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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Norway`s 3rd largest city votes to boycott settlement productsItamar Eichner - Ynet - Israel`s Ambassador to Norway Raphael Schutz slammed the resolution and asked the Jewish community in the city to condemn the decision. However, the Jewish community decided against condemning the resolution, saying it was a political issue, while its policy is only to condemn anti-Semitic incidents. This isn`t the first time a Jewish community in the Diaspora refuses requests made by the Israeli Embassy to condemn a boycott of Israel. Israeli diplomatic officials say there is a trend in which Jewish communities abroad do not wish to be associated with the State of Israel. [bz] 3/12/2016
Mahmoud Abbas Proposes Palestinian Unity Government With HamasRAMI NAZZAL and PETER BAKERNOV - New York Times - “Our national unity is our safety valve, and I call on Hamas to end the division,” Mr. Abbas told the party conference. “There will not be a Palestinian state without Gaza.” [bz]3/12/2016
Arabs donate wood to rebuild Haifa synagogueKobi Nahshoni and Hassan Shaalan - Ynetnews "Israeli-Arab businessmen who were asked to give an estimate to help repair damage caused to a synagogue in Haifa due to the massive fires there have said they will carry out the project pro-bono, and refuse any compensation for the restoration work..."Jews and Arabs live together in Haifa, and there is no discrimination. We must continue with this co-existence and promote peace." ca2/12/2016
Quarrying leaves West Bank villagers on shaky ground Ahmad Melhem - Al-Monitor "The historic village of Kur, southeast of the city of Tulkarm, is known for its architectural heritage, including its domed buildings and castles, the oldest of which dates to the Mamluk era (1260- 1516), while others were built by the Ottomans (1516-1916). According to residents, Kur`s cultural landmarks suffer from general neglect, but what really concerns them is the threat to the buildings, and to their sanity, caused by a nearby stone-crushing operation." ca 2/12/2016
Israel refuses to reveal names of archaeologists digging in the West BankSergio Yahni - Alternative Information Center "Jerusalem court upholds Israel’s policy to quietly loot and manipulate artifacts in Palestine, citing the professional concerns of the archeologists involved.Emek Shave, an association of progressive archaeologists in Jerusalem, submitted a freedom of information petition against the Coordinator of Government Activities in the (occupied) Territories (COGAT) and the staff officer of its Archeology Department with the assistance of Yesh Din, a law firm that defends Palestinian rights within the Israeli judicial system.The petition sought to challenge COGAT’s policy to keep secret the names of Israeli archaeologists digging in the West Bank..." ca 2/12/2016
From Palestine to Cuba: Palestinian leaders remember the late Fidel CastroMa`an News Agency - "The head of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), Salim al-Zanun, highlighted in a statement the historical relationship between the Palestinian struggle and Cuba, and recognized the late President Yasser Arafat’s relationship with the deceased Cuban leader, who broke off diplomatic ties with the state of Israel in 1973 and was one the first countries to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) after its founding in 1964. " ca2/12/2016
Gaza farmers set to export strawberries to EuropeMa`an News Agency - "Following a decision by Israeli authorities to allow Gaza farmers to export their strawberries to European countries, Palestinian farmers across the besieged enclave have begun to harvest their strawberries for export, Gaza’s Ministry of Agriculture told Ma’an on Wednesday." ca2/12/2016
Trump Selects Retired Marine Gen."Mad-Dog" Mattis for Secretary of DefenseDan Lamothe - Information Clearing House "Mattis, 66, retired as the chief of U.S. Central Command in spring 2013 after serving more than four decades in the Marine Corps. He is known as one of the most influential military leaders of his generation, serving as a strategic thinker while occasionally drawing rebukes for his aggressive talk. Since retiring, he has served as a consultant and as a visiting fellow with the Hoover Institution, a think tank at Stanford University." ca2/12/2016
Ethnic Cleansing: Negev is a Battlefield for a Very Fierce Struggle The Palestine Chronicle - “Since the start of the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1948, all of the indigenous Palestinians who managed to stay in their homes have been called Israeli-Arabs. Consecutive Israeli governments have been trying to assimilate Arab communities, but most of them insist on maintaining their Palestinian identity,”-rh30/11/2016
Following complaints, bus company halts Arabic-language announcementsJohn Brown - +972 - "Residents of Be’er Sheva were enraged to find out that a new bus company had announcements in both Hebrew and Arabic. After numerous complaints, the Arabic announcements came to an end." - id 30/11/2016
Fatah 7th conference re-elects Abbas as movement leaderPNN - Palestine News Network - "The five-day conference is expected to cement Abbas’ control of Fatah and lock out his chief rival, the exiled Mohamed Dahlan." - id  30/11/2016
"If this bill passes, we might be taken to The Hague," Netanyahu warned ministersTova Tzimuki, Itamar Eichner - Ynet - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned cabinet ministers on Sunday night that passing a bill to retroactively legalize Jewish outposts built on privately-owned Palestinian land could have serious ramifications, including Israeli officials being taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague. [bz]29/11/2016
Palestinians rescue Israeli settler stuck in pit for 6 daysTimes of Israel - In a clip from the rescue, the man is helped out by the Palestinians who encourage him in Hebrew to keep calm and “hold tight.” [bz]29/11/2016
Top Israeli Justices Face War Crimes Suit in Chile for Authorizing West Bank Wall Amira Hass - Haaretz -  The suit was filed against former chief Justice Asher Grunis, and Justices Neal Hendel and Uzi Vogelman. The three presided over a petition lodged by Beit Jala residents and rejected an alternative route for the barrier fence suggested by the Council for Peace and Security, an Israeli group comprised of retired military experts. (...) Chile is a signatory on the 2012 Rome Statute, and has since included the principle of universal jurisdiction in its constitution. [bz]29/11/2016
Jimmy Carter: America Must Recognize PalestineJimmy Carter - New York Times - The United States can still shape the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before a change in presidents, but time is very short. The simple but vital step this administration must take before its term expires on Jan. 20 is to grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine, as 137 countries have already done, and help it achieve full United Nations membership.(...) The Security Council should pass a resolution laying out the parameters for resolving the conflict. It should reaffirm the illegality of all Israeli settlements beyond the 1967 borders, while leaving open the possibility that the parties could negotiate modifications.[ak]29/11/2016
Israel`s culture minister likens wildfires to anti-Jewish pogromsEdo Konrad - +972 - Miri Regev says current wildfires tearing through are simply a continuation of the massacres committed against Jews in the 20th century [ry] 28/11/2016
The Donald and the Jewish QuestionAndrew Levine - CounterPunch - “Times have changed; it is no longer necessary, or natural, for Zionists who identify with the historic Right not to make common cause with their ideological comrades, provided only that their anti-Semitism is not too overt” [ry] 28/11/2016
Zahalka: Israeli PM trying to benefit from Haifa firesNigel Wilson - Aljazeera - Palestinian Knesset member Jamal Zahalka accuses Israeli prime minister of seeking political gains from Haifa fires [ry] 28/11/2016
Israeli forces detain 16 Palestinians over suspicions of starting fires in Israel, West BankMa`an - Israeli media also reported a detention of a 24-year-old Palestinian from Rahat city in the Negev of southern Israel for alleged “incitement” over a Facebook post reportedly encouraging others to start fires. However, Israeli media later reported that his detention came after Israeli authorities mistranslated his post... [bz]26/11/2016
Palestinians, Arab and Jewish Israelis collaborate to quench flamesYnet - The first group to offer help to Israel in fighting the fires is Palestinian Authority; some 20 firefighters are sent to help; MK Odeh lauds the country`s coming together, criticizes those seeking to incite against Arabs. [bz]26/11/2016
Israeli forces detain 4 Palestinians over suspicians of arson as wildfires continue to spreadMa`an News Agency - "Israeli forces Thursday detained four Palestinians on suspicion of arson which Israeli authorities suspect caused wildfires to raze through land across Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory for the third consecutive day, while Palestinian authorities have agreed to assist Israel in helping put out the fires that have continued to spread." ca25/11/2016
PA firefighter vehicles assist Israel in HaifaYnetnews - "Eight Palestinian firefighter vehicles, escorted by the Commander of the Jenin Civil Administration, made their way to Haifa to help extinguish the fires raging in the city. In 2010 the PA did provide succor in the Mount Carmel Forest fires." ca25/11/2016
Israel slammed over its `war on NGOs` Ylenia Gostoli - Aljazeera - "Israel says it`s not occupying Gaza, but it won`t let visitors in. Isn`t that the definition of a prison? We don`t want to go into Israel; we want to go to Palestine." - id 23/11/2016
Israel slammed over its `war on NGOs` Ylenia Gostoli - Aljazeera - "Israel says it`s not occupying Gaza, but it won`t let visitors in. Isn`t that the definition of a prison? We don`t want to go into Israel; we want to go to Palestine." - id 23/11/2016
UN’s “Third Committee” Votes in Favor of Palestinian Right to Self-determination IMEMC - " ...the vote saw 170 countries voting in favor, while seven countries voted against, including Canada, the United, States, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, and Palau." - id23/11/2016
Israel to begin demolishing Bedouin Arab village Associated Press - Fox News - Israel moved part of a Bedouin clan to the state-owned land 60 years ago but now wishes to relocate resident to a government-designated Bedouin township. An adjacent part of the Umm Al-Hiran village that`s slated for future demolition is zoned for a new development catering to religious Jewish families with ties to the West Bank settlement movement. The Arab advocacy group Adalah petitioned an Israeli court Monday to delay the demolition. [N.B.: This is happening inside the Green Line; the Umm Al-Hiran residents are Israeli citizens-bz]22/11/2016
N.B.: Israeli forces a no-show, Umm al-Hiran’s demolition delayed Alternative Information Center - Residents of Umm al-Hiran had unpacked their homes to save their belongings. The delay "a tactic by the authorities to exhaust residents and activists” commented Rabbis for Human Rights, who had representatives at the site. Coexistence in the Negev, a group of Jewish and Bedouin residents of Israel’s southern desert region, urged all supporters to be with Umm al-Hiran’s residents in their village everyday, at least until November 30. [bz] 22/11/2016
Netanyahu Faces Conflict-of-Interest Scrutiny in Submarine DealIsabel Kershner - The New York Times -"Dogged for decades by scandals ranging from the funding of family trips to enormous ice cream bills, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is again under scrutiny, this time over a billion-dollar deal with Germany for the acquisition of three new submarines" [ry] 21/11/2016
Not guilty. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinian schoolgirl Chris McGreal - The Guardian - Officer ignored warnings that teenager was terrified. Says he would have done the same even if she had been three years old. Defence says `confirming the kill` standard practice. [bz] 19/11/2016
Israeli security company`s stock soars after Trump electionAlternative Information Center (AIC)- "Bloomberg reports that since Donald Trump was elected as the next U.S. president, shares in Magal Security Systems Ltd., which trades under the name Yehud on the Nasdaq stock exchange, rose 19 percent.Magal is an Israeli company best known for its involvement in building the militarized wall that severs the Gaza Strip from the rest of Palestine...In August, Magal Chief Executive Officer Saar Koursh stated that his company would want to build Trump’s proposed wall if he were elected. The day Trump was elected Magal shares rose a staggering 9.9 percent." ca 18/11/2016
Israel`s Muezzin Bill seeks `Judaisation of Jerusalem`Jonathan Cook - Aljazeera - ""This bill is the ugly product of Islamophobia that has come to dominate Israel," said Thabet Abu Ras, of the Abraham Fund, which promotes better relations between Israel`s Jewish and Palestinian citizens." - id16/11/2016
Israel consolidates grip on Golan under cover of Syria’s chaosMatt Broomfield - The Electronic Intifada - "Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, thus chose last year to declare that the Golan Heights will “forever remain in Israeli hands,” taking full advantage of the chaos in Syria to openly challenge international law. “The time has come, after 40 years, for the international community to finally recognize that the Golan Heights will remain forever under Israeli sovereignty,” he said." - id 16/11/2016
UNRWA Headquarters on Strike in West Bank and Gaza IMEMC - "The employees at all United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) headquarters, in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, launched a strike on Monday, in a response to the systematic neglect of the international agency and its denial of the rights of refugees and staff." - id 16/11/2016
The Telecommunication and IT Sector in Palestine Mashhour Abudaka - This Week in Palestine - Development of Palestinian telecommunication and information technology, like everything else in Palestine, is subject to the asymmetrical power relationship with Israel. The telecommunication agreement, while acknowledging the Palestinian rights to build and operate their own telecommunication infrastructure, gives the Israeli side total control over the international telecommunication gateways, the electromagnetic field (frequency spectrum), the telephone numbering plan, the access to areas labeled Area C, and the importation of equipment – all under the pretext of "security reasons". [ak]15/11/2016
Israel`s biggest paper ignores anti-Semitism of senior Trump advisorEdo Conrad - +972 - In the Sheldon Adelson-funded, pro-Netanyahu, free daily newspaper Israel Hayom‘s U.S. correspondent Yoni Hirsch dedicated exactly two sentences of his article to Bannon’s appointment. Not one mention of the conspiracy theories peddled by Bannon, according to which Planned Parenthood has Nazi ties or that Hillary Clinton’s aid Huma Abedin is a spy for Saudi Arabia. Not a word on the fact that he reportedly did not want his twin daughters attending the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles because many Jewish students were enrolled there, and Bannon believes that Jews are raised to be “whiny brats.” Nothing about the fact that he was charged with choking his ex-wife Mary Louise Piccard, or that he called feminist activists a “bunch of dykes.” [bz]15/11/2016
Edgy over rise of Trump, Jews and Muslims ramp up alliancesBen Sales - Times of Israel - “It is a perhaps growing recognition that [the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] cannot define how American Jews and American Muslims relate to one another,” said Rabbi David Fox Sandmel, the Anti-Defamation League’s director of interreligious engagement. “The shared concerns we have about prejudice, about bias, about threats of violence, about disenfranchisement — these are the kinds of things that can bring us together.” [bz]15/11/2016
Israel is ‘determined to stop Iran establishing itself militarily’ in Syria, Benjamin Netanyahu claimsBethan McKernan - Independent - Rare comments on Syrian war also highlight Israel’s increasing military cooperation with Russia [ry] 14/11/2016
EU diplomats call on Israel to end Gaza siege Middle East Monitor: The 22 envoys made the call on Tuesday following a visit to Gaza to assess its reconstruction, the first such trip to the coastal enclave over the past two years. Since June 2007, the Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli siege that has caused a decline in the standards of living as well as unprecedented levels of unemployment and unrelenting poverty. [bz]13/11/2016
Trump’s victory leaves Obama with only one option on Israel-PalestineNoam Sheizaf - +972 - The old peace process is officially toast. The people who led it won’t be part of the next administration. The policies they pursued are the furthest possible from a Trump administration’s agenda — be it isolationist or neo-con/interventionist. That leaves Obama with one play, and one play only – a Security Council resolution against the settlements. In practice, all it would require of the Obama administration would be to not veto a resolution similar to the one it blocked in 2011. [bz]12/11/2016
Palestinian president says he knows who killed ArafatAgence France Presse - The Daily Star "RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territories: Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday he knew who killed Yasser Arafat as he marked the 12th anniversary of the former leader`s death but stopped short from giving a name.Speaking in front of thousands, Abbas said "you ask me who killed him, I know -- but my testimony alone is not enough." ca 11/11/2016
The US has elected its most dangerous leader. We all have plenty to fear Jonathan Freedland - The Guardian - "The people of America have stepped into the abyss. The new president elect is an unstable bigot, sexual predator and compulsive liar; he is capable of anything." - id 9/11/2016
Another journalist enters Netanyahu’s blacklistSima Kadmon - Ynet - "On Monday evening, Ilana Dayan joined a long list of journalists who dared to do their job, thereby becoming an enemy of Israel." - id 9/11/2016
Netanyahu: We blocked the Palestinian bid to join InterpolRaphael Ahren - Times of Israel - “Today is a good day” said PM Netanyahu. The Palestinians wanted their request to join Interpol to come to a vote during the organization’s annual general assembly, which is taking place this week in Bali, Indonesia. After intensive lobbying efforts by Israeli diplomats, it was voted not to include the Palestinian bid on the present assembly`s agenda. Netanyhau`s arguments against Palestinian admission to Interpol included that "The Palestinians are trying to politicize international professional organizations" and that "secret international police information might be leaked to terrorists". [ak]8/11/2016
Demolishing homes and confiscating tractors for army maneuver purposesAmos Gvirtz - Don`t say we did not know - Whether it is towards Palestinians in the Jordan valley, or Bedouins inside Israel proper - the same bullying. [bz]8/11/2016
Israel reiterates opposition to Middle East peace conference in ParisReuters - Ynet - France has repeatedly tried to breathe new life into the peace process this year, holding a preliminary conference in June where the United Nations, European Union, United States and major Arab countries gathered to discuss proposals. The plan was to hold a follow-up conference before year-end with the Israelis and Palestinians involved and see whether the two sides could be brought back to negotiations. The Palestinians have said they will attend the Paris conference if it goes ahead. [bz] 8/11/2016
U.S. support for Israel`s nuclear ambitions will come at a priceShemuel Meir - +972 - Nuclear disarmament in the Middle East is making a comeback. American backing for Israel on the nuclear issue hinges on steps being taken toward peace [ry] 7/11/2016
Female engineers hope to rebuild Gaza with "green cake"Albawaba - The environmentally-friendly material, which took more than a year to develop, is made of ash and cement and isolates sound, extreme temperatures and fire. It’s named because it’s literally and figuratively green and has a spongy texture, just like a cake. It is lightweight, of lower cost than traditional blocks, thus contributing to the improvement of the buildings and residences in the Gaza Strip. [bz]5/11/2016
How Arab women are reshaping Israel`s film industryShlomi Eldar - Almonitor - The rift between the Jewish and Arab communities in Israel has deepened recently, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning his constituents on the last day of the elections in March 2015 that Arabs were "voting in droves," thus making more than a million Arabs feel like second-class citizens. But despite this deepening rift, three films have taken the Israeli film world by storm, providing a fascinating glimpse into Arab society in the Jewish state.-rh 3/11/2016
Palestinians demand UK apology for Balfour declarationShafik Mandhai - Aljazeera - "Activists launch parliamentary petition calling on Britain to take responsibility for its colonial legacy in the region." - id 2/11/2016
USS Liberty Remembrance of 50 years USA Government Cover-Up of Israel’s 8 June 1967 Attack on USA Spy-Ship Eileen Fleming - The Arab Daily News - "Eileen Fleming condenses nine years of research and interviews with USS LIBERTY Veterans in the first book of a series seeking: A new Court of Inquiry to be convened by the Department of the Navy." - id2/11/2016
Rabin memorial rally to double as pro-democracy protestYucal Karni and Tsahi Dabush - Ynet - "...the opposition party volunteered to host the party after it was announced that insufficient funds would lead to the first year of no rally being held." - id 2/11/2016
Dahlan: "I am no candidate - will support support Barghouti to replace Abbas" Ma`an - The exiled former Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan ruled out the possibility of his seeking the Palestinian Authority Presidency following an eventual retirement of Presdient Mahmud Abbas - a possibility discussed in both the Israeli media and that of the Arab World. After sharply denouncing Abbas` administration and ruling out the possibility of a reconciliation with him, Dahlan stated: "I am not a candidate for the presidency. I would support the candidacy of [imprisoned Fatah leader]. This is my personal preference and it also reflects the Palestinian public`s attitude". A poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research found 64 percent of the Palestinian public are in favor of the resignation of Abbas, and 33 percent support Barghouti to replace him, while only 4 percent want Dahlan. [ak]1/11/2016
Will Obama recognize Palestinian state?Ynet - As US President Barack Obama begins the lame duck segment of his administration, there are some who worry that the president will refrain from vetoing a French peace initiative, impose sanctions on people who do business in the settlements, or even recognize a Palestinian state and/or impose a final outline for an agreement via the UN Security Council. [bz]1/11/2016
Obama Plans to Recognize PalestineWall Street Journal interviewing Jonathan Schanzer, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Vice President- video [bz]1/11/2016
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