previously signed agreements with Israel. Furthermore, said Erekat, American embassies in the Arab world would be forced by the infuriated public to close [bz]20/12/2016
Israel threatens to expel reporter who asked apartheid questionAli Abunimah - EI - “We are leaning toward recommending that his work permit not be renewed due to suspected BDS activity,” Nitzan Chen, director of the Government Press Office, told The Jerusalem Post. Antony Loewenstein has written about the region for more than a decade, including the bestselling book My Israel Question. [bz]20/12/2016
Alleged BDS activist writer may be forced to leave IsraelGil Hoffman - The Jerusalem Post - “He is a prominent anti-Israel activist in his native Australia and a public supporter of the BDS movement” [ry]19/12/2016
Tunisia assassination: Yossi Cohen’s baptism of fireRonen Bergman - Ynet - Analysis: If the Mossad is indeed behind the assassination of Hamas aviation engineer Mohammad al-Zawahri in Tunisia, this is the first assassination attributed to the Israeli intelligence organization under Cohen’s leadership [ry]19/12/2016
Palestinian official: peace prospects dead if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem Reuters - Ynet - Erekat said Jerusalem was a final-status issue to be negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians, who also want it as the capital of a future independent state. Successive US administrations have avoided formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel`s capital. If Trump makes good on his campaign promise, it would up-end decades of US policy and enrage the Muslim world. [bz]17/12/2016
UN warns of increase in `arbitrary` detention of Palestinian activists by IsraelMa`an - The statement, which drew from the investigations of two UN “independent experts,” highlighted the cases of Issa Amro, founder of the Hebron-based group Youth Against Settlements, and Hebron-area lawyer Farid al-Atrash, who were both arrested for participating in a peaceful protest in February. [bz]17/12/2016
Abbas foe Dahlan sentenced to 3 years on corruption chargeAssociated Press - "A Palestinian court on Wednesday sentenced Mohammed Dahlan, a political foe of President Mahmoud Abbas, to three years in prison for allegedly embezzling $16 million as a Cabinet minister.Dahlan has lived in exile since falling out with Abbas in 2010. He was sentenced in absentia." ca 16/12/2016
Palestine: The End of the Bedouins?David Shulman - The New York Review of Books - Today, most of the Jordan Valley, undoubtedly one of the most ravishing landscapes on the planet, is situated in what is known as Area C of occupied Palestinian territory. This means that, with the exception of the ancient city of Jericho and its surroundings (which are in Area A, under Palestinian rule), the valley is under direct and exclusive Israeli military, legal, and political control, and also that large parts of it are taken up by Israeli settlements or by lands that have been reserved for future Israeli settlement. It also means that a Palestinian population of some 15,000 Bedouins who are settled in the valley is tacitly targeted for expulsion.-rh 15/12/2016
`Apartheid Israel’ is not just a political slogan; it is a daily realityJihad Abu Raya - Middle East Monitor - Around 70 per cent of all towns within Israel — Palestinian land occupied since 1948 — are “for Jews only”; the state’s Arab citizens are banned from living therein. This has been the sustained policy since the establishment of the State of Israel on Palestinian land. The means and methods may have changed, but Israel’s goal has not; establishing “Arab-free” towns, which are solely for those who have Jewish ethnicity, is the official intention. This is no ordinary discrimination in favour of one group of citizens; this is Apartheid itself. Despite this obvious fact, it is an issue which the international community would rather not address and so Israel continues to get away with it.-rh15/12/2016
Israel dismisses 1,000 complaints of tortureAli Abunimah - Rights and Accountability - "Noting that the international prohibition on torture “is absolute and non-derogable and that no exceptional circumstances whatsoever may be invoked by a State party to justify acts of torture,” the UN committee called on Israel to “completely remove necessity as a possible justification for torture.”" - id 14/12/2016
Moving embassy to Jerusalem a ‘big priority’ for Trump — top aide vowsTamar Pileggi - Times of Israel - “He made it very clear during the campaign, and as president-elect, I’ve heard him repeat it several times privately, if not publicly.” [ak] 13/12/2016
National Service Bill - yet another blow at Human Rights GroupsChaim Levinson - Haaretz - The bill, introduced by Likud Knesset Member Amir Ohana and having the government`s support, would block national service volunteers from serving at non-profits that get the majority of their funding from "foreign political entities" (mostly from individual European countries or from the EU). Over the past year, only 11 volunteer positions were assigned to such organizations - including the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, the Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement and B’Tselem, which focuses on human rights in the territories. In fact, the aim of the law is less to concretely deprive such organizations of volunteer help and more to further de-legitimize them. [ak]13/12/2016
Arab Knesset members say they will sue Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuBethan McKernan - Independent - Politicians make threat over prime minister’s alleged ‘incitement’ against Arab-Israelis in wake of recent wildfires that were blamed on terrorism [ry]12/12/2016
Netanyahu: Trump feels ‘very warmly’ about Israel, JewsThe Times of Israel - In 60 Minutes interview, Israeli PM acknowledges relations with Obama have not always been smooth, though he insists it was never personal [ry]12/12/2016
Israeli Education Chief Orders `Ethics Rules` for Professors Aimed at Curtailing `Political Preaching` Chaim Levinson - Haaretz - In recent years, right-wing groups have complained about the left`s alleged “politicization” of academia, and the Knesset Education Committee has discussed the subject several times. Prof. Asa Kasher, who drafted the Israeli army’s ethics code, has been asked to provide recommendations “regarding the principles of proper ethical behavior at institutions overlapping academic and political activity.”[bz]10/12/2016
UN says Israeli bill to legalize settler homes ‘unequivocally illegal’AFP - Times of Israel - “Israel, as the occupying power, must respect the private property of Palestinians, regardless of whether or not compensation is provided.” (...) Israel differentiates between those it has authorized and those it has not. The bill would legalize nearly 4,000 settler homes built on private Palestinian land, according to settlement watchdog Peace Now. [bz]10/12/2016
Will new Fatah leaders` fluency in Hebrew make a difference? Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor "By spending years in Israeli jails, the top elected candidates in Fatah’s seventh congress speak fluent Hebrew. Both imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti and the head of the Palestinian Football Association and former prisoner Jibril Rajoub can read, write and speak the language most Israelis understand." ca 9/12/2016
Barghouthi: Legitimizing Settlement Outposts a Declaration of WarIMEMC News & Agencies - IMEMC "In a press statement, the leader of the Palestinian National Initiative said that the misappropriation of private Palestinian land in favor of illegal settlements amounts to “a death sentence against the longed-for Palestinian State.” ca9/12/2016
Barghouthi: Legitimizing Settlement Outposts a Declaration of WarIMEMC News & Agencies - IMEMC "In a press statement, the leader of the Palestinian National Initiative said that the misappropriation of private Palestinian land in favor of illegal settlements amounts to “a death sentence against the longed-for Palestinian State.” ca9/12/2016
U.K. Intelligence Called Israel `True Threat` to Middle East Haaretz&JTA - Haaretz  "British intelligence spied on Israeli diplomats and firms in addition to its military, the French daily Le Monde reported on Wednesday, based on leaked documents that came into the possession of whistleblower Edward Snowden. In one of the files, Britain’s GCHQ intelligence-gathering apparatus defined Israel as "a true threat" to the Middle East." ca9/12/2016
Palestinians in Israel decry removal of Arabic on buses : Israeli buses remove Arabic-language announcements in southern city of Beersheba after pressure from Jewish residentsPatrick Strickland - Aljazeera - Israel`s Ministry of Transportation instructed the Dan Bus Company to remove Arabic announcements after several local Jewish-Israeli residents lodged complaints to the company and the Beersheba`s city hall.-rh8/12/2016
Arab Bedouins expelled for second time to make way for new Jewish community Mersiha Gadzo - Mondoweiss - For the Abu al-Qi’an tribe, Umm al-Hiran has been home since 1956. They settled in the northern Negev after they were expelled under military order from their original village of Wadi Zubaleh where Kibbutz Shoval now stands. They now have to leave their homes for the second time. Nedal Abu al-Qi’an holds his daughter, one-month-old Jowan Abu al-Qi’an. “There’s no space for us. We have to go from one place to another,” 35-year-old Hassan Abu al-Qi’an said sitting in his living room with family members. They could receive orders to move out at any moment, he explained.-rh8/12/2016
Israel Asked to Reconsider Settlement “Legalization” by UN Special Coordinator IMEMC - "“If adopted, it will have far reaching legal consequences for Israel, across the occupied West Bank and will greatly diminish the prospect of Arab-Israeli peace,” Mladenov said, in  a statement." - id 7/12/2016
Umm al-Hiran, a village off the mapsal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Currently, there are bulldozers and trucks already at work building roadways and a water system surrounding the outside of the village." - id 7/12/2016
From Palestine to South Carolina, justice is scarce for victims of police violenceNatasha Roth - +972 - "The trials of two police officers in Israel-Palestine and the U.S. collapsed within hours of each other on Monday. Both cases prove how difficult it is to secure justice for Palestinian and African-American victims of state violence." - id 7/12/2016
How the Israeli Right easily manipulates Palestinians and the LeftRami Younis - +972 - "Distracted by the ‘fire intifada’ that wasn’t and the progress of the ‘muezzin law,’ the Israeli Left and several Palestinian Knesset members failed to call out the other injustices of the last few weeks." - id  7/12/2016
Senior official of the World Council of Churches deported upon arrival at Ben Gurion AirportWCC statement - The reason given for Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri’s deportation was “Prevention of illegal immigration considerations.” Phiri was the only African member of a WCC staff delegation currently visiting Jerusalem. All four other members were allowed entry. The WCC has instructed its legal representatives to lodge an appeal against this patently unjust and discriminatory action against Phiri. 6/12/2016
‘We Are Orphans Here’ - Life and death in East Jerusalem’s Palestinian refugee campRACHEL KUSHNER - NYT - The camp is, according to Israeli law, inside Israel, and the people who live there are Jerusalem residents, but they are refugees in their own city. Residents pay taxes to Israel, but the camp is barely serviced. There is very little legally supplied water, a scarcely functioning sewage system, essentially no garbage pickup, no road building, no mail service (the streets don’t even have names, much less addresses), virtually no infrastructure of any kind. There is no adequate school system. Israeli emergency fire and medical services do not enter the camp. The Israeli police enter only to make arrests. [bz]6/12/2016
4,000 illegal Israeli settlement homes could become legal The New Arab - The controversial bill which passed a preliminary Knesset vote could lead to the legalization of nearly 4,000 settler homes in the occupied West Bank. The bill is sponsored by Education Minister Naftali Bennet of the Jewish Home Party. "With this law, the state of Israel has moved from the path leading to the creation of a Palestinian state to the path leading to Israeli sovereignty over most of Judea and Samaria (West Bank)" Bennett told army radio. [ak]6/12/2016
Revised Settlement Regulation Bill passes preliminary Knesset vote Tova Tzimuki and Elisha Ben Kimon - Y-net - Despite the Attorney General’s warnings that the bill contains components contravening international and Israeli law, it passed its preliminary Knesset vote by 60-49. "This is a black day for the Knesset!" cried Labor Party leader Herzog. Under the agreement between PM Netanyahu and Naftali Bennet of the Jewish Home Party, if enacted the bill would not prevent evacuation of the Amona settlement, whose evacuation was ordered by the Supreme Count. It would, however, legitimize dozens of other settlements taking up private Palestinian land. [ak] 6/12/2016
Policy number 41: “Being anti-occupation does not make you anti-Israel”Daniella Peled - Haaretz/Norman G. Finkelstein 2016 - Israeli-born BDS supporter Eran Cohen vies to head Britain’s Jewish student union. “Even if we lose,” he said, “we do what we set out to achieve – to encourage a conversation about Jewish identity.” [bz] 6/12/2016
Obama would have overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Shibley Telhami’s latest polling for Brookings shows that criticism of Israel has burgeoned in the United States public during the last year, particularly among Democrats; and that if President Obama were to buck Israel at the United Nations, by sanctioning Israel for settlements, or allowing the U.N. to endorse the establishment of a Palestinian state, he would have broad popular support. Obama has political “cover,” Telhami said at Brookings in announcing his findings. [bz]6/12/2016
Israeli teens charged for brutally beating asylum seeker to deathJohn Brown - +972 - Darfuri asylum seeker Babikir Adham-Uvdo was beaten to death by two teenagers after he was allegedly seen speaking to a group of young women. Why aren’t more Israelis talking about it? [ry] 5/12/2016
West Bank: Reading for fun in PalestineSheren Khalel - Aljazeera - A Nablus school that won a $1m reading award hopes to get children off smartphones to read books [ry] 5/12/2016
France becomes first European country to label items from Israeli settlementsCharlotte England - Independent - New guidelines say it would be misleading to claim goods from Palestinian occupied territories were produced in Israel [ry]5/12/2016
Netanyahu: Notwithstanding Obama or Trump, Israel does ‘what it wants’ on settlementsEric Cortellessa and Tamar Pileggi - The Times of Israel - PM says he plans to bring up ‘bad’ Iran deal with president-elect, stop Tehran getting the bomb; claims Israel’s press is uniquely critical of him [ry] 5/12/2016
Mahmoud Abbas Proposes Palestinian Unity Government With HamasRAMI NAZZAL and PETER BAKERNOV - New York Times - “Our national unity is our safety valve, and I call on Hamas to end the division,” Mr. Abbas told the party conference. “There will not be a Palestinian state without Gaza.” [bz]3/12/2016
Norway`s 3rd largest city votes to boycott settlement productsItamar Eichner - Ynet - Israel`s Ambassador to Norway Raphael Schutz slammed the resolution and asked the Jewish community in the city to condemn the decision. However, the Jewish community decided against condemning the resolution, saying it was a political issue, while its policy is only to condemn anti-Semitic incidents. This isn`t the first time a Jewish community in the Diaspora refuses requests made by the Israeli Embassy to condemn a boycott of Israel. Israeli diplomatic officials say there is a trend in which Jewish communities abroad do not wish to be associated with the State of Israel. [bz] 3/12/2016
Trump Selects Retired Marine Gen."Mad-Dog" Mattis for Secretary of DefenseDan Lamothe - Information Clearing House "Mattis, 66, retired as the chief of U.S. Central Command in spring 2013 after serving more than four decades in the Marine Corps. He is known as one of the most influential military leaders of his generation, serving as a strategic thinker while occasionally drawing rebukes for his aggressive talk. Since retiring, he has served as a consultant and as a visiting fellow with the Hoover Institution, a think tank at Stanford University." ca2/12/2016
Arabs donate wood to rebuild Haifa synagogueKobi Nahshoni and Hassan Shaalan - Ynetnews "Israeli-Arab businessmen who were asked to give an estimate to help repair damage caused to a synagogue in Haifa due to the massive fires there have said they will carry out the project pro-bono, and refuse any compensation for the restoration work..."Jews and Arabs live together in Haifa, and there is no discrimination. We must continue with this co-existence and promote peace." ca2/12/2016
Quarrying leaves West Bank villagers on shaky ground Ahmad Melhem - Al-Monitor "The historic village of Kur, southeast of the city of Tulkarm, is known for its architectural heritage, including its domed buildings and castles, the oldest of which dates to the Mamluk era (1260- 1516), while others were built by the Ottomans (1516-1916). According to residents, Kur`s cultural landmarks suffer from general neglect, but what really concerns them is the threat to the buildings, and to their sanity, caused by a nearby stone-crushing operation." ca 2/12/2016
Israel refuses to reveal names of archaeologists digging in the West BankSergio Yahni - Alternative Information Center "Jerusalem court upholds Israel’s policy to quietly loot and manipulate artifacts in Palestine, citing the professional concerns of the archeologists involved.Emek Shave, an association of progressive archaeologists in Jerusalem, submitted a freedom of information petition against the Coordinator of Government Activities in the (occupied) Territories (COGAT) and the staff officer of its Archeology Department with the assistance of Yesh Din, a law firm that defends Palestinian rights within the Israeli judicial system.The petition sought to challenge COGAT’s policy to keep secret the names of Israeli archaeologists digging in the West Bank..." ca 2/12/2016
From Palestine to Cuba: Palestinian leaders remember the late Fidel CastroMa`an News Agency - "The head of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), Salim al-Zanun, highlighted in a statement the historical relationship between the Palestinian struggle and Cuba, and recognized the late President Yasser Arafat’s relationship with the deceased Cuban leader, who broke off diplomatic ties with the state of Israel in 1973 and was one the first countries to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) after its founding in 1964. " ca2/12/2016
Gaza farmers set to export strawberries to EuropeMa`an News Agency - "Following a decision by Israeli authorities to allow Gaza farmers to export their strawberries to European countries, Palestinian farmers across the besieged enclave have begun to harvest their strawberries for export, Gaza’s Ministry of Agriculture told Ma’an on Wednesday." ca2/12/2016
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