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Palestinian office siege endsAljazeera - "About 50 men, masked and armed, who occupied a Palestinian government office in the Gaza Strip to demand jobs, have ended their operation." 31/12/2005
Barghouti says future government will include Hamas Kristoffer Larsson- IMEMC 31/12/2005
Arab League says it will not stand idle to Israeli measures against PalestiniansAbdel Nasser Dawi - Palestine Net - Arab League Secretary General Amr Mousa said the Palestinian cause is at the top of his priority list and a prime issue for 2006. 29/12/2005
Al Qaeda Establishing Base in GazaOri Nir - The Forward - Experts Blame Iraq Invasion, Israeli Pullout 30/12/2005
Al Qaeda claims missile attack on IsraelYnet - "Al Qaeda in Iraq said it had launched missiles at Israel from Lebanon as part of a "new attack" on the Jewish state, a statement posted on the Web said on Thursday29/12/2005
Three Britons kidnapped in Gaza amid poll tensionsConal Urquhart - The Guardian - "Tense negotiations were under way last night to try to secure the release of a British human rights worker and her parents, who were abducted in the Gaza Strip. The 25-year-old woman, identified as Kate Burton, was showing her parents around the town of Rafah near the Egyptian border when they were bundled into a car and driven off" 29/12/2005
Israel to Pay $25 Million to clear the Settlements` rubbleAl-Hayat Al-Jadida - Gaza - The Israeli government, the PA, UNDP and the Quartet’s envoy signed an agreement this week to remove the rubble of the settlements in the Gaza Strip. According to this agreement, Israel will pay $25 million to fund this operation. 23/12/2005
Mahmoud Darwish: End Attacks Against Israeli CiviliansJacky Hugi - Ma’ariv - The national Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish, issued a call to end suicide bombing attacks that are committed amid the civilian population, saying that they were detrimental to the Palestinians. 25/12/2005
PA elections poll: Hamas leadingAli Waked - Ynet - Survey shows Hamas would win 31 percent of vote, Abbas-led Fatah only 18 percent 26/12/2005
Abbas: Polls likely for 25 JanuaryKhalid Amayreh - Aljazeera - "Speaking after the traditional midnight Christmas mass at the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, Abbas said the Palestinian Authority had an iron-clad commitment to hold the parliamentary elections on time. "26/12/2005
Israel predicts PA collapseAl Jazeera - Israeli Official: Abbas could be unable to impose law and order25/12/2005
Palestinian elections threatened BBC News Online - January`s Palestinian parliamentary elections have been plunged into crisis after Israel decided to prevent Palestinians in Jerusalem from voting. Israeli prime minister`s spokesman Raanan Gissin told the BBC it was concerned that the Palestinian militant group Hamas might gain power. 21/12/2005
Fatah future in doubt after split James Menendez - BBC News - It is now more than a year since former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died in a hospital in Paris but the impact of his death is still being felt. 26/12/2005
Arab League warns Israel: let Jerusalemites participate in elections Abdel Nasser Dawi - Palestine News Network - The Arab League warned Israel today of the dangerous ramifications of its most recent announcement in which it said it did not intend to allow residents of Jerusalem to participate in the Palestinian Legislative Election elections scheduled for January 25, 2006. 25/12/2005
Islamic Jihad: “More Qassams, attacks, if Israel impalements its security strip in Gaza” Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - The Islamic Jihad movements threatened to increase the firing of Qassam homemade shells should Israel carry out its plan to establish a “security strip” in the northern part of the Gaza Strip Gaza. 25/12/2005
Pope appeals for Mid-East peace BBC Online - Pope Benedict XVI in Rome has made a plea for peace in the Middle East, as he celebrated his first Christmas Eve Mass since becoming pontiff. Calling on Roman Catholics to think of those in Bethlehem, he said: "We wish to pray for peace in the Holy Land." 25/12/2005
EU to Israel: Keep PA elections on scheduleTova Lazaroff - The Jerusalem Post - The EU has asked Israel to allow Jerusalem Arabs to vote in east Jerusalem so that the election can be held on time, the head of the EU`s Election Observation Mission, Veronique De Keyser, told The Jerusalem Post. 25/12/2005
Patriarch Sabbah: “Separation Wall is turning Bethlehem into a big prison” Manar Jibrin - IMEMC & Agencies - Latin Patriarch Michael Sabbah said, on Saturday evening, after arriving in Bethlehem that Israel should remove its Separation wall which is surrounding the Holy City, and transforming it into a big prison. 25/12/2005
BBC: Jesus` parents would get stuck in roadblock Itamar Eichner - Ynet - British TV channel broadcast this week claims Jesus` parents` historical trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem would have been rendered impossible today, due to IDF restrictions. Israel Foreign Ministry outraged 25/12/2005
Going pluralKhalid Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - Any unjustified postponement of the election would plunge the PA, and also Palestinian society, into a very deep crisis. Moreover, postponement would exacerbate Fatah`s internal breakdown and might very well lead to internal violence, including possible assassinations. 23/12/2005
International donors: No payday for PAHilary Leila Krieger - The Jerusalem Post -The Palestinian Authority was denied extra funds at Wednesday`s donor conference in London because it failed to adhere to spending limitations, according to Israeli and international sources at the meeting. 15/12/2005
Tali Fahima: Israeli `collaborator` jailed for three yearsAgence France Presse - JERUSALEM: A Jewish woman was jailed for three years Thursday for collaborating with Palestinian militants. Tali Fahima, 29, was sentenced by a court in Tel Aviv under the terms of a plea bargain, which meant she dodged the most serious charges initially leveled at her. 23/12/2005
Barghouti calls for Fatah`s reunificationDaily Star staff - Official warns voting ban in east jerusalem threatens civil war 23/12/2005
Newsletter December 2005Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP) - The lawyer of WOFPP, Taghrid Jahshan, was not allowed to enter the prisons for approximately one month. On 11 November 2005 she was again allowed to visit, and her first visit after the interval took place on 17 November. 22/12/2005
Palestinians may delay poll over voting ban Conal Urquhart - The Guardian - The Palestinian Authority will postpone its parliamentary elections if Israel bars Palestinian residents of Jerusalem from participating, the Palestinian deputy prime minister said yesterday. Israeli officials said they would not allow voting in East Jerusalem as part of the elections scheduled for January 25 if the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas was involved. 22/12/2005
Half of all Israelis favor talks with Hamas to reach peace agreement with Palestinians Al Bawaba - A recent poll in Israel reveals that around half of all Israelis favor holding negotiations between the Israeli government and Hamas, despite its involvement in many suicide attacks against Israelis. 21/12/2005
Abbas slams Israel`s decision to prevent Palestinians voting in East JerusalemThe Daily Star - Israel said Wednesday that it would not allow voting in occupied East Jerusalem in next month`s Palestinian election - a move Palestinian officials and Egypt`s intelligence chief said could delay the vote. Denouncing the decision, President Mahmoud Abbas said the Palestinian leadership would carefully consider its next step, saying it had yet to be officially informed of Israel`s decision. 22/12/2005
Norwegian county boycott of Israel ires Jewish groupsAssociated Press - A Norwegian county`s decision to boycott Israeli products because of its occupation of Palestinian territories has outraged Jewish groups. 22/12/2005
Bethlehem City Hall under siege amid PA turmoilDaily star staff - "Palestinian gunmen briefly seized Bethlehem City Hall, overlooking the Church of the Nativity, on Tuesday in a jarring interruption to Christmas preparations in the traditional birthplace of Jesus."21/12/2005
Congress keeps one eye on the Jewish lobbyAkiva Eldar - Ha`aretz - Two days after the U.S. Congress voted by a large majority (397 to 17) to threaten the Palestinian Authority with withholding aid if it includes Hamas in the next government, U.S. officials pressured the European donor nations to transfer $60 million immediately to the PA to pay the salaries of its officials and security apparatus. 19/12/2005
Hamas politburo chief condemns E.U.`s "flagrant intervention"Deutsche Presse-Agentur - Damascus-- The politburo chief of the Islamic militant Hamas movement blasted the European Union Monday for threatening to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority if Hamas wins next month`s parliamentary elections. 19/12/2005
Hamas leader in Syria rejects EU warning to halt aid to PAAssociated Press - DAMASCUS - The political leader of Hamas on Monday rejected the European Union`s warning to halt aid to the Palestinian Authority if the militant Palestinian group wins next month`s parliamentary elections but fails to renounce violence.20/12/2005
Police arrested the parliamentary assistant of MK Bishara Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - The Israeli Police arrested on Tuesday Iz Ed Deen Badran, the parliamentary assistant of Arab member of Knesset, Dr. Azmi Bishara.20/12/2005
Bethlehem Mayor Asks Pilgrims to VisitSarah El-Deeb - Associated Press - The mayor of Bethlehem on Wednesday asked pilgrims to visit in large numbers during Christmas and help pressure Israel to dismantle the barrier that separates the city from Jerusalem. 15/12/2005
Fatah Movement splits in two ahead of pollsSamar Assad - Decision comes after Abbas cancels results of primary elections16/12/2005
Palestinian-Israeli Joint Declaration Unveiled at World Bank-HMT conferencePalestinian Media Center - "WASHINGTON, December 13, 2005 – A group of Palestinian and Israeli private sector representatives presented today a joint Declaration at a Conference on "Promoting Economic Growth in the West Bank and Gaza through the Private Sector" in London. The conference was co-hosted by the World Bank and the United Kingdom Treasury" 14/12/2005
Unrecognised villages in the Negev expose Israel`s apartheid policiesBy Bangani Ngeleza and Adri Nieuwhof - The Electronic Intifada. Bangani Ngeleza and Adri Nieuwhof are independent consultants from respectively South Africa and the Netherlands. 24/12/2005
Fatah single-vote list irritates old guardAgence France Presse (AFP) - RAMALLAH, West Bank: The ruling Palestinian party Fatah is trying to clamp down on internal chaos and better its chances in January`s crucial parliamentary elections by deciding to run on a single, united list. 24/12/2005
Whom Do You Hate? Leftists Hate Settlers More than ArabsMeir Suissa - Five years of the Intifada have left their mark on Israelis. A poll conducted by researchers in the academic track of the College of Administration regarding whom Israelis hate most reveals that the Palestinian “won” first place. 11/12/2005
Israel Violating Gaza Border Deal, Using Netanya Attack as PretextPalestine Media Center – PMC - Israel Set for Wide Operation in West Bank, Gaza ‘That Could Last a Month’ 6/12/2005
Report: Palestinian economy expanding, hurdles remainThe Associated Press - The Palestinian economy is expected to expand by at least eight percent in 2005 and unemployment is expected to fall sharply, a World Bank report released Sunday indicated. But violence, Israeli restrictions on Palestinian movement, and Palestinian governance problems could check growth, the report stated. 11/12/2005
Peretz: Palestinian state within 4 yearsAttila Somfalvi - YnetNews - In talk with EU ambassadors, Labor Chairman reveals political doctrine: Accelerating negotiations for permanent agreement, even by skipping over first stages of Road Map; says negotiations to end within year, full implementation within four years 11/12/2005
Israel denies Gaza siege planAl Jazeera - Israel has said it has no plans to impose an economic siege on the Palestinians whether or not President Mahmoud Abbas cracks down on armed groups. 11/12/2005
Abbas criticizes rocket attacksKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday criticized Palestinian groups for launching rocket attacks on Israel, saying such actions harmed Palestinian interests. 11/12/2005
Hamas tires of truceAljazeera - "Hamas will not renew its fragile truce with Israel when it expires at the end of the year, the head of its political branch said." 10/12/2005
Holliday Shopping- Palestinian Women Handicrafts Bazaar at Bat ShalomHolliday Shopping- Palestinian Women Handicrafts Bazaar at Bat Shalom10/12/2005
Palestinian police chief wants more weaponsAgence France Presse - The head of the Palestinian police said Sunday that his forces needed more weapons and better equipment if they were to successfully combat a tide of lawlessness in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.5/12/2005
Bomber`s handlers `fooled him`, family members sayAssociated Press - Relatives of Lotfi Abu Saada said they were perplexed Monday that the simple farmhand strapped on a bomb belt on and blew himself up outside a mall in Netanya, killing himself and five Israelis. 6/12/2005
More women for Palestinian parliamentAl Jazeera - A record number of women - including the wives and widows of notable political figures - will take up seats in the Palestinian parliament following January`s legislative elections. 6/12/2005
Army hits launching sitesYnet-"IDF directs artillery fire at Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks on Israeli targets " 8/12/2005
Five Israelis die in suicide bomb attackDonald Macintyre - the Independent - "The bombing - the third suicide attack claimed by the militant faction Islamic Jihad since July - is bound to move security sharply up the political agenda in the approach to Israeli elections in March. "6/12/2005
Rajoub unofficial winner in Hebron voteAssociated Press - The victory by Jibril Rajoub, the national security adviser, paved the way for Fatah`s new younger generation to grab powerful spots as the movement faces a stiff challenge from the Hamas, which will be running for the first time in a January parliamentary election. 4/12/2005
PA minister to form new political partyKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Palestinian Authority Finance Minister Salam Fayyad is planning to form a new party that will run in next January`s parliamentary elections, sources in Ramallah said on Saturday. 4/12/2005
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