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Several pieces on the economic crisis in the Occupied Territories(1)-(4) from the EI Press Picks: (1) Palestinian Authority check bounces, petrol cut off - Agence France Presse (2) Palestinians face financial collapse in two weeks: Wolfensohn Agence France Presse; (3) EU to fill Palestinian funds gap BBC News; (4) France and EC push for Palestinians to get #23m blocked aid By David Rennie - The Daily Telegraph (5)Iran to give Hamas government 250 Million USD - IMEMC 28/2/2006
Palestinian Authority check bounces, petrol cut offAgence France Presse - "Amid the threat of a fuel crisis in the Palestinian territories, an Israeli official said the government cannot intervene in a matter involving a private contract." 27/2/2006
IDF officer cancels UK trip for fear of arrestHanan Greenberg - YnetNews - "Judge Advocate-General Brigadier-General Avichai Mendelblit recommends Brigadier-General Aviv Kochavi cancel studies leave for fear he will be arrested for alleged war crimes." 27/2/2006
Palestine Observer to UN: Israel Must be Held Responsible for War Crimes, State TerrorismIMEMC & Agencies - "Dr. Mansour said in the letter, that the past week has seen an increase in aggressive Israeli rhetoric, threats and actions against the Palestinian people and the Palestinian National Authority. "26/2/2006
US to maintain aid to PalestiniansAljazeera - "A senior US diplomat says the United States will continue to give humanitarian aid to ease the plight of the Palestinians despite Hamas`s victory in elections. "26/2/2006
Checkpoint Watch - a new book by Yehudit KeshetAnnouncement - "This book is a critical exploration of Israel`s curfew-closure policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories through the eyes of Checkpoint Watch"25/2/2006
EU to help Palestinians avoid penuryAljazeera - "The European Union will seek ways to fund the Palestinian Authority when EU foreign ministers meet on Monday, to prevent its financial collapse now Israel is withholding PA tax revenue, EU officials said. "25/2/2006
Paradise foundErica Silverman - Erica Silverman - Al-Ahram Weekly - "A film about Palestinian suicide bombings is causing controversy, and gaining much accolade, ahead of the Oscars in March, reports Erica Silverman " 25/2/2006
Europeans Suggest Directing Aid to AbbasCRAIG S. SMITH - The New York Times - "The European Union is considering making direct payments to the moderate Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, as a way of supporting him while trying to maintain financial pressure on Hamas." 25/2/2006
`We will never give up the fight for Jerusalem` Mouna Naim - Guardian Weekly - "Some 20m beyond the Lebanese army position the Palestinian checkpoint sports a makeshift triumphal arch, marked: "The Hamas Islamic resistance movement bids you welcome". "25/2/2006
US, Arabs differ on Palestinian aidAljazeera - "Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest donors to the Palestinians, warned against the US position of stopping aid before seeing what policies the anti-Israel group adopts in government... The Saudis told the US on Wednesday that they plan to continue sending approximately $15 million a month to the Palestinian government. "24/2/2006
Made in PalestineThe Electronic Intifada - "First Museum-quality Exhibition of Contemporary Palestinian Art to open in New York City on March 14th, 2006 "...a stunning exhibition" - The Houston Chronicle" 20/2/2006
Switzerland "concerned" about Israeli sanctions on HamasThe Electronic Intifada - Agence France Presse - "Switzerland`s Foreign Affairs Minister, Micheline Calmy Rey, expressed her "concern about restrictive measures from Israeli authorities which couldbring about further deterioration of the economic and social situation of civilians."20/2/2006
Leading Anglican hits back in `anti-Israel` rowStephen Bates - The Guardian - "Anglican churchmen hit back yesterday in the increasingly ugly spat between the Church of England and the chief rabbi over the general synod`s call for disinvestment in a company making bulldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes. They denied that their criticism of Israeli government policy was tantamount to anti-semitism." 20/2/2006
Mashaal: `Hamas will never recognize Israel, despite pressure`Orly Halpern - The Jerusalem Post - 15/2/2006
Fatah-Hamas power struggle loomsKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - The new Hamas-controlled Palestinian Legislative Council, which is due to be sworn in on Saturday during a special session, is seen by many Palestinians as marking the beginning of a bitter power struggle between the Islamic movement and the ruling Fatah party. 17/2/2006
Hamas working on `new charter`Orly Halpern - The Jerusalem Post - At closed meetings in hotel suites in Beirut and Damascus, Hamas has been developing a new charter that is designed to showcase a more moderate and non anti-Semitic face, one of those advising on its content has told The Jerusalem Post. 17/2/2006
Officials ready sanctions on Hamas gov`tYaakov Katz and Hilary Leila Krieger - The Jerusalem Post16/2/2006
US House votes to withhold Palestinian aidAFP -WASHINGTON - The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to withhold direct US foreign aid from the Palestinian Authority unless Hamas revokes its call for the destruction of Israel. 17/2/2006
Deteriorating water quality makes Gazans sickYasser Baraka - Middle East Times - Gaza - The Jibril family lives in Sheikh Ejlin, a few meters away from Gaza`s seashore. They own a modest house, enough to accommodate the parents and their six children. They do not pay water utility bills because the water that they use comes from a well that they drilled in the house`s front yard. 17/2/2006
Hamas win prompts US aid cut vote BBC News - Hamas has long been calling for Israel to be destroyed The US House of Representatives has voted to cut direct US aid to the Palestinian Authority unless Hamas renounces its call to destroy Israel. The Hamas militant group was swept to power in Palestinian polls last month. 16/2/2006
War is not naturalDalai Lama - The only way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is through dialogue 15/2/2006
Jibril Rajoub: Hamas should not rush to recognize Israel The Associated Press - CAIRO - A senior Fatah official said yesterday that Hamas does not need to recognize Israel immediately as a condition for forming a government, hinting it could use recognition as a bargaining chip in the future. 16/2/2006
Academic BoycottThe Guardian - "Bar Ilan was one of two universities targeted by a 2005 AUT boycott resolution as it had established the College of Judea and Samaria in the colony of Ariel, in the occupied West Bank."16/2/2006
Abbas to condition Hamas gov`t on violence rejection The Associated Press - RAMALLAH - Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is planning to order the Hamas militant group to renounce violence and recognize Israel if it wants to take over the Palestinian government, officials said Thursday. 16/2/2006
Israel prepares economic sanctions for PalestiniansThe Electronic Intifada - Agence France Presse - 16.2.06 "`The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet but not make them die of hunger,` prime ministerial adviser Dov Weisglass was quoted as saying at the meeting." 16/2/2006
Russia and France reach out to HamasJoshua Mitnick - The Christian Science Monitor - "Hamas appeared to break out of itsinternational isolation over the weekend as both Russiaand France backed talks with the Islamic militants."13/2/2006
Israel lobbies against `Palestine` tag at OscarsDan Williams - Reuters - "Israel and U.S. Jewish groups have lobbied organisers of next month`s Academy Awards not to present a nominated film about Palestinian suicide bombers as coming from `Palestine`" 13/2/2006
Deja Vu All Over Again for Mordechai Vanunu - Parts I (Jan. 26) and II (Feb. 11)Jerry Levin - CPT - From The Inside Looking Out. ""Ranking all the significant trials of your career," Feldman was asked, "where would you rank this one?" "It is one of most significant," he replied, "because it involves important issues about the Israeli government producing weapons of mass destruction and Vanunu`s right to let the people know about that. So it is a very important issue." "11/2/2006
Hamas and the conditions of fundingJoseph Massad - Al-Ahram Weekly - The story of the Palestinian national movement can only be told through the ways and means that different Arab and non-Arab governments have tried to control it.10/2/2006
Israel plays down talk of rift with USThe Jordan Times - (AFP) - Israeli officials played down Thursday talk of a rift with the United States after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice rejected any unilateral moves to finalise the borders with the Palestinians. 10/2/2006
Poll: 60 percent support second pulloutYnet - Yedioth Ahronoth poll shows that around 59 percent of all respondents believe that Israel must disengage from most of the Palestinians; Almost half of settlers 49 percent said they would be willing to leave their homes for financial compensation; poll also shows deep crisis among settlers; 72 percent expect more violent struggle, which could involve firearms; 10/2/2006
How did Jewish organizations manage to sabotage an academic ConferenceFirst Hand Testimony by Edward S. Beck - Scholars for Peace in the Middle East - published as comment nr. 29 in Haaretz Talk Back to Tamara Traubman`s article titled: U.S. Jews block conference set to include anti-Israel professors 10/2/2006
PA attorney general seizes assets of dozens of officials suspected of corruption The Associated Press - Palestinian prosecutors have frozen bank accounts and seized assets in a widening corruption probe of dozens of government officials suspected of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds, the attorney general said.10/2/2006
Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood StatementKhairat el-Shater - the Deputy Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, issued the following statement regarding the Cartoons` crisis; 8/2/2006
Hamas: Technocrat Gov`t almost ready; will respect signed agreements with Israel George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - Names for a technocrat Palestinian government is almost ready, said members of the Hamas delegation after their meetings in Cairo, Egypt. 7/2/2006
Guardian: Israeli regime resembles apartheid Hagit Kleiman - Ynet News - Journalist who resided both in Israel, South Africa publishes 14-page-long report in distinguished British newspaper, describing how Israel discriminates against Palestinians 7/2/2006
Palestinian AG delivers 13 summonses to officials involved in the corruption Scandal IMEMC & Agencies - Sources at the Palestinian Attorney General office Ahmad Al Mughani said Tuesday that 13 summons were sent to those involved in the corruption scandal revealed earlier this week, Maan News Agency reported; Internal investigation revealed that $700 million has gone missing from the PA finances; Former Minister of Civil Affairs, Mohammad Dahlan, denies embezzlement allegations; 7/2/2006
Hamas meets with President Abbas in EgyptIMEMC - "The Palestinian Parliament appears on schedule to begin on Feb. 16, and while the current atmosphere points to the likelihood of Hamas/Fateh partnership, Abbas` top aide, Nabil Abu Rdeneh, said that as the biggest bloc in parliament, it will be Hamas` right to form the cabinet, with or without Abbas` support."7/2/2006
Israel hands over 30m to Palestinian Authority Eric Silver - the Independent - "Israel has handed over 250 million shekels (30m) in frozen tax and customs revenues collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. But it insisted that further monthly payments would depend on what kind of government emerged from Hamas`s surprise parliamentary election victory. "7/2/2006
Corrupt officials stole $700 million from Palestinian AuthorityThe Daily Star - "About $700 million has been pilfered from the Palestinian Authority coffers, an official inquiry showed Sunday, as Israel agreed to unblock funds it owes the Palestinian government."7/2/2006
Don`t be fooled, this isn`t an issue of Islam versus secularism Robert Fisk - The Independent - "`The Koran does not forbid images of the Prophet but millions of Muslims do` "6/2/2006
Israel to pay frozen tax revenues BBC News - Hamas says it will not abandon its principles; Israel is to give the Palestinians a final monthly payment of tax and customs revenues, frozen last week over Islamic militants Hamas` poll victory. 5/2/2006
Aljazeera English on air by spring Al Jazeera - The English-language Aljazeera news channel will be launched this spring with 250 journalists from 30 countries, Nigel Parsons, managing director of the new channel, said on the sidelines of the Aljazeera Media Forum in Doha, Qatar1/2/2006
Millions missing from PA coffersAl Jazeera - There are 50 cases of financial and administrative corruption: At least $700 million of funds from the Palestinian Authority`s coffers have been squandered or stolen by officials over the past few years, an internal investigation has revealed. 5/2/2006
Palestinian Political Developpments WAFA - Israeli Cabinet Agrees to Transfer NIS 250m to PNA; Israel`s Resumption of Assassinations Can`t Help Maintain Calm; Israelis Impose Difficult Situation on Palestinians; New Government will be Harmonious with PLO Political Line; Ismail Hanyia: 1st New PLC Session on Feb 16; UNSCO: New Palestinian Government must Remain Committed to Peace; Following Meeting between President Abbas and Hamas Delegation, Presidency Spokesperson: New Government will be Harmonious with PLO Political Line; 5/2/2006
Hamas vows it will never recognize IsraelDaily Star - "Defying Arab and Western pressure, Hamas said on Friday it would never recognize Israel but might be willing to negotiate terms for a temporary truce with the Jewish state. "4/2/2006
A selection of articles on the spreading cartoon controversy(1) Luke Harding - the Guardian - "Child`s tale led to clash of cultures" (2)Jerry Levin - CPT - "Muslim concerns with the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in western press being heard in Hebron." (3) Donald Macintyre in Gaza and John Lichfield in Paris - the Independent - "Threat to Europeans over `hostile` Mohamed cartoons " 4/2/2006
Homemade shells fired at the Negev, child seriously injured ; Israeli artillery shells Gaza Saed Bannoura- IMEMC & Agencies 4/2/2006
Anger as papers reprint cartoons of Muhammad Luke Harding and Kim Willsher -The Guardian - "Newspapers in France, Germany, Spain and Italy yesterday reprinted caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, escalating a row over freedom of expression which has caused protest across the Middle East." 2/2/2006
Abbas vows to stay, push for peaceAl-Jazeera, Agencies - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said that he will remain in his position despite Hamas` election victory1/2/2006
Hamas rejects Quartet`s call to recognize IsraelAlbawaba - Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said "the Quartet should have demanded an end to occupation and aggression ... not demanded that the victim should recognize the occupation"1/2/2006
Mash`al says Hamas will never recognise IsraelReuters - GAZA, Feb 3 (Reuters) - Hamas will never recognise Israel`s right to exist but will negotiate conditions for a long-term truce with the Jewish state, senior Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal told a Palestinian newspaper in comments published on Friday. 3/2/2006
PM Rejects Israeli Collective Punishment WAFA - RAMALLAH, February 2, 2006, (WAFA)- PM Ahmed Qurei strongly rejected the Israeli policy of collective punishment against the Palestinian people and the Palestinian National Authority. 3/2/2006
German kidnapped in W Bank freed BBC News - A German citizen kidnapped by gunmen from a hotel in the West Bank city of Nablus has been released. 3/2/2006
Opening of the Freedom Theatre - Jenin Refugee CampJuliano Mer-Khamis14/2/2006
Palestinian envoy Afif Safieh: Don`t demonize HamasSue Pleming - Reuters - The Palestinian envoy to the United States, Afif Safieh, urged the world on Thursday not to "demonize" Hamas and predicted a new government led by the militant group would show an unexpected degree of responsibility.10/2/2006
Annan counsels international patience with HamasIrwin Arieff - By Reuters - UNITED NATIONS, Feb 9 (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged the international community on Thursday to give the Islamic militant group Hamas more time to change its ways before writing it off as a partner for Middle East peace. 10/2/2006
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