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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Why do the U.S. and EU still let Israel sell arms to Burma?Eitay Mack - +972 "..The ongoing ethnic cleansing waged against the Rohingya is exceptional in its tremendous scope... Last month, at a United Nations Security Council session, American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called on world governments to freeze arms transfers to Burma. If this is Washington’s position, why has Haley not briefed Jerusalem? On June 5th, in response to a query by Israeli Member of Knesset Tamar Zandberg about the sale of arms to Burma, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman replied: “As to Burma, …there are monitoring authorities in charge of exports … which maintain close contact with U.S. authorities, and we follow the same rules of the game.” ca21/10/2017
Upscale Tokyo Department Store Withdraws Products from Illegal Israeli SettlementsIMEMC News & Agencies - "The upscale Mitsukoshi department store in the Ginza district of Tokyo has withdrawn Israeli settlement products.Earlier this month, the store was scheduled to host an event featuring Israeli wines, including wines made in illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen land. But after Japanese civil society raised concerns, Mitsukoshi shortened the event and removed all wines which Japanese BDS activists indicated were made in Israeli settlements." ca 20/10/2017
Sorry Ben Gurion, Israeli court says `Hebrew Labor` is illegalEdo Konrad - +972 - "Erez Liberman, who co-founded Avodah Ivrit and is named as the primary defendant, rejected the claim that Avodah Ivrit discriminates against non-Jews, and that its work focuses on “doing good for the Jewish people.” He further claimed that Israel’s anti-discrimination laws were not intended to prevent groups of people who share special bonds, from helping one another." - id 18/10/2017
Israeli tech companies start contracting in GazaKhaled Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - The Israeli blockade of Gaza in mid-2007 somehow led many students to major in programming and digital technology, implement individual projects and make individual achievements that earned awards from international institutions. [bz]17/10/2017
Eight Israeli Soldiers Commit Suicide Within 3 MonthsIMEMC - An Israeli soldier at the Hatzor military base, located at the southern area of the Palestinian occupied territories, committed suicide last night, as she fired a bullet at her head. -- The number of suicide cases among the Israeli army soldiers is “constantly” mounting, and a number of soldiers have also reportedly suffered from mental disorder and bed-wetting episodes after carrying out crimes in Gaza. [bz]17/10/2017
Israelis await Netanyahu`s reaction to Austria`s far-right surgeItamar Eichner - Ynet - President Rivlin expresses unease with members of the Israeli Right seeking to forge alliances with far-right parties in Europe, particularly Heinz-Christian Strache, whose support soared in Austrian election; MK Yehuda Glick urges Strache to implement pledge to move embassy to Jerusalem; Rivlin: `Political leaders who support racist notions, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites, aren`t welcome in Israel` [ry]17/10/2017
Tony Blair says he regrets siding with Israel and George W Bush over Hamas boycott in 2006Samuel Osborne - Independent - Former PM says the international community should have tried to `pull Hamas into a dialogue and shifted their positions` [ry]16/10/2017
Israeli Airlines being Sued over Intrusive Body Search IMEMC - "The high court said that new measures adopted at Israeli airports, which allowed for the screening of travelers away from the public eye, made it unnecessary to rule on the matter." - id 14/10/2017
EU border monitors have been waiting to go back to Gaza for 10 yearsMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - "For the past 10 years, a group of European Union border monitors has been waiting inside Israel for the elusive, far-off moment when they can redeploy to the Gaza Strip, to supervise the border crossing separating Gaza and Egypt." - id 14/10/2017
New anti-Semitism and This American and USS Liberty Survivors of The Six Day WarEileen Fleming - The Arab Daily News - "New anti-Semitism is a concept that a new form of anti-Semitism developed emanating simultaneously from the far left, Islamism, and the far right. New anti-Semitism manifests as opposition to Zionism, the State of Israel and Jewish people." - id 14/10/2017
Moroccan MP to Former Israeli Defense Minister: “War Criminal, Leave Our Country”IMEMC News & Agencies - "Moroccan lawmakers protested yesterday, against the presence of an Israeli delegation at a conference organised by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO), at the Moroccan Parliament in Rabat.“You are a war criminal and you have to leave Morocco,” said Abdel Haq Hissan, a Democratic Confederation of Labour (CDT) MP, addressing former Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz in the conference hall." ca 11/10/2017
Jewish Historical Society channels Joe McCarthy, and cancels JVP event on Balfour US Politics Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss "More tragic news of the reactionary Jewish establishment. The American Jewish Historical Society in New York was set to host a discussion later this month of the Balfour Declaration by civil rights lawyer Robert Herbst, a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, and Palestinian lawyer Jonathan Kuttab.Then the event came under attack from far-right Israel supporters. David Horowitz’s organization billed the panel as “THE AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY HOSTS DESTROY ISRAEL EVENT,” citing the sponsorship of JVP, which supports boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel, and Kuttab’s endorsement of a single democratic state between the river and the sea." ca 11/10/2017
Freedom Theatre’s ‘Siege’ preps for New York tour next week Sheren Khalel - Mondoweiss " The congested alleyways of Jenin Refugee Camp mirror Palestinian camps across the Middle East, but the Freedom Theatre is unique.Off one of the main roads in the camp the theater sits, a beacon of art, creativity, politics and youth. This week the theater performed one of its most famous plays, “The Siege,” about the 2002 Israeli siege of the Nativity Church, the church in Bethlehem where it is said Jesus was born.The play will be performed October 12-22 at New York University’s Skirball Theater..." ca 11/10/2017
Will Hamas give up arms for Palestinian reconciliation?Patrick Strickland - Al-Jazeera "Last week, Abbas called on Hamas to surrender its weapons to the Palestinian Authority. The two sides are slated to meet in Cairo on Tuesday for Egyptian-brokered negotiations.The demand comes after more than a decade of division between Abbas` Fatah party, which controls the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, and its rival Hamas, which has de facto governed the besieged Gaza Strip since it took control of the coastal enclave after a 2007 putsch." ca 11/10/2017
An Al Jazeera reporter went undercover with the pro-Israel lobby in WashingtonAída Chávez, Ryan Grim - The Intercept - “I hear the US is having problems with foreign interference these days, so I see no reason why the US Establishment won’t take our findings in America as seriously as the British did, unless of course Israel is somehow off limits from that debate,” [bz]10/10/2017
No, Catalonia isn`t PalestineNoam Sheizaf - +972 Magazine - Some in Israel are drawing parallels between the Catalonian demand for national self-determination and Palestinian demands. These wonder out loud how Spain and Europe could push Palestinian independence on Israel when they oppose the independence of minority groups within their own borders. The two situations are nothing alike, however. Catalonians are already full citizens in Spain, like the Kurds in Iraq, Tibetans in China, and most of the minority groups in the world that are demanding independence. If we were to imagine a parallel situation in Israel, it would be if Palestinian citizens of Israel in the Galilee or the Negev were to demand independence. Alternatively, another comparable situation would be if following Israel annexing the Palestinian territories and giving citizenship to all of its residents, Palestinians within the resultant one-state solution were to hold a referendum on secession. That might not be the worst idea in the world.[ak]10/10/2017
A passion for fashion in GazaVIDEO- The Electronic Intifada "The House of Organza fashion studio opened in Gaza City last year. There, four women design and produce clothes and accessories. Much of their work is inspired by Palestinian cultural heritage.They have succeeded despite Gaza’s high unemployment rate and severe Israeli restrictions on imports of raw materials, including fabric.They’ve found success by pursuing their passion." ca 7/10/2017
`The Insult` tops box office in LebanonChloe Domat - Al-Monitor "Ziad Doueiri’s latest film, “The Insult,” was released three weeks ago and has been a box office favorite, taking almost 50% of total film admissions in Lebanon.It takes place in today’s Lebanon and tells the story of how a seemingly meaningless dispute between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian Muslim escalates into a national affair that plays out in the courts, political parties and the media." ca 7/10/2017
Bennett Demands Halt of PA Revenue Transfer as Netanyahu Condemns ReconciliationIMEMC - "Education Minister Naftali Bennett called on Israel to terminate the transfer of tax revenue to the Palestinian Authority (PA)."..." “Israel must stop acting as [an] ATM for terrorism…This isn’t a Palestinian reconciliation, but rather Mahmoud Abbas cozying up to a murderous terror organization."" - id4/10/2017
Spec Script, Spies and Vanunu MordechaiEileen Fleming - The Arab Daily News - "Norway announced on Friday that Vanunu has been offered asylum, two years after his wife applied. The current restrictions holding Vanunu in Israel will expire this November." - id  4/10/2017
The line linking two films: Foxtrot and The AttackYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - "Two directors of the same age, one born in Beirut and the other in Tel Aviv. Maoz took part in the First Lebanon War as a tank gunner. Doueiri lived through the siege of Beirut. Destiny brought them together at the recent Venice Film Festival, where Maoz received the Grand Jury Prize and Kamel El Basha won the best actor award for his role in Doueiri`s The Insult." - id 4/10/2017
That ‘Israel Lobby’ Controversy? History Has Proved Us RightStephen M. Walt - The Forward - Despite the lobby’s continuing influence, there is a more open discussion of Israel-related issues today.The taboo of publicly criticizing Israel, the lobby or the "special relationship" has been broken. More Americans have become aware of the complexities of life in Israel-Palestine and more sympathetic to the needs and desires of both populations.There is also a growing divide within the American Jewish community over what is best for Israel itself. American Jews today are less reluctant to criticize Israel’s policies or the actions of the Israeli government. Reflexive support for whatever Israel does is no longer the default condition for many American Jews. These developments are especially evident among young people. [ak]3/10/2017
Netanyahu Slams Palestinian Unity: We Won`t Accept Reconciliation at the Expense of Israel`s Existence Barak Ravid - Haaretz - Netanyahu`s remarks ("Recognize the State of Israel, dismantle Hamas` military wing, cut ties with Iran...") come hours after Education Minister Naftali Bennet called for Israel to halt the transfer of tax revenue to Palestinians, in response to both Interpol`s unilateral induction of the Palestinian Authority, and the current reconciliation process between Hamas and the PA. [bz]3/10/2017
Can a Holocaust survivor be an anti-Semite?The Guardian - After an intervention by the Israeli Ambassador to London, the University of Manchester forbade the historian Marika Sherwood, a Jewish survivor of the Budapest ghetto, to entitle her lecture "You`re doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to me". Ambassador Mark Regev asserted that having this title would make the lecture into "an anti-Semitic hate speech". Sherwood herself said: “I was just speaking of my experience of what the Nazis were doing to me as a Jewish child. I had to move away from where I was living, because Jews couldn’t live there. I couldn’t go to school. I would have died were it not for the Christians who baptized us and shared papers with us to save us. I can’t say I’m a Palestinian, but my experiences as a child are not dissimilar to what Palestinian children are experiencing now”. Eventually, the lecture took place under the title "A Holocaust survivor’s story and the Balfour declaration’". [ak]3/10/2017
Palestinian PM in Gaza for major reconciliation effortAP - Ynet - `The only way to statehood is through unity,` Hamdallah says at welcome ceremony, as thousands turn out to greet him and his ministers on their first visit to the strip since 2014. In a significant concession, Hamas has offered to turn over all governing responsibilities to Hamdallah. But key sticking points, primarily Hamas` refusal to disarm its powerful military wing, are likely to complicate or even derail the reconciliation efforts. [bz] 3/10/2017
IDF soldiers given ‘licence to kill without any accountability’Bethan McKernan - Independent - Decision to cut jail time for soldier who shot and killed unarmed Palestinian attacker as he lay wounded on ground condemned by Palestinian leaders [ry]2/10/2017
You are here Israel covers up role in Myanmar crimes against RohingyaAli Abunimah - Electronic Intifada "The attempt by the ministries of defense and foreign affairs and the state attorney to silence the public and conceal Israeli involvement in crimes against humanity shall not succeed,” Mack vowed.As he points out, evidence of the growing ties between Tel Aviv and the Myanmar military cannot easily be concealed." ca 29/9/2017
Pro-Israel Lobby Losing Its Grip On WestminsterIMEMC News & Agencies - "This has not been a good week for Israel, especially in Britain, where the Zionist lobbyists have spent millions in recent years oiling the cogs in Westminster to persuade politicians of all stripes to give their unconditional support to their favourite state. It has worked rather well for them, with Labour Party leaders like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband joining their counterparts in the Tory Party as “Friends of Israel” along with the majority of their ministers and shadow ministers.However, after this week’s triumphant Labour Party conference in Brighton it looks as if the pro-Israel lobby has lost its grip on the party led by Jeremy Corbyn. If anyone had any doubt that the Zionist influence has all but gone, it was dispelled by the Labour leader’s speech." ca 29/9/2017
Israeli sentenced to 8 years for setting ‘Loaves & Fishes’ church on fireCeline Hagbard - IMEMC "An Israeli court sentenced Yinon Reuveni, 22 to eight years imprisonment for the arson targeting the Church of Loaves and Fishes near Tiberias two years ago.A third suspect, Moshe Orbach, was arrested in late 2015, accused of inciting violence against Christians and other non-Jews living in the Holy Land for writing and publishing tracts detailing the “necessity” of attacking non- Jews, and laying out the practical steps on how to carry out the attacks.Orbach was later released." ca H29/9/2017
Gazans now complaining onlineHani Abu Rezk - Al-Monitor "Mohammed Kahil, a resident of the Sabra neighborhood, submitted a complaint about a ministerial employee failing to properly complete an official document related to his younger brother’s education at the Al-Falah School in Gaza. He told Al-Monitor, “It is difficult for citizens to directly contact directors and officials within ministries, but the e-government complaints system is a good step that will make it easier for us to submit our complaints to the government departments.” ca 29/9/2017
Jordanians brace for tough times ahead amid tax changes under IMF deal Osama Al Sharif - Al-Monitor " Chief editor of the influential Al-Ghad daily Jumana Ghneimat wrote Sept. 21 that the government’s discretion and secrecy are both uncalled for and unjustified. She added, “Tension is building between our government, whose belief is unwavering in the fund’s experts, and the people — who cannot handle, and oppose, further taxes.” ca 29/9/2017
Bitter divorce? If you’re in Gaza, call Um RashidRami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada - "Her family – husband and four grown children – has no objections, even if they are at times wary when the conflict resolution takes place at home. Reem Anbar, 27, said her mother had the family’s full support." - id 27/9/2017
Why is the Israeli Right so terrified of cultural expression?Orly Noy - +972 - "We can’t be occupiers, wage demographic and psychological war against Arab citizens, while also telling ourselves a story about being “Jewish and democratic.” That is why the Right must turn a poet like Dareen Tatour — who writes about the oppression of her people — as well as all those who support her, into terrorists." - id27/9/2017
12-year old Gaza Palestinian challenges Guinness RecordAhmad Hasaballah - The Arab Daily News - "... to break a record 20 meters in a body wrapped in a ball in 14 seconds. The test will be held in the Jordanian capital." - id27/9/2017
Right outraged as Supreme Court, MKs snub Judea and Samaria, Golan jubilee Lahav Harkov - Jerusalem Post - The Supreme Court and lawmakers from the Zionist Union and most of Yesh Atid do not plan to attend the official ceremony honoring 50 years of settlements in Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Golan on Wednesday in Kfar Etzion settlement. Opposition leader Isaac Herzog and Labor leader Avi Gabbay were denied the opportunity to speak there, as first reported by Channel 1. [bz]26/9/2017
Palestinian Authority reportedly to hold next week’s cabinet meeting in GazaMa`an - The PA-owned Wafa news agency calls it a "sign indicating improvement in relations between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas." The cabinet said after its last meeting that the PA government has “prepared plans to handle all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip and will carry out its duties towards Palestinians in Gaza and lessen their suffering.” [bz]26/9/2017
Border Policeman, 2 security guards killed at entrance to Har Adar settlement Jerusalem Post - Israeli media identified the attacker as 37-year-old Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jamal a father of four. The man had a valid work permit allowing him to enter Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Israeli military enforces closure on Beit Surik, the village the assailant came from. [bz] 26/9/2017
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas channels Mandela in speech before General Assembly (VIDEO)Adam Garrie - The Duran - Abbas stated that Palestine is willing to accept the controversial 1967 borders on terms of mutual respect or else, Palestine will be equally happy for a one state solution based on full civil rights for all in a united Palestine from river to sea. [Link to full speech-bz]22/9/2017
Hamas pledges to dissolve administrative committee, hold electionsMa`an - Hamas has pledged to dissolve its administrative committee that runs the besieged coastal enclave and expressed readiness to hold general elections, in a bid for reconciliation with the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA). This, in response to recent diplomatic efforts by Egypt to reconcile the rival factions, while PA President Mahmoud Abbas has been calling on Hamas to end the administrative committee, relinquish control of the small territory to the PA, and hold presidential and legislative elections. [bz]17/9/2017
Israel Charges Bedouin Medical Student With Grave Security Offenses. His Crime? Passing Out Lecture Notes Almog Ben Zikri - Haaretz - Rulings by a district court and the Supreme Court were critical of prosecutors. They denied a request to extend Jouda’s detention, allowed him to return to Jordan to study and disallowed one of the charges. Jouda is about to begin his fourth year at Irbid University. Two weeks after returning to Israel to visit his family this summer, he was arrested. His lawyer says the Shin Bet tried to recruit Jouda as an informant. [FYI: within the Green Line-bz]17/9/2017
Is Israel turning its Bedouin citizens into a stateless people?Orly Noy - +972 - “A clerk at the Interior Ministry should not have the authority to revoke someone’s citizenship. A mistake affecting 2,600 people? This is a well-planned mistake. This is policy.” [FYI: within the Green Line-bz]17/9/2017
Fatwa allowing illegal antiquities excavation triggers ire in Egypt Read more: A. Farouk - Al-Monitor "A recent religious edict allowing ordinary Egyptian citizens to illegally excavate and keep antiquities and treasure from their own land has triggered an uproar from the country’s government officials and moderate religious scholars...As the government makes such noticeable yet slow gains against the practice, edicts like that of Atrash are seen as undermining the state’s efforts." ca 16/9/2017
Ousted Trump adviser: Liberal Jews are betraying U.S.-Israel relationsEli Clifton - +972 "Gorka’s decision to lash out at “liberal” Jews and The Forward was driven by the publication’s coverage of his ties to a Nazi- affiliated group (as characterized by the U.S. State Department), Vitezi Rend, in Hungary and his apparent endorsement of a racist and anti-Semitic Hungarian militia in a 2007 television interview." ca15/9/2017
`Daily Stormer` dedicates banner to Netanyahu`s sonMairav Zonszein - +972 "The banner shows a photo of a joint-smoking Yair Netanyahu photoshopped on top of the West Bank separation wall, along with a sniper rifle pointed directly at a racist caricature of a Jewish man.The banner was posted just days after the prime minister’s son published an anti-Semitic cartoon on his personal Facebook page Saturday, which he took down a day later following widespread criticism." ca 15/9/2017
Netanyahu Has Lost the Freedom of Speech GameMotasem A Dalloul - IMEMC - "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has always claimed proudly that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East."..."However, he failed miserably — without a hint of irony — when his flawed democratic credentials led him to ban Al-Jazeera’s Jerusalem correspondent, Walid Al-Omari, from the “freedom of speech” event." - ID 13/9/2017
Workers are weakest link in Gaza’s garment trade Mousa Tawfiq - The Electronic Intifada - Gaza’s textile industry is being revived after years of decline. The siege, which Israel imposed on Gaza a decade ago, banned even cloth and thread. Recently, Israel has made an exception for textiles. Israeli businesses have lately outsourced some work to Gaza’s factories, rather than to distant China... [bz]12/9/2017
Top IDF brass tells US Israel can`t handle Iran aloneKorin Elbaz Alush - Ynet - "They are very similar to us, and because they are similar to us they are much, much more dangerous [than ISIS-style terrorism]. And we can’t cope with them alone.” [bz]12/9/2017
Israeli film ‘Foxtrot’ snags prize at Venice; culture minister decries winTimes of Israel staff - Miri Regev slams `outrageous` movie, critical of IDF, accusing it of `giving a tailwind to BDS`; Israeli director says his criticism comes `from love`. [bz]12/9/2017
Tillerson State Dept. Demanding Israel Hand Back Millions in U.S. Military AidAdam Kredo - Obama`s U.S. military aid package was conditioned on a provision that bars Israel from lobbying Congress for increased aid. While Congress initially rebelled against this provision, and held up the Obama-era aid package, Tillerson is said to be lobbying for Israel to give back the additional aid to keep the country in line with the Obama administration`s 2016 agreement, known as the Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU. [bz]12/9/2017
Palestinian diplomatic campaign derails Netanyahu`s African summitMa`an - Israel`s foreign ministry admitted that the Israeli-African Summit, set to take place in October, had to “postponed indefinitely" at the request of the President of Togo, the intended host. The summit would have brought PM Netanyahu together with some two dozen African Heads of State. It was expected to result in intensified economic relations - particularly, the sale of Israeli arms and "anti-terrorist" know-how to various African regimes. The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed credit for foiling the Netanyahu`s summit, having launched an intensive diplomatic campaign - especially, having mobilized the support of South Africa, which expressed opposition to Africa "normalizing relations with an occupation regime". [ak]12/9/2017
A Confession Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Today is the last day of the 93rd year of my life. Ridiculous. Am I moderately satisfied with my life until now? Yes. I am. If by a miracle I could be returned to, say, 14, and travel all this long way again, would I like that? No, I would not. Enough is enough" [ry] 11/9/2017
This Is Tourism in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoriesChristine Blau/photographs Yoray Liberman - National Geographic - The West Bank wall is a living canvas of Israeli-Palestinian narratives. [bz]9/9/2017
Shock and confusion in Egypt over US aid cut Shahira Amin - Al-Monitor "Egyptian government officials had misread the positive overtures toward Sisi from President Trump as signaling a potential increase in military and economic assistance rather than a slash in the aid. Foreign Minister Shoukry told reporters before Sisi’s April visit to the United States that continued military aid is not a “gift” but rather comes in the context of “joint interests.” ca 8/9/2017
Working towards employmentEditorial - Jordan Times "Jordan has become used to depending on foreign labour to support certain economy sectors, especially in the Jordan Valley, the prime area used for agriculture, but this heavy reliance on foreign workers needs to be gradually reversed." ca8/9/2017
Do I look like a terrorist? The dangers of facial profilingMerav Amir - +972 - "An Israeli start-up company recently made international news when it announced a new product that can identify terrorists simply by analyzing facial characteristics. Called Faception, the company offers its product to security agencies worldwide." - id6/9/2017
Palestinian security forces detain Palestinian activist over Facebook postMa`an - In a Facebook post Sunday evening, Amro, a Hebron-based coordinator for Youth Against Settlements and a former field researcher for the Israeli NGO B’Tselem, criticized the PA for arresting journalist Qawsmeh and stifling freedom of expression. Palestinian forces arrested Amro midday Monday. The human rights activist is known for advocating non-violent resistance and is facing charges in Israeli military court related to his activism. Amnesty International called Amro’s arrest by the PA “a shameless attack on freedom of expression.” [bz]5/9/2017
Major Canadian union joins BDSItamar Eichner - Ynet - Unifor National, Canada`s largest private union, adopts proposal to boycott Israel "until such time as Israel implements a permanent ban on further settlement construction in the OPT, and enters into good faith negotiations with representatives of the Palestinian people for the purpose of establishing a viable, contiguous and truly sovereign Palestinian state.” [bz]5/9/2017
Israel Seeks ‘Jewish’ Non-Jews in Numbers Battle with PalestniansJonathan Cook - CounterPunch - “The new status would apply to ‘crypto-Jews’, whose ancestors converted from Judaism; ‘emerging Jewish’ communities that have adopted Jewish practices; and those claiming to be descended from Jewish ‘lost tribes’” [ry]4/9/2017
Far-right Britain First fosters ties with Zionist movementAsa Winstanley - Electronic Intifada "An investigation by The Electronic Intifada has unveiled new links between far-right anti-Muslim group Britain First and the pro-Israel movement.Photos and video obtained by The Electronic Intifada show that Britain First’s leader in London Paul Besser picketed July’s Palestine Expo alongside other anti-Palestinian protesters, including former Zionist Federation vice chair Jonathan Hoffman... One Labour lawmaker has called for Britain First to be banned, after fellow MP Jo Cox was murdered by neo-Nazi Thomas Mair last year. Multiple witnesses said that Mair had shouted “Britain first” as he shot and stabbed Cox to death." ca 1/9/2017
How Israeli citizens are becoming stateless Farah Najjar - Al Jazeera "Israel has been gradually stripping thousands of Palestinian Bedouins from various villages in the southern Negev region of their citizenship status, claiming that they had been granted nationality in error – a move residents and legislators say is part of a state plan to do away with the minority population. Although Israel has employed the revocation policy for more than two decades, Knesset Member Aida Touma-Suleiman of the Joint List says it has since 2010 become an increasingly "widespread phenomenon" that is in clear violation of Israel`s Citizenship Law." ca 1/9/2017
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