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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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The secret Arab plan to oust Palestinian leader Abbas Middle East Eye - The UAE has already held talks with Israel about the strategy to install Dahlan, and the three parties will inform Saudi Arabia once they reach an agreement on its final shape. Not keen to present himself as a candidate for the presidency “at this stage,” Dahlan is said by these sources to be seeking the post of parliamentary speaker, a position from which he believes he can control the presidency. Dahlan wants former Palestinian foreign minister Nasser al-Qudwa for the post of president, although the Israelis prefer Ahmed Qurei (Abu Alaa). Dahlan claims to be able to influence both. [bz]28/5/2016
200 former senior security officials present plan to end impasseAssociated Press - Ynet - IDF generals and Mossad, Shin Bet, and police equivalents call for freeze on settlement building, acceptance of the Arab Peace Initiative, and recognition that East Jerusalem should be a part of a future Palestinian state; the former security officials also urge the completion of the security fence in such a way that does not undermine the two-state solution. [bz]28/5/2016
Why is Egypt calling on Israel to release Marwan al-Barghouti?Ahmed Fouad - Al Monitor/Egypt Pulse - The fact that the Egyptian announcement that Cairo sought to see Barghouti released coincided with his wife’s statement that he intended to run for the presidency perhaps indicates his candidacy has Egypt’s blessing, given “[Barghouti’s] … wide-ranging popularity as well as his ability to convince Palestinian organizations to work with him," according to statements to Al-Monitor from a former official at the Egyptian Embassy in Ramallah. [bz]28/5/2016
Israeli authorities transfer political prisoner Marwan Barghouti to undisclosed locationMa`an News Agency - "Barghouti, a member of Fatah’s central committee, was transferred to Israel’s Ramon prison five days before the most recent transfer to an undisclosed location, according to a statement by the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners` Affairs...He has remained politically active from behind bars, including assisting in the drafting of the Mecca agreement in 2007, which paved the way for a unity government aimed at ending internal political conflict in the besieged Gaza Strip." ca 27/5/2016
Retracing Jaffa’s erased Palestinian historySilvia Boarini - The Electronic Intifada - "Zochrot’s Houses Beyond the Hyphen initiative takes up Jaffa, the historical Palestinian city currently obscured by the Tel Aviv-Yafo hyphen, as the site of a series of video installations in private homes and walking tours that uncover what has been happening there since 1948. " - id25/5/2016
Palestinian businesses report strong growth in past year Ray Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Arab Palestinian Shopping Centers recently launched its new Bravo supermarket in Nablus, the largest in Palestine, at a total investment of USD8 million. Total retail area is 3800 square meters and employs more than 100 people." - id25/5/2016
As Hamas Tunnels Back Into Israel, Palestinians Are Afraid, TooDIAA HADID and MAJD AL WAHEIDI - New York Times - A neighbor who is 29 and goes by the name Abu Mohammad, said that the danger of nearby tunnels made him reluctant to rebuild. “I give it 99.5 percent that our house will be destroyed again,” he said. “I go crazy thinking about it.” Instead, Abu Mohammad said he was trying to sell his plot of land on the fringe of Beit Hanoun and move to the relatively safer confines inside town. But the only offer he has gotten was for the equivalent of $140 a square meter — less than half the $310 he paid in 2013. [bz]24/5/2016
`This time, Netanyahu will not escape the international community” Raoul Wootliff - Times of Israel - In his meeting with French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, PM Netanyahu reiterated his opposition to the international peace conference promoted by France, and offered instead to hold in Paris a bilateral meeting between himself and Palestinian President Abbas. In his own meeting with Valls, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah dismissed Netanyahu`s proposal out of hand: "“Time is short. Netanyahu is trying to buy time… but this time he will not escape the international community.” “Time is short,” Hamdallah said. “[Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is trying to buy time… but this time he will not escape the international community.” [ak]24/5/2016
EPA photographer refuses strip-search demand, departs PM`s officeItamar Eichner/Becky Azran - AFP/Y-net - Atef Safadi, a Druze journalist with the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), was asked by guards at the PM`s office in Jerusalem to pull down his trousers as a condition for being admitted to Netanyahu`s meeting with French PM Valls. He regarded the demand as humiliating. As a result of his departure, there were no photos of the event for the foreign media. The Foreign Press Association refused to accept photos offered by the Israeli governmental Press Bureau. [ak]24/5/2016
Arab Worker Freed to House Arrest Hours After Barbaric Police Beating in Tel Aviv Almog Ben Zikri and Yaniv Kubovich - Haaretz -  Abu Alqian complained that the police prevented him from receiving medical care for hours after the incident, and did not allow him to speak with his parents. Maysam’s father, Ahmad Abu Alqian, told Haaretz that he arrived at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv Sunday night at around 10:30 P.M. to visit his son, but police officers kept him from seeing him. A doctor from the Clalit health maintenance organization who examined Abu Alqian said a preliminary examination showed that he apparently suffered no irreversible injury to his eye, but added that further tests in the hospital are still necessary. [bz] 23/5/2016
Border Police assault Arab worker in central Tel AvivMairav Zonszein - +972 - An employee of Yuda Market, a mini-market, went out to dispose of some garbage, when he was approached by a plainclothes officer who, without identifying himself, demanded to see the man’s identity card. When the employee said his I.D. card was inside the store and asked the Border Police officer to identify himself, he and a friend began beating him. More officers and other citizens quickly joined in. [bz]23/5/2016
Leaders of Belgium`s parliament nominate Marwan Barghouti for Nobel Peace PrizeMa`an News Agency - "Peace requires the freedom of Marwan Barghouti and all of the political prisoners, and more generally the freedom of the Palestinian people living for decades under occupation,” the nomination letter sent to the Norwegian Nobel Committee stated. “By granting the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who embodies the Palestinian people`s struggle for freedom, but also their aspiration to achieve peace, a leader who can unite Palestinians around a political project that clearly includes a two-state solution on 1967 borders, more threatened than ever by colonization and the absence of a political horizon, the Committee for the Nobel Prize would be helping to resurrect the indispensable hope of creating a way out of the current [political] impasse.” ca20/5/2016
Ethnic cleansing is an everyday realityYara Hawari - The Electronic Intifada - "For millions of Palestinians, the Nakba is not an event that belongs to the past. It is an everyday reality." - id 18/5/2016
68 Years of the Palestinian Ongoing NakbaSami The-Bedouin - The Arab Daily News - "The irony is that while Palestinian commemorating the 68th anniversary of their Catastrophe, the Palestinian exodus, Israelis celebrate what they call “independence day”." - id 18/5/2016
French Foreign Minister: We don`t expect Netanyahu to come to the meeting, he wasn`t invitedY-net - Netanayhau reiterated to the visiting French Minister his well-known position - i.e. that the sole acceptable way to proceed is "direct negotiations without preconditions"; other ways such as the international conference promoted by France are to be rejected out of hand. Foreign Minister Ayrault clearly anticipated that such would be Netanyahu`s reaction: "I explained to Netanyahu what our plan means. I will not ask him to come to the planned meeting, he wasn`t invited, he will only be expected at a later date." ak 17/5/2016
While the Nakba Law threatens publicly-funded institutions, there are signs of optimism at the grassroots level.Ben White - al Jazeera - This year marked the first time that the March of Return took place in the Negev/Naqab, a decision heavy with political significance. The specific village where it occurred, Wadi Zubala, was destroyed in 1948 and its land given to kibbutzim. Its residents were ultimately forcibly displaced by the Israeli military to Umm al-Hiran - a village that is now also under threat, with the state planning to destroy it and establish a Jewish community in its place. The "nucleus" of future residents for the new town comes from Eli, a West Bank settlement. According to an Israeli government website, the goal of their relocation is to "build a faithful community dedicated to …contributing meaningfully to the demographic balance, out of a Zionist vision of settlement". [bz] 17/5/2016
French FM meets with Netanyahu, Abbas over peace initiativeMa’an - "If we do not want the Islamic State’s ideas to prosper in this region, something must be done” said French Foreign Minister Ayrault. Unlike Ayrault`s tense meeting with Netanyahu, his meeting with Abbas in Ramallah was cordial. Abbas spokesperson Nabil Abu Rdeina said that Arab and French efforts were heading quickly "in the right direction" to attempt to stop the instability and deteriorating situation in Palestine and the region. The Palestinian Authority is hopeful of the French initiative, enough so to have a few weeks ago shelved its own plan of submitting an anti-settlement resolution in the Security Council when told this might sabotage th French efforts. ak 17/5/2016
Bill Clinton defends his and Hillary’s Israel record, spars with heckler over GazaEric Cortellessa - Times of Israel - “That’s [secretary Clinton’s] position,” he added. “Not to agree with the Israeli government on everything, not to pretend that innocents don’t die, not to pretend that more Palestinian children don’t die than Israeli children. But that we can’t get anything done unless [the Israelis] believe, when the chips are down, if somebody comes for them we will not let them be wiped out and become part of the dustbin of history.” [bz]14/5/2016
Israel Independence Day Evokes Nazi-Era SloganRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "A live TV broadcast featured a flag-bearing color guard which formed the configuration of Hebrew words reading: “One people. One nation.” In the Israeli context, this is Palestine denialism." - id for ca 12/5/2016
Gaza`s first food truck brings out the hungry and curious Asmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - "With the help of the women in their family, which consists of 14 members living in one house, every night Mahmoud and Moath prepare 9 kilograms of marinated chicken that they will fry en route to each of their destinations the following day." - id for ca 12/5/2016
Gag orders in Israel have tripled over last 15 years Haggai Matar - +972 - "According to the figures revealed by Landau, 231 requests were submitted in 2015, as opposed to 186 in 2011 (more than a 20-percent increase)." - id 11/5/2016
13-Year-Old Terrorist Ahmad Manasra Convicted of Attempted Murder Michael Bachner - Tazpit - "Manasra committed the attack in October 2015 with his 15-year-old cousin Hasan, who was subsequently killed by police forces. The two stabbed and critically wounded 13-year-old Naor Shalev, as well as a 21-year-old man." - id 11/5/2016
Israel brings fresh charges against nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Agence France-Presse - The Guardian - According to the charge sheet, Vanunu in 2013 met two US nationals in Jerusalem without having permission to do so. He is also accused of moving to a different flat in his apartment building in 2014 and failing to inform police. And in 2015, he granted an interview to Channel 2 television, in which he relayed to the interviewer “classified information (,,,)" says the indictment. In the interview, Vanunu said he no longer had any secrets to spill and just wanted to join his new bride in Norway, theology professor Kristin Joachimsen whom he married at a Lutheran church in Jerusalem in May that year. He cannot as he has been barred from emigrating on the grounds that he still poses a threat to national security. [bz] 10/5/2016
The deeper meaning of IDF general`s Holocaust comparisonDahlia Scheindlin = +972 = "I am not waiting for all Israelis to embrace liberal, universalist and humanist values that I seek as a guide for my life, because who knows if I’m right? But perhaps we can acknowledge we’ve gone too far in the other direction." - id6/5/2016
Killing the Count Al Jazeera - "Bernadotte negotiated the release of more than 30,000 prisoners, one third of them Jews, from German concentration camps, in an extraordinary humanitarian effort which would come to be known as the `White Buses campaign`...three years later, as the United Nation`s first mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and his assassination four months later in September 1948 by Zionist extremists during an official visit to Jerusalem." ca4/5/2016
Statement on “Labour’s problem with antisemitism”Statement published by the UK-based "Jewish Socialists" - Criticism of Israeli government policy and Israeli state actions against the Palestinians is not antisemitism. Those who conflate criticism of Israeli policy with antisemitism, whether they are supporters or opponents of Israeli policy, are actually helping the antisemites. We reject any attempt, from whichever quarter, to place legitimate criticism of Israeli policy out of bounds. [bz]3/5/2016
What the Left can learn about anti-Semitism from Ken LivingstoneGilad Halpern - +972 - Why would the senior Labour member allow himself to be dragged into a debate about the Holocaust while his party is bending over backwards to fend off accusations that it is teeming with anti-Semites? [ry] 2/5/2016
Deadly Israeli euphemismsAsa Winstanley - MEMO - "There is a concerted campaign going on in the UK, in France, in the US and in the entire western world to suppress any form of criticism of Israel – especially the movement to boycott Israel. It takes many forms.A prime example is the current witch hunt in the British Labour Party against “anti-Semites” – a grave charge indeed. But in reality, the people being purged are those expressing support for Palestinian human rights" [ry]2/5/2016
Did the Arabs Betray Palestine? – A Schism between the Ruling Classes and the Wider SocietyRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - “Arabs can be unelected governments as much as they can be a kindly old woman earning two dollars a day in some dirty Cairo hotel. Arabs are emboldened elites who care only about their own privilege and wealth while neither Palestine nor their own nations matter, but also multitudes of peoples, diverse, unique, empowered, oppressed, who happen at this point in history to be consumed with their own survival and fight for freedom. The latter ‘Arabs’ never betrayed Palestine; they willingly fought and died for it when they had the chance” [ry] 2/5/2016
Israel appropriates Jerusalem`s Mamilla PoolLenny Thomas - AIC - Israel`s development of Jerusalem`s Mamilla Pool is a cynical appropriation of Palestinian culture to normalize the annexation of East Jerusalem [ry] 2/5/2016
Armed forces escort settlers to West Bank holy sites, clashes eruptMa`an News Agency - " Israeli forces escorted groups of Israelis to holy sites located in Palestinian towns across the occupied West Bank causing clashes to erupt early Thursday, as tensions remained heightened during the ongoing Jewish holiday.Palestinian security sources told Ma’an that hundreds of Israeli settlers arrived in over 15 buses to Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus around midnight." ca29/4/2016
Settler Terrorist ‘Gang of Seven’ Identified, Includes IDF Soldier, Gag BrokenRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "Red China had the Gang of Four. Israel has the Gang of Seven." - id 27/4/2016
Statue of Nelson Mandela unveiled in West BankAssociated Press - Ynet - "The ceremony coincided with the 22nd anniversary of the end of Apartheid. Hundreds of Palestinian attended the unveiling and took photos with the statue." - id27/4/2016
The making of a hasbara superstar, Israel`s new ambassador to the UKYoni Mendel - +972 - "For the past decade Mark Regev has become Israel’s preeminent government mouthpiece. Now, as the world prepares to mark 50 years of occupation, Netanyahu appoints a hasbara heavyweight to represent him in the UK." - id 27/4/2016
Security Council rebuffs Zionists on Golan claimAFP - Arab News - "Israel usurped 1,200 sq. km of the Golan Heights from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967 in a move never recognized by the international community." - id27/4/2016
Israeli court indicts settlers suspected of crimes against PalestiniansMa`an - At least seven right-wing Israelis, including a soldier, were arrested earlier this month after being suspected of belonging to a ring which committed a number of anti-Palestinian acts dating as far back as 2008. Prosecutors have asked that three of the suspects be held in prison and three others be placed under house arrest, Haaretz reported. The publication added that the soldier and the minors had been found in possession of large quantities of ammunition, including grenades and an M-16 rifle, noting that the three had not been charged for all the acts that they confessed to when they were first arrested [sic!-bz] 26/4/2016
Q&A — Michael Chabon Talks Occupation, Injustice and Literature After Visit to West BankNaomi Zeveloff​ - Forward - Chabon was visibly jarred by what he had seen the day before in Hebron, calling the occupation “the most grievous injustice I have ever seen in my life.” He talked about the role of authors in addressing human rights issues, about his childhood relationship to Israel and about whether he is worried about alienating Jewish readers with his anti-occupation stance. (He’s not.) [bz]26/4/2016
Abbas at 80: Probed, Derided and ScapegoatedRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - Since Arafat’s death in 2004, and his advent to power through a questionable democratic process in 2005, Abbas has worked laboriously to co-exist with the Israeli Occupation but failed to co-exist with his own Palestinian rivals [ry] 25/4/2016
Housing tender in Afula won only by Arabs disqualified due to price-fixingAhiya Rabad - Ynet - The Nazareth District Court rules that land tenders which only Arabs won is illegal. Bidders submitted the same proposal - NIS 255,555; Afula residents demonstrated against the mayor last December upon hearing of the auction results [ry] 25/4/2016
Argentina Hosts First Anti-Semitism Forum in Latin America JTA - "The first Latin American meeting of the Global Forum for Combatting Antisemitism will have for the first time a non-Jewish group as co- organizer.The meeting, being held for the first time in Latin America and for the first time with a non-Jewish partner, will gather more than 100 international experts in Buenos Aires July 17 -18." ca 22/4/2016
Abu Khdeir Trial: Extremist Ringleader Convicted of MurderIMEMC - "After nearly two years of delay, the leading suspect in the brutal death of 16-year-old Palestinian Mohammad Abu Khdeir was convicted of murder, this Tuesday." - id20/4/2016
The hidden treasures of GazaHamza Abu Eltarabesh - The Electronic Intifada - "Abed copies antiquities photographed in history books and ones he’s seen during visits to archaeological sites across Gaza, which many a civilization has passed through, as well as in other Arab countries and Europe." - id20/4/2016
COMIC: The Haggadah`s evolution from generation to generationEli Valley - +972 - "Eli Valley envisions an American Jewish Haggadah for presidential primary season." - id20/4/2016
Jerusalem bus bomb wounds 16, Israeli PM Netanyahu hints at Palestinian linkDNA India - There was no immediate claim of responsibility from any Palestinian factions for the blast. With Palestinians carrying out less organised stabbing, car-ramming and gun attacks since October, Israel has been braced for an escalation. "We will settle accounts with these terrorists," Netanyahu said in a speech, referring to whoever executed the bus attack. [bz]19/4/2016
EU ‘deeply concerned’ by new phase of West Bank barrierAFP - Times of Israel - “Once built, the barrier will severely restrict access of almost 60 Palestinian families to their agricultural land and profoundly affect their livelihoods.” [bz]19/4/2016
Biden at JStreet conference: `Overwhelming Frustration` With Israeli Gov`tJosh Lederman AP - ABCNews - Although he said Israelis and Palestinians shared blame for undermining trust and shirking responsibility, he was emphatic in his critique of Netanyahu`s government, suggesting his approach raised "profound questions" about how Israel could remain both Jewish and democratic. "I firmly believe that the actions that Israel`s government has taken over the past several years — the steady and systematic expansion of settlements, the legalization of outposts, land seizures — they`re moving us and more importantly they`re moving Israel in the wrong direction," Biden said. [bz] 19/4/2016
Israelis Find New Tunnel From Gaza Into IsraelIsabel Kershner - NYT - The tunnel was new, had been built by Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls Gaza, and could have been used for terrorist attacks against Israeli border communities. Lerner added that it was 100 to 130 feet underground, equipped with electricity, communications lines and a rail line to allow its builders to clear rubble. Its discovery, he said, resulted from technology, intelligence, engineering and troops on the ground. [bz]19/4/2016
Singer Eyal Golan cancels appearance at rally supporting Hebron shooting soldierTimes of Israel - Singer Eyal Golan cancels his attendance at a rally in Tel Aviv scheduled to support the soldier charged with manslaughter for shooting dead a disarmed Palestinian attacker in Hebron last month. Eyal Golan asserts that he originally intended to take part on the assumption that it was a `non political rally" aimed at supporting the soldier`s family, and that he changed his mind after finding that his attending would be taken as a political act and as "declaring war" on the IDF High Command, who are determined to prosecute the soldier. [ak] 19/4/2016
Why Israel wants these bedouins to pay for their village`s demolitionAhmad Melhem - Al-Monitor - “The village is experiencing harsh living conditions amid the absence of the [minimum] standards of living, as Israeli authorities have demolished the residents’ houses and destroyed their crops and livestock. On top of every thing the state demands 40 million shekels for accumulated fines. [NB: This is about Israeli citizens, living within the Green Line, but no: they aren`t Jews-bz] 19/4/2016
Peace Now and Israeli gov`t go head to head over new settler unitsMa`an - "Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon have not approved new construction as has been published," the statement said. "Almost all of the permits are for upgrading existing structures." However, Peace New quickly rejected the government`s claims, saying in a press release that aerial photographs taken in recent months "illustrate that this is not the case, and much of the planning is for new housing units." [bz]16/4/2016
Is Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump?Rania Khalek - The Electronic Intifada - " attitude shared by many supporters of Clinton’s Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, who say they will not vote for Clinton even if it means Trump becoming president of the United States." - id 15/4/2016
Gaza`s sole power plant shuts down over fuel shortageAFP - Al-Monitor "The plant has been closed since Saturday night when it ran out of fuel, said Ahmed Abu Al-Amreen, an official in the energy ministry. Parts of the strip have been without power for 20 hours a day, the United Nations said, up from 12 hours previously.The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah has gradually removed a tax exemption on fuel since January, demanding Hamas pay taxes on imports to besieged Gaza." ca 13/4/2016
Against Balance: Thoughts on teaching Israel/Palestine Israel/Palestine Joel Doerfler - Mondoweiss "Teachers do indeed have professional and ethical responsibilities. They are relatively simple and straightforward. Here is my list of them..." ca13/4/2016
The end of history at Israel`s state archivesHaggai Matar - +972 "Israel’s State Archives (ISA) will no longer give researchers and the public access to its historical materials and documents once it starts putting digitized documents online. Furthermore, any and all documents it does release will have to be approved by the country’s military censorship apparatus.Currently, the military censor does not review every document given to researchers." ca 13/4/2016
Bernie Sanders Did Confuse Numbers of Dead and Wounded in Gaza War, but Israel’s Mass Killing of Civilians Is a Fact Robert Mackey - The Intercept - "When Tapper then suggested that Sanders had departed from the American political norm of full-throated support for Israel, `taking a more critical position,` Sanders replied: `I’m taking a more balanced position`” [ry] 11/4/2016
Israel presents: `reality` hasbaraAIC - Israel`s foreign ministry will create a reality programme in which the public selects a “hasbara video” to represent Israel [ry] 11/4/2016
Palestinian Response to Israeli Threats to BDS: "Still We Choose to Follow Mandela, Gandhi..."HAIDAR EID--GAZA: In their extremist incitement against the BDS movement, Israeli leaders, from right to extreme-right, made it absolutely clear that they were serious about seeing the end of the movement before it achieves its objectives, namely freedom, justice, and equality. They have labelled the BDS movement a “strategic threat” to Israel’s system of occupation, colonization, and apartheid adopted and enforced by the ruling Zionist establishment. dn10/4/2016
UN pulls Israeli exhibition claiming Palestinian citizens have equal rights Israel/Palestine Emily Mulder - Mondoweiss "The UN removed portions of an Israeli exhibition at the international body’s headquarters in New York this week that alleged Israel’s equal treatment of Palestinian citizens and touted Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, claims deemed by the UN as falling out of line with international law. Two panels out of 13 in the display were barred as the exhibition launched Monday, in order that it “conform with the purposes and principles” of the UN, Farhan Haq, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, told Mondoweiss. Of those removed was a panel entitled “Israeli Arabs: Equal citizens under the law, the only proven democracy in the Middle East.” ca8/4/2016
A win for labor rights of Palestinians working in Israeli settlementsHaggai Matar - +972 "The Israeli settlement business that arranged for a Palestinian man’s work permit to be revoked on false security charges because he was trying to unionize other workers will have to give him his old job back, Israel’s National Labor Court affirmed this week." ca8/4/2016
PEN’s Meekness in the face of Israeli Militarism Lenny Thomas - Alternative Information Center "On Tuesday April 5, Adalah-NY made public a letter signed by 10 anti-racist organizations and over 100 writers calling on the PEN American Center “to reject support from the Embassy of Israel” for PEN’s annual World Voices Festival, which runs from April 25-May 1 2016 in New York City.The Jewish Daily Forward reported that the Israeli government is “[underwriting] the costs of airfare, hotel, per diem, interpreters and related expenses…for individual Israeli writers selected for participation by the festival.” The Government of Israel is also co-sponsoring with the Government of France a panel at Cooper Union on April 29th called “Three Minds 90 Minutes.” The PEN Center is not yielding to the letter’s demands." ca 8/4/2016
`Israeli maternity wards segregate Jewish, Arab mothers` Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - "An investigative report finds that numerous Israeli hospitals are openly implementing segregation. But journalists have exposed the phenomenon for at least a decade and nobody seems willing to do anything about it." - id 6/4/2016
US Aid to Israel Is ‘Too Much’ Say 61.9% of AmericansGrant Smith - Antiwar - "Yet additional secret U.S. aid may have ballooned to $1.9-$13.2 billion annually." - id 6/4/2016
From beyond the grave, ex-Mossad chief slams NetanyahuAssociated Press - Washington Post - “He is the only prime minister — think about that — who reached a state ... in which the entire security establishment essentially didn’t accept his position.” Dagan, a retired general who headed Mossad from 2002-2011, vocally opposed the prospect of an Israeli pre-emptive military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities that Netanyahu is said to have supported. [bz]5/4/2016
Peace talks should resume, Palestine President tells Israeli Prime MinisterChristian Deguit - Christion Daily - Over 28 Israelis and 188 Palestinians have already been killed from the violent back-and-forth attacks between the two groups. Just recently, the Israeli military shot and killed a Palestinian man that stabbed an Israeli last year. In addition, the house of the man who was killed was demolished by the military as a warning to discourage further attacks. However, President Abbas did indicate that the conflict, at least with regard to the Palestinians, is caused by his people`s "lack of hope [and] lack of trust". [bz]5/4/2016
The Obama Doctrine and How America Is Disengaging From Israel Don Futterman  - Haaretz - Obama saw the “prominent foreign-policy think tanks” as “doing the bidding of their Arab and pro-Israel funders” (...) [believing] that Netanyahu has been capable of reaching an agreement with the Palestinians but lacks the courage to do so. Netanyahu would not take risks for peace that might expose Israel to additional security threats, but primarily he would not take risks that might endanger his own political future. (...) With reduced dependence on Middle Eastern oil, Obama has been leading a U.S. turn away from the Middle East. [bz]5/4/2016
Pathologists: Soldier`s bullet killed Hebron terroristElior Levy, Rotem Elizera - Ynet - Investigators claim that both the Israeli and Palestinian pathologist ruled that it was the bullet of the Kfir Brigade solider who shot the already-neutralized terrorist in Hebron that killed him [ry] 4/4/2016
UN censors Israeli exhibit about ZionismItamar Eichner--United Nations deems displays on Zionism, Jerusalem and Israeli Arabs as `inappropriate`; Israel`s ambassador to the UN Danon: `We`ll display censored topics in alternative exhibit.` dn3/4/2016
What Went Through Palestinian Parents` Minds as They Watched Son`s Cold-blooded Execution? Gideon Levy - Haaretz - The Israeli soldier who shot Abed Fattah al-Sharif while he was on the ground wounded is not the only one who should be punished, says his bereaved father. "Everyone who was standing there: the settlers, the officers, everyone who was there and encouraged the soldier or didn’t lift a finger. Everyone who was involved.” [bz]2/4/2016
Palestinian telecoms sector revenues plunge: World BankAFP - "The Palestinian mobile phone industry lost more than $1 billion (885 million euros) in revenues in the past three years, the World Bank estimated Thursday, citing Israeli restrictions as a leading cause.Israel limits imports of equipment by Palestinian telecoms companies, while they are unable to operate in the parts of the occupied West Bank under direct Israeli control, a World Bank report said." ca 1/4/2016
Jerusalem court indicts 2 Israelis who threatened Palestinian MK`s lifeMa`an News Agency - "The indictment list issued on Thursday said that the two threatened Tibi, a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship, via Facebook posts in 2012 that read "you better run before you are killed" and "your end is near." The lawyer of one of the Israelis said his client would prove in court that her statement did not constitute a criminal offense and that she had the right to express her opinion." ca1/4/2016
Israeli cuts majority of power supply to Jericho districtMa`an News Agency - "Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) cut two-thirds of the power supply for the central West Bank district of Jericho on Thursday, said the head of the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO). Hisham al-Omari said that JDECO had not been officially informed of the “illegal procedure. ”IEC’s decision sets a “dangerous precedent,” said al-Omari, adding that it proves Israel’s plans to cut power supplies for other Palestinian cities being supplied by JDECO for unpaid debts amounting to more than 1.7 billion shekels (about $450 million)." ca1/4/2016
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